Oh Sh!t Kit, Round Two

ByMark KendrickOctober 23, 2018
Oh Sh!t Kit, Round Two

Looking through an old issue of Unsealed 4X4, I came across this Oh Sh!t Kit article and having recently picked up an old ammo box from the local tip shop for $5, I decided to build my own. Rather than a totally ‘do not open unless dying’ kit, mine is a kit of utility items, to be used whenever I forget something. Useful and mostly inexpensive stuff that should come in handy be it tackling the Victorian High Country or down at the park trying to light a barbecue without a mate that smokes.

There’s a thousand and one ideas for post-apocalypse style emergency kits around the internet for inspiration. I also carry a very good first aid kit as well, so there was no need for this box to cover that role.

I store my kit under the back seat so it’s easy to access and never gets in the way. This box is particularly sturdy but a strong plastic container from the grocery store would work just as well.

An ever-evolving project, most of this stuff used to live in my centre console-until my wife wished to share that space!

Vehicle kit contents

Current Kit Contents

  • Ponchos
  • Hi-viz vest
  • multi-tool (or pocket knife)
  • cable ties
  • rescue tape
  • muesli bar and chocolate
  • breakfast drink
  • metho (for lighting fires and cleaning gunk from the windscreen)
  • matches
  • small torch + long life battery
  • flashing red (bicycle) light-the black skull shaped thing!
  • windscreen patches
  • toilet paper in a zip lock plastic bag
  • reusable shopping bag
  • space blanket
  • Note pad + pencil/pen
  • Frisbee (heck, it folds up small and is a lot of fun!)
  • hand sanitiser
  • wet wipes
  • tap keys (available from plumbing stores, so you can use tap water in public parks. Be mindful of recycled water though)
  • metal epoxy
  • shifting spanner

The next thing to add to my box is a knife, fork and spoon.

Apart from the Leatherman multi-tool, every other item was under $15!

When packing, use the various soft items to keep the rattly metal items separate.

Do you have any suggestions on what else to add? Leave a comment with your ideas please!