QLD Academic calls for a stop on 4X4’s in national parks

Queensland newspaper, the Sunshine Coast Daily, has just printed an article quoting a Sunshine Coast based professor of marine science, Thomas Shlacher. Essentially the article states that Professor Shlacher is calling for a stop on 4X4’s in national parks due to the damage 4X4er’s at large are doing to native fauna.

Contrary to the professors belief, it is possible to enjoy our national parks without killing everything in sight.

Interestingly, the Professor has submitted a photo to the Sunshine Coast Daily of a Crested Tern that he claims shows the effect of four-wheel drives on Teewah Beach. He further went to state that the Tern had been killed by “Four-Wheel Drives pummelling down the beach”.

The photo does indeed depict a Greater crested tern, however it appears that the bird has previously been washed ashore by an incoming tide. The apparent tyre marks in the sand from the vehicle that allegedly killed it, are still fresh besides the carcass of the bird, not washed away. Indeed, it is clear that the tide has washed sand from under and around the bird, yet the tyre tracks are fresh and have not been removed by the tide.

One can only then assume the authenticity of the image, and of his comments as a whole. Further, we must assume that the professor used a 4X4 vehicle to access the beach to take said photo and see the apparent destruction caused.

Regardless of the authenticity of the claims, and the hypocritical concerns, it does however serve as a timely reminder to tread carefully whilst enjoying our 4X4’s, and our great country. Regardless as to who is behind the wheel, one idiot doing the wrong thing will get us all tarred with the same brush. This then gives them ammunition to stop 4X4’s in national parks, which none of us want.

4WD Queensland has refuted the claims, and have brough to light previous statements made by the same academic, Professor Shlacher, in 2008, that “on any given day, over 250,000 cars travel up and down this beach”, and “… they’re dying by the billions under the wheels of our recreational vehicles”. It would seem that the professor has an issue with maths, or over exaggeration, or perhaps both?




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  • Hi guys. In my opinion whether the bird was alive or dead is not the issue here. The photo is evidence of the sad fact that some individuals will run over innocent birds or animals regardless. The beach is wide enough for the vehicle to have driven around the bird. If you look at the tread mark, it’s as straight as a gun barrel. Proof that the driver aimed for the bird. Perhaps fishermen should keep an eye out for this individual. Best wishes to those responsible 4wdrivers (and birds).

    • Martin, the picture was provided by the professor to the Sunshine Coast Daily. If he’s making false claims about dead birds, 250,000 4WDs are driving up and down these beaches daily, and creatures are being killed in the billions, there’s a good chance he’s a fraud and will print anything to accomplish his government funded research. And there’s a good probability he ran the dead bird over, to get a good photo for the news paper. No credibility!

  • That bird was dead long before the 4×4 ran over it just have a look at the wind blow around the bird just a load of bs . I know there are a few idiots around but show real facts instead of this sort of rubbish

  • This Professor pulled the same stunt in 2004 with the photo of a crushed pipi sitting on top of a 4×4 track without being pushed into the sand. He also had a traffic counter on the Noosa North Shore and stated there were 5,800 cars on the June long weekend when on checking with the ferry operators there were only 800 crossings and that is both ways. I would hope any University with honest intentions would get rid of him. I was at a council working group meeting when He presented this rubbish.

  • I think as a marine academic he may have got water on the brain, some of our polies are just as stupid, one I heard the other day said wind turbines were killing birds ha ha ha it must be a new type of bird as i,ve never seen a bird flying that slow, ever watched them turn ?? leftist lunatics. he most likely cheated his way through college too !!!

  • Lets ban all alcohol because a few idiots get drunk and start fighting!!! Lets ban all vehicles on roads because there are accidents!!! etc ect.
    No the best ban would be to ban all academics sit in their ivory towers who don’t get out into the real world and understand how it functions.

  • I do agree with the Professor to an extent that some idiots 4WDer should be banned. But that is a second priority. We must first find a way to ban these so called Academics from writing uneducated research materials and falsely publishing them to the public. They are really the biggest idiots of all!

  • Absolutely lets all serious and responsible 4 wheelers push for dob in a dickhead campaign before they stuff it for all the good people.It was obvious this photo was a set up,he certainly would not make it in forensic science!

