Invictus Games Driving Challenge

ByMark KendrickOctober 23, 2018
Invictus Games Driving Challenge

In case you have been living under a rock, the Invictus Games are currently being held in Sydney. The Invictus Games are a paralympic competition started by HRH Prince Harry for members of the armed services wounded, injured or ill from their duties from 18 countries.

Sponsored by Jaguar Land Rover, the  first event was a driving challenge. Our proud Aussie team came second, with France taking the gold and the UK bronze. Congratulations to all competitors!

That’s not 4X4 though!

You’re right, this is a 4X4 blog. The driving challenge is hardly what we find exciting in the 4X4 world. Tarmac and Jaguars. However. The use of all electric Jaguar i-Pace cars through the ‘canoe slalom’ course was eye opening!

When talking about electric and hybrid 4X4s, two factors are often used to argue against them. Range, which isn’t relevant to this competition, and wading depth. Electricity and water don’t mix well. Yet here is a sporty electric Jaguar in the drink!

If Jaguar Land Rover have confidence in their electric Jaguar splashing through a competition under the world’s scrutiny we can rest assured the electric 4X4s will be thoroughly suitable for crossing Eli Creek on Fraser Island or the many Cape York rivers crossings without electrical issues.

Watch the following clip for the canoe slalom.

Would you trust an all electric or hybrid electric vehicle for river crossings? Let us know in the comments below!