ex-US Army 6X6 runs tuff truck course

ByWes WhitworthSeptember 6, 2018
ex-US Army 6X6 runs tuff truck course

You know over in the States, how they have their ‘Murican version of a ‘tuff truck’ course, where you’ll usually see old first-gen Dodge Durangos and beat up Jeeps blowing out their suspension, tyres and drivers egos? Well one rather enthusiastic driver decided to run the course in a five-tonne M813 ex-US Army 6X6 truck. You need to see this, if not for the epic bounces it gets up, then for the articulation on this thing!

The old ex-US Army 6X6 quite happily survives the course, as it well should. This is what these beasts were made for. Watching the cab and tray move independently, then the articulation of the rear wheels really is the thing dreams are made for.

Our love affair with Unimogs has been a beautiful thing, but now we’ve seen this, we think it’s over. We’re sorry ‘Mog, it’s not us, it’s you. You just don’t get in touch with our inner bogans the way this thing does… It was great while it lasted, but we’re moving on. And we’re keeping the dog.

So really, given the choice, would you still take a ‘Mog, or upgrade to this beast?!