  • It is about tie that everyone realises that every action and inaction results in some impact on our planet. it is also time for academics and minorities to get over that fact and allow people to enjoy their brief time on this planet.
    If they want to have zero impact they should not have been born.

  • Nobody should be banned from any National Park in Australia (except the idiots). Most people are responsible and they should not be banned because of the idiotic few. Perhaps a “dob in a dickhead” app or video could be setup so that fools can be banned for life. Don’t lets ban the sensible majority because of the idiotic few.

  • I See this is a way of not maintaining the fire trails. No roads no traffic, no fire breaks lose of life , lose of homes when a fire occurs. I ride horses through same of these parks. The Greens have been trying for years to get us out of the Parks. But it is OK for feral animals to live in the parks. Open the Parks to all. Enjoy , preserve, leave as you find it if not clean and take it out with you or burn it in your fire. PS I live near KURING GAI National Park north of Sydney. Big fires lose of homes. This is re-framing from back burns.

  • It’s unfortunate that the Government only ever listen to the noisy minority and not to anyone else.
    So this dickhead professor ( of what ) makes a few squawking noises, blames everyone else for what nature could have done itself and then justifies his existence by getting $3 million in grants, I think I will take up bird watching on Fraser Island ,and make a lot of noise and get paid shitloads for doing just that, ah it’s a great country we live in 3 mill for a moron and 5 billion for some obscure Charity that supposedly looks after he reef. Just goes to show how bloody hopeless things really have become

  • over the last 3 years the professors group have received over $3M in grants so is this the way he validates the money spent. Oh I must go in the media just to show I am doing something

  • Professor of bullshit, not happy till the population are hiding in their grass huts waiting for the world to end,. The bird was already dead, go back to drinking your soy caps with a dash of unicorn milk while walking your french bulldog.

  • Another Greenie they will close down the hole east coast if they have their way ,.marine
    park from Newcastle to Woolongong is their proposal.

    • Just don’t be a dick head and nothing will get shut. Of cause most people do t want the bush raped by meat heads. Nothing to do with “greenies”. Trying to rev up like minded idiots with comments like that is shooting yourself in the foot.

    • Just looking at the attached photos, the tyre tracks at the bird do show resemblance to the tyres fitted
      to the re Landcruiser which I am wondering if the professor was travelling in. Also his claimf of 250000 vehicles per day would bring in $3’237’500 dollars per day for Cooloola & $12’900’00 per day for Fraser Island. Surely this amount of money could be put to-wards employing some sensible people to manage both area to eliminate the rat bag minority. Also it could provide suitable facilities such as toilets and rubbish collection points etc. Also install C.C. tv to monitor people movement. The only ones who would object are the fools who cause the problems.

  • I resent being lumped in with the idiots i loathe because I drive a 4WD. I am convinced that NPWS or council rangers cannot do the job, maybe too scared to take on the bloody fools the rest of us hate. But there is an answer. Take photos with camera, dash cam or phone, showcase the actions of the fools, publicise or give to authorities, but name and shame the idiots and maybe, just maybe, when they are no longer anonymous, they will decide or will be made to grow up and behave responsibly in their 4WDs, and when camping in pristine locations.

  • Hopefully the police crack downs on big lift and tyres will make the meat heads move to some other way to prove their manliness to each other, rather than tearing up the bush and getting it all gated for the rest of us.

  • Well clearly this ‘professor’ is clearly a dick that needs to give himself an uppercut !!!
    If he doesn’t want to give himself one, I would happily help to deliver one. These left wing tree hugging climate change beliving knuckle dragging morons do not deserve the time or the allocated space !
    They are best of crawling back under the rock from which they came as weee not interested in hearing their photoshopped bullsh*t !

