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Jeep Gladiator leaked photos

Jeep JT Gladiator Truck

Leaked photos of Jeep’s grand dual cab Gladiator ‘truck’ have set motor mouths to open throttle.

On the Jeep Gladiator Forum, user ‘gladjt’ posted photos claimed to be sourced from an official Fiat Chrysler Automobiles media site before FCA quickly removed them.

In a move certain to make hard core 4X4 enthusiasts happy, a document from the same source reveals front and rear axles are Dana 44s with electronic lockers and with electronic sway bar disconnects and 33 inch tyres fitted as standard. Images clearly show the front and rear axles are solid. Rejoice!

Gladiator front-end treatment is traditional Jeep Wrangler, and that's not a bad thing
Gladiator front-end treatment is traditional Jeep Wrangler, and that’s not a bad thing

Old Jeep new Jeep

In what could be an homage to the old Kaiser Jeep military variants, the 2020 Gladiator will be available with a premium soft top or choice of two hard tops, which will make it the only soft top dual cab on the market in a long time! Windscreen options include fold-down ability for the full ‘bugs in teeth’ driving experience. Door options to match the soft or hard tops will give over a dozen combinations of door, top and windscreen.

Interior tech is slated to include Android Auto and Apple Carplay via the fourth generation of FCA’s Uconnect system. The Rubicon’s forward facing off-road camera viewed through either a 7.0″ or 8.4″ touchscreen will assist in off-road driving too.


Rear bed size is listed at 5 foot (1.5m) long, around 300mm short of a typical dual cab steel tray. Body panels including the doors, hinges, bonnet, fenders, windscreen frame and tailgate will be pressed from aluminium to save weight and increase fuel economy.

Mechanically minded

The venerable 3.6l Pentastar V6 will be matched to either an 8-speed auto or 6-speed manual for the initial launch. A 3.0l V6 turbo diesel and 8-speed auto transmission will be available later in 2020, according to the document. Both engines feature Engine Start-Stop for fuel economy.

The suspension is claimed to be “tuned to optimize on-road handling and ride comfort without sacrificing off-road capability, payload or towing capability.” Payload capacity of up to 1600lbs (725kg) will be on par with the Ranger Raptor, making it a bit low compared to most of the dual-cab market. The tow capacity of up to 7650lbs (3469kg) will be outstanding for a Jeep if GCM is also high enough to suit.

Renders show soft and hard top variants, the soft top could make for a great camper conversion
Renders show soft and hard top variants, the soft top could make for a great camper conversion

Is this Jeep going to compete in the existing dual cab market segment? We’re not so sure. It doesn’t come across as a typical tradie hack, more a lifestyle and enthusiast vehicle. We applaud Jeep for keeping to their roots and finding a way to expand their niche.



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  • I have had 3 Defenders, but they stopped making them, I was forced to buy a Generic dual cab ute, but this Jeep really looks the goods, Dana 44’s twin locked, choice of Pentastar, or in 2020 V6 Diesel, 33’s, 3469 kg tow weight. Its the new Defender without the oil leaks. Give it a chance Lads !

  • Seriously Rosco, Ivenco costs are ridiculously priced compared to a dual cab ute. So why would you compare the two!! Compare the Jeep and its payload against a same cost comparison or even like the raptor, same payload, simular vehicle with great off-road ability… Not a small truck that drives like a truck and hads creature comforts of a truck, oh and Ivencos front end that has poorer ground clearance than both a raptor and jeep ? bet you’d love one when it passes your ute that is stuck and you paid so much more for all the additional boltons to make it get that far ?

  • I’m Landrover through and through. I would never have even considered anything else. But after dropping the Defender with still no replacement, and replacing the awesome disco 4 with a technological masterpiece that no one wants (or would be seen dead in), I’m feeling like Landrover doesn’t want me anymore .
    Maybe I’ve just seen my future!
    There must be a catch.
    Oh yeah
    It’s a Jeep

  • Ugly