Pat returns to his roots with the new Cooper Discoverer AT3 tyres

With shooting for the next season of Pat Callinan’s 4×4 Adventures well and truly underway, Pat has returned to his roots, with the new  Cooper Discoverer AT3 tyres on his Volkswagen Amarok V6 vehicles. So what is it about the new AT3 range that has Pat filled with confidence it can handle the vigours of shooting the country’s best 4×4 TV show?
Well, having sampled a number of tyre varieties across different terrains all over Australia throughout the years, Pat has observed that when it comes to tread design, carcass construction and compounds, what initially appears to be working well often doesn’t have the longevity he needs for life on and off the beaten track.
The new Discoverer AT3 range from Cooper promises to deliver something different. The range incorporates Cooper’s trademarked Durable-Tread Technology, a shred-resistant compound that Cooper says dramatically increases tread life on its robust AT3 range. And that claim is backed by a minimum 80,000km on- and off-road mileage warranty (with specific warranties for each model).

Pat reckons the new Discoverer AT3 provides plenty of traction in the snow
Pat reckons the new Discoverer AT3 provides plenty of traction in the snow

With models to suit SUVs and light 4x4s right through to heavy duty off-road work horses, the Cooper Discoverer AT3 range has a tyre to suit any purpose, while Cooper’s Adaptive Traction Technology is able to grip any surface, no matter the weather. And that’s just as well, because Pat and the crew plan to put these tyres through the absolute ringer over mud, snow, rocks and sand over the coming months.

So how will the new Discoverer AT3 range stand up against the challenges of filming Pat Callinan’s 4×4 Adventures? See for yourself when the show goes to air in October.

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