  • Living in and enjoying the Australian outdoors has become what can only be described as boring. It’s not the country, that’s magnificent, it is the fact that we are protecting everything from sand and to dusty paddocks and it makes me wonder for whom we are saving the outdoors for because it certainly isn’t my generation. I am use to this now as a gun owner I am use to being vilified, as an owner of a Polaris Ranger I am restricted to private land, as a dirt bike rider I restricted so it is no wonder that as a 4×4 driver I should be banned or restricted further. Australia has become a country full of pathetic whining city dwellers.
    Australia and it’s masters, over regulated, over policed, over restricted, overly expensive and certainly easy to get sick off. Unfortunately this great country our forefathers built and fought for sucks so my next holidays are overseas.
    Australia needs to wake up and stop banning everything, it is a joke.

  • W.T.F. one dickhead professor , Put the prices up. put more rangers in place, This may help the unemployed Issue larger fines ( with photo evidence ) And every one DO the right thing. Remember there is a lot of other nat parks.

  • Let’s face it it it only a few idiots that stuff it for all others. But for all over destruction we have to go no further than those so called tourists, that leave so much crap everywhere.

  • If academics, greenies and the alarmists had their way we would all be locked up in glass towers never to step out into the sun or taste the adventure of getting out and about to see this great country or any other country for that matter. People whine and complain when hoons cause damage and give others a bad name but when the authorities take steps to take their vehicles off them or ban them from driving, other morons complain society is being too harsh. We need proper regulation that will enable action to be taken when responsible users of the parks report the idiotic few.

  • At the nd of the day all our National Parks belong to the tax paying residents of Australia.
    It is therefore our right to visit these areas unhindered.
    Yes I agree that the minority usually spoil it for the majority but that is up to the government appointed bodies like NPS to manage.
    That’s what we in part pay taxes and parks entry permits for.
    Closing our parks so the the current and future generations cannot visit them and enjoy the beauty of the country we live in is idiotic and uncalled for.
    NPS and other just need to police and maintain as they are paid to do.

  • Typical Greenies attitude.
    National parks are just that. National assets to be enjoyed by all.
    Management by locking them up for the selected few to access is short sighted and obstructionist.
    Did this guy get his drgreecin a Cornflakes packet..OMG!

  • Diminishing oil reserves will kill off 4wds soon enough. Toothless mullet head bogans will need to find another way for transporting quantities of Bundy premix around.

  • Yes the photo of the dead bird is a red herring! Maybe that accademic only had that one photo because he didn’t want to walk up into the dunes and get his shoes dirty from all the human waste up there!
    For 40yrs I have been driving around the bush and beaches of this wonderful country.
    In recent years the damage and rubbish has become appalling to observe. Such a pity.
    Makes me so sad and my heart is heavy with the knowledge that soon we will be restricted or banned from all these wonderful areas. It has become so disheartening I nolonger feel happy to go there.
    Unfortunately the writing has been on the wall for a few years, yet some people still feel they can use and abuse as they want without a care.
    I would also like to make comment about some 4×4 TV adverts showing what I would call gungho or bad driving in bush or beach settings. So some who buy these vehicles then feel that’s how to drive.
    I see the same manic driving on some very popular 4×4 driving shows. Taking vehicles and trailers too big for the road or situation, therefore needing to put peddle to the metal to get through. If they fix the damage they caused making the show after the show has been recorded, they never tell us or show it. Maybe they should make another show called “Fixing the damage that we caused.”
    Having made bush driving and training my skill and livehood for so many years, I am in a position to cast aspersions, so am doing just that.
    Maybe also time to have a special licence code for 4×4, 6×4 or 6×6 driving and trailer hauling by weight. So if people get a violation for infringement, they loose that code for a certain time period.

  • Has this “professor” ever been to a national park? How are people supposed to enjoy them without a 4wd? On foot?
    By the same token all boats must be banned because they can hurt fish and all planes should be banned because they can hurt migrating geese.

  • This is a bold statement and I expect to get flak from some of my opinions, but I believe that we should open up more NP’s, wilderness areas and beach areas.

    Fraser is highlighted, but toilet paper and rubbish are on the Cape, in the Simpson, the High Country, even the Dargo pub have issues with their free camp.

    To alleviate this, open more park and restrict the number of vehicles into those parks.
    We see lots of people saying Caravaners should take a test, I would even suggest that some form of 4WD qualification be mandatory to get park access.

    Iconic tracks should be restricted to touring not bush bashing, all trailers should be banned from Iconic tracks.

    I believe more parks = less traffic in most areas so I also have a provision for this.

    This is only on the provision that the numbers to each park are restricted to prevent overuse of those areas.
    Places like Cape York, the Kimberly, the Simpson, the High Country, Fraser etc. etc are being flogged to death and decimated by the numbers of travellers.

    The local council/s only has a limited amount of resources and a small community of ratepayers who can foot the bill in cleanups and repairs to amenities and tracks. Visitors spend little in the remote communities but expect big town services.In truth, for example, Cape York has less challenging tracks than some places in the Wattagans.
    But it is still driven with 35″ or 37″ with tonnes of wheel spin a massive trailer with ATV’s, when a standard vehicle with a snorkel and decent tires can do it just about anytime.

    I watched a TV show where 3 x vehicles traversed the Old Coach Road and started cutting down trees to get the 3 x sponsored caravans through. Does that set a standard for all that follow in their footsteps? I hope not.

    Dob in a bad 4WD’er would be great, most people have a camera on their phone, a dash cam, a GoPro or even a real camera. Send in the evidence with a statement of what you saw.
    Worried about reprisals?
    It never stops these things appearing on FaceBook. We have whole YouTube channels dedicated to these sorts of things.

    More adventure parks for those who want a challenging track or two would be fantastic.

    Soapbox dismounted.

  • Very good comments above so can’t add anymore
    Do you accept what a politician/academic comes up with
    Why let a handful of ififidud spoil it for everybody
    If you see something like this or whatever div the So in so into the right authority
    With technology today you can do anything with photos
    Ask a journalist

    • Hey Anonymous, Donald Trump is not the problem with the world, it’s stupid vacuous comments like yours that are the problem. You’re not even funny.

  • Unfortunately fools are at time entering our National Parks and doing damage. As a member of an affiliated 4WD club we at at pains to clean up the mess left by others, but also vigilant to report misuse in our parks. Total bans will not solve an issue, policing and education can. Why should the vast majority pay for the sins of a few. We ban and fine individual road drivers for breaking the law lets do the same with the mongrels in our NP as well.

  • I like to use my 4×4 to go somewhere remote.
    I however do not go somewhere remote just to use my 4×4.
    Having said that I do acknowledge that many people really enjoy their 4×4 much more than the environment they are using it in.
    There is nothing wrong with that as long as it is done responsibly. It is too often apparent that this is not always the case.
    National Parks exist purely to preserve rare and threatened Flora, Fauna and Geology and often historical sites. A 4×4 is the best way and sometimes about the only way to get too and explore these Parks.
    Some parks have some really great and challenging 4×4 tracks, but bear in mind, that is not the purpose of these parks.
    There is a minority element of those that purely visit these parks for the purpose of using their 4×4 that give a bad name to all users.
    I am sure all of us have witnessed the damage done to tracks and bushland in National Parks by these highly visible minority.
    There are numerous dedicated 4×4 properties that exist purely for 4×4 driving experiences and for those inclined that way these are a better option than national parks.
    If you enjoy spectacular scenery and wildlife, a quiet campfire under countless stars and a spectacular sunrise over a remote landscape and a challenging 4×4 track to get there. Visit a National Park.
    If you travel in a convoy of 6 vehicles and enjoy doing doughnuts on clay pans, submerging your fourby in mud and water and breaking CV joints climbing rocks followed by a roaring campfire with some Acca Dacca from 200W speakers and three slabs to the winner of the loudest exhaust competition. Visit a dedicated 4×4 location.

  • Just another case of someone manipulating the facts or statistics to get their name in the media or to push their agenda, to the determent of everyone else. These are dangerous people, because loud minorities usually get their way over the complying majority.

  • How about shift your focus to the thousands of acres of bush & forests being cleared by our government. Absolutely disgraceful. As for dickheads on the beach, put life bans in place if caught.

  • The dead bird is not the issue, nor is the comment from our pseudo academic. Stick to facts not emotion. Damage done by 4 x 4 drivers is increasing. The numbers of 4 x 4 owners is increasing. More and more people going to more and more places with bigger 4wd’s towing bigger vans. Pristine areas throughout Australia are being ruined. More and more D H’s with 4 w d’s, some who should never even have a license are out there as well. Roadside and other camp spots filthy with human waste etc. etc. The sheer number of 4 w drivers is the issue and it’s only going to increase. We know what the problems are. What are the solutions ?. Unfortunately There is only one. Increased government funding and even more regulation in N.Pks. More rangers who will actually take on the D Hds. Capping or limiting numbers into parks. There are some huge issues here, almost needing a government minister to take it on.

  • Mature and experienced 4×4 drivers respect the environment and the reason they travel to such places is their passion for enjoying mother nature. I love the bush, we take our rubbish, we have a porta loo or we dig an appropriate hole, we only burn enough wood to cook with or a smallish fire to keep warm. Most campers and 4×4 travels do the same. However, there is an increasing number of young or even ‘certain’ types that just go out with the 4×4’s to get drunk, bush bash so aggressively that they ruin tracks (also their vehicles) and leave their rubbish, shit and toilet paper all over camping spots. I have had to do a clean up just to put my tent up on many occasions. I am appalled with what I see and understand why they would consider banning 4×4 vehicle access to some national or state parks.
    I hope they never do this, however there needs to be some education or accountability for those who trash camping sites and show a lack of respect for the local flora and fauna.
    Not an easy issue to resolve.

    • Well said John. Most of us share exactly the same thoughts. We are finding more and more warnings but less and less people who care. Used to be a ranger would come and collect your fees.
      My off road adventures are coming to an end and I’m thankful to have seen most places in Australia over the years at their very best, just wish my grand kids could have seen them as well.

    • I fully agree and most of us are the same as you, John. We respect the nature and tread lightly.
      But I equally oppose our government’s go-to solution to everything: “lock it all up”.
      Why should we all (500k+ 4wders) suffer because of the few arseholes? And government should know better. Instead of just locking parks and tracks up, how about controlling the parks better?
      They turned every patch of grass and bush into a national park, yet they don’t have enough rangers to look after it!
      In Tassie some of the tracks have boom gates, but you can go to the ranger’s office, sign in and get the key. How about more rangers patrolling their areas more often, particularly around camp sites? How about increasing fines for illegal food chopping, hunting and dumping in national parks?
      Rather simple solutions. Not as easy as boom-gating everything apparently.

  • It happens regularly in NSW as well. I’ve seen 4WDs on beaches clearly marked “vehicle free”. It’s always the few who give the many a bad name.

  • It really has me stumped how morons like this gain their academic qualifications. It is patently obvious from this and other comments made by this so called “professor” that he has not got a clue on what he is talking about. In the absence of any real evidence to support his claim – let’s just make some up or completely over exaggerate something that is hardly an issue to try (unsuccessfully) to prove a point. This clown obviously is not capable of anything other than dribbling away in academia and leeching off the Australian taxpayer. His “opinion” is irrelevant.

  • My family has owned a beach house and holidayed at Teewah beach for 55 years now. During that time we have seen the area slowly destroyed due to increased usage. while most visotors do the right thing there are many that dont and once off the bitumen believe its open licience to turn into complete lunatics behind the wheel. The beach has become so damagerous due to inconciderate 4WDers during key holiday periods that we no longer go there as its like having a beach day on the pacific highway. Ive seen 4WDs roll, peole thrown from utes, kids nearly run over, people so off their face behind the wheeel they can hardly walk let alone drive. Unfortunately I have seen situations like this photo before where Ive actually watched 4WDers plough through and kill sea birds on the beach at 100km/hr and keep driving. Bottom line here is that the place is being overused and abused by some and there arent the ranger or police resources to combat it. Not sure what the solution is however something needs to happen otherwise the area will be destroyed and 4WDs will be limited or banned altogether.

  • I am a 4×4 and a shooter.
    If you open up any area to people or vehicle there will be a change to the environment the trick is what is acceptable change. If you want the area to stay pristine then all human contact needs to stop. Bush walkers or wooded covered paths is not pristine and not acceptable.
    So if you like ban 4×4 but also ban bush walkers.

  • These are the sort of people that would have every one riding bamboo bush bikes while wearing grass skirts! They would BAN everything for the sake of notoriety! Mostly Uni students that eventually gave up “pot”, then realized they would have to get a job!

  • I tend to agree with your analysis of the bird photo. I have driven the entire length of Fraser Island several times at differing times of year and have never seen a sea bird dead from being run over by any vehicle on the beach, be it 4×4, bus, aeroplane or truck! Tell him he’s dreaming!!!

  • I recently did a trip through SA and the NT. In a number of National Parks I witnessed behaviour from more than a few 4WDers that adds weight to the idea of banning all of us. Collecting of firewood is banned in National Parks but did not stop people from choosing to collect lots of timber in the parks and many using chainsaws. Another park and a group camped nearby decided that trying to shoot birds with shotguns was too good an opportunity to pass up. And don’t forget about the tyre tracks on Lake Frome and Lake Eyre, both of which have plenty of signs. I realise that the minority are to blame, but if we don’t want to be locked out of all park we need to get these bogans to change their attitudes.

  • While we all acknowledge that it only takes a minority to spoil it for the rest of us the ‘academic’ should take a drive down the Pacific Highway or up the Bruce and see all the native animals killed by trucks and cars. Should trucks be banned from our roads.

  • Just on the National Park issue. It’s the one percenters who ruin it for the rest of us. Take Noosa Northshore to Rainbow beach for instance. Back when I first got into 4wding, there was only ever 1200 tickets available at any one time, now it’s increased to 2500 and the place is not the same as it once was. Maybe NPSR need to review the allowances and actually monitor visitors daily as they once did. Before we all loose the right to see these magnificent places only accessible by walking or 4wd.

  • As a ranger I have seen the damage the 4WD scene and change in camping , has caused and especially to within this area that the article mentions ,the damage overall is beyond repair. Too many people are using and abusing now and the department doesnt have the budgets to keep wasting money on repairing damaged dunes and removing rubbish. Unfortunely places like Inskip and Double Island and Fraser are becoming too flogged out and are slowly becomming harder to manage thanks to those who want to wreck it for others. Yes many will state they do the right thing and its only a minority, people full stop should be respecting these areas and treating them like its their backyards, unfortunately many dont and this is too common now.

    • Dear Mark you and your mob are idiots and could not manage a dump let alone land that belongs to the people that buy these parks and pay your wages. There is a lot more damage done by the nation parks and natural conditions than any 4wdriver You only have to look at bush fires and cyclones to see that???
      A lot of bush fires would not have been a disaster if you people had done controlled burns at the correct time and we would of not lost thousands of native animals or peoples houses.think about that.

      • Disgraceful what the State Govt is doing in the north. Buying up stations & locking the gates. Results in fuel for fires, over run with pigs etc. Irwins “sanctuary” is one of the worst with no upkeep just over run by weeds & pests. Roads into any QLD national parks are a bloody disgrace but I guess that keeps a lot away. Good for me.

      • Malcolm I think you are being a bit harsh on Mark – he obviously has the same objectives that 99% of us 4wders have – to look after and enjoy this great country. And most of us wouldn’t disagree that some of these places are wreaked because of 4wders (maybe not the 99% responsible ones, but it is “”us that get the blame). I’ve met some great rangers in the past, (not Mark) and I take my hat off to them. Yes some of them like the power and the uniform but most are 4wders like us.

      • With out National Parks a lot of our country would be out of bounds for the average tourists, off road adventurers. 4Wheel drivers do a lot of damage due to their aggressive driving of few and not obeying the rules. There are people/tourists who are unable to hike and would be denied access to these areas. Not all Rangers behave as if they are judge and jury with no people skills same applies to the 4×4 fraternity.. I don’t support lock outs.

    • I’m an avid 4x4er and remote area camper who would absolutely hate to lose access to these areas that would be virtually inaccessible without a 4×4. Going to these places is how I reset my stress levels and keep ‘sane’. However, visiting these places and finding them trashed from either over use or the moronic few, does the exact opposite. Despite the blatant misrepresentation made by the good professor, it does reignite the discussion and makes me wonder if we have now reached the point where we must restrict access, either to limited areas (to protect others) or to limit the numbers of people accessing these areas in any given period of time to at least reduce/slow down the rate of damage. Unless our behaviour as a group (and entire species) changes dramatically and quickly, we won’t have a choice. The areas will be destroyed and not worth going to, or we’ll be locked out for ever.

  • well this story has upset me , where we have a Professor Shlacher making a judgment on 4×4 owners and drivers who love to explore and enjoy this great country .. First of all how we know this tern didn’t pass of natural causes or old age , or this was accident ,I don’t think any driver will go out of their way to kill a tern on the beach .
    And what degree has Professor Shlacher have it not in tourism and again this person doesn’t think about the tourism dollars that help tourism locations and towns .
    I feel this Professor Shlacher , wants his 5 mins of media fame . I think more 4×4 owners and drivers feel more about the tern than MR Shlacher at this moment .. Soon we will read in the Newspaper that 4×4 owners and driver are at fault for climate change or national parks damage , It sad he had to used the newspaper to get him message across than write or email local ,state or federal government and I now I think the government would rather like the tourism dollars ,so these area can be maintained ..

    And Again this Proffessor Shalcher has made this judgment on his own thinking and would rather stop all Australians wanting and enjoying all national parks and beaches ,and I thought Australia was a free country .
    With his thinking and if he get his way all national parks will be patrolled 24/7 .

  • Aside from the obvious comments others are making re: the professors terrible maths skills etc, my husband and I are frequent 4WDers on the coast lines. It has become apparent over the years, that there is an increasing disrespect for the areas in the way people drive right through to the state they leave day or overnight sites upon departure.
    I think it’s those of us out there that are making an effort to take an extra bag of rubbish away from a site just to clean up a bit from others is barely keeping the use of these National Parks/4WD areas available for all to enjoy. Also – speed signs….they’re not just for decoration.
    Happy weekend everyone !!

  • It is the leftis academic with hidden agendas and 15 minutes of fame who should be banned. This looks like fake news and a set up. Yes there are always a few problem children in anything you do, however i believe that the large majority of 4×4 drivers are responsible people.

    • Norm u r spot on with your comments yes there r some wanna be 4 wd drivers out there who wish to to hoon a destroy everything in there path but like u said most of us do care for the environment a do drive safely

  • The figures given by the illustrious Professor Schlacher are astounding. 250,000, on THIS beach, on ANY GIVEN DAY. Wow, that’s simply incredible.
    Sydney Harbour Bridge statistics indicate that an average of 150,000 vehicles cross this iconic structure every day. The toll from these city vehicles contributes to the annual cost of the $5,000,000 maintenance bill for this beloved bridge.
    Just take a moment, if you will, and imagine what the National Parks and Wildlife groups could do with the obvious windfall of the extra funding from the tolls on the vehicles travelling on just this one beach and add in the toll figures from all of the other beaches in our beautiful country.
    The mind boggles.

    • We already have to have a permit to drive on most of our north shore beaches the government knows exactly who and how many 4x4s are driving there and are making a packet and doing nothing to improve the area.

  • Right, a quarter of a million vehicles a day driving over billions of animals, seems legit. He likely found the bird and drove his hire car over it for the shot. I hate this kind of media beat-up, because so many people will believe it without a second thought.

  • Who’s paying for this inept “Slacker” to do this investigation ????, I’d volunteer to investigate his right to breath…..

  • In NSW our roads in National Parks are so poorly maintained you need a 4×4 to travel through them. The only ones that would be accessible for 2wd are the ones close to major cities or towns,not the ones further out where there is more wildlife. May as well just visit a zoo!

  • it looks staged!! the tyre tracks are clear beyond the bird carcass , but eroded in front, looks like they drove up to , but not over in this shot. you can see that it has been washed up, or killed and then affected by the tide or rain with tracks approaching very faint.

  • A “ban them all and lock it up” attitude does not work. It is up to the responsible 4WD community to pull up those doing the wrong thing and educate them or maybe dob them in so they have a consequence to their actions. The so called academic should also provide clear cut evidence to his claims to give them any validity. I think he may come up short.

  • If the has researched areas where 4 X 4er’s are doing damage did he walk in or drive. Just asking.
    Nature is for all to share not just the elitist few. We as 4 X 4er’s should all respect our environment and look after it.

  • Instead of going down the ‘nanny state’ path, and ban 100% of the people that use the National Parks. why don’t we just have a ‘dob in a dickhead’ app or website where quality Nation Parks users can post their photo’s or video’s of the so called ‘dickheads’ and the Police or Govt dept. can deal with them?
    It’s unfair to ban everyone because of a minority bunch of wankers!!!

    • Absolutely lets all serious and responsible 4 wheelers push for dob in a dickhead campaign before they stuff it for all the good people.It was obvious this photo was a set up,he certainly would not make it in forensic science!

  • I absolutely think that irresponsible drivers should be banned from national parks. It’s not so much the vehicle that’s the problem, it’s the dickheads who think they can drive.

    • Oh Dianne, if only it could be done. However it is like saying ban all dickheads from our roads. Not achievable unfortunately.

  • National Parks aim to protect our flora and fauna. We are guests in their environment but the few uncaring rip em up 4 WD’s spoil enjoyment for the many.

    • Another academic dickhead. Yes agree a few do spoil it for the most of 4wders but on the other hand the King Lake wires were helped by the GREENIES and there leaving fuel on the ground for the fire to destroy forestland,homes and not to mention the death of humans and animals. I think these so called experts should go and spend time with the Aborigines on how to look after the land. Mother Nature takes care of the land with regrowth . How many animals loose there lives on the roads around Australia every night/day. Does Thomas Shlacher want to ban all cars and trucks because of this and as the Sunshine Coast Daily the bird was dead before the 4wd came along.Yes we all have to work together to save what we have.

  • I am not surprised. As a 4×4 owner and driver I am regularly appalled by the behaviour of a minority of 4x4ers.
    What they don’t realise is that their behaviour impacts everyone who wants to use these tracks, beaches, parks.

    • You are right Jimmy. It’s the few morons that spoil it for the majority. The amount of good work that most 4WDers do in the community is totally ignored when you see some of the damage caused by the few hooligans in our midst.

      • As usual, we all get tarred with the same brush. And here is another fine example of a highly educated moron’s contempt for the common man. He hasn’t even had the forethought to doctor his photo convincingly enough to fool those of us without university degrees or doctorates.

        Firstly, as mentioned in the article, there is the sand washed out from around the bird by the tide that somehow miraculously left the tyre tracks completely intact.

        Secondly, a 2-tonne plus 4WD going over a small bird would at the very least push the carcass somewhat into the sand. If not, the bird’s gizzards would have popped out of its cloaca. No professor, one does not need a university education to know the correct terminology for a fowl’s arsehole.

        Thirdly, if one looks closely at the photo, particularly of the sand on the deceased bird and immediately in the foreground of said bird, it very quickly becomes apparent that the sand has actually been swept up onto the bird’s carcass to make it look like the tyre has gone over the bird.

        Somebody should raise the issue of ethics with this professor, as most universities do not take kindly to unethical behaviour by their faculty members, particularly when publishing findings of studies, as it can greatly impede their efforts to gain funding for future studies or projects. Shame Professor Shlacher, shame on you.

      • Forgot to add…

        Fourthly, how many times has anyone witnessed a bird stand idly by, be it on a beach or a paved roadway, and just get run over by a car? In over 30 years of driving, I have hit one bird, a pigeon. I was doing a little over 80km/h in a Mazda Rx7 (a very aerodynamic car), the pigeon took flight a little too late and got caught in the slipstream of air going over the car and collected the top of the windscreen where it meets the roof. I have never seen a bird just sit there and get run over. This professor must think we are all fools, whereas he didn’t even have the sense to get some sand from out of the frame of his shot to sprinkle on the carcass to falsify his “evidence”

    • why dont the rangers just police it better as a few people just ruin it for everyone and they should be singled out not painted everyone with the same brush….. That bird would of been dead then prob run over, its not very easy to hit a bird thats flying and just as much chance as doing it on the highway!

    • Ban morons in 4 wheel drives and so called idiot professor who is on his band wagon about something. .Probably trying to justify his existence and government funding.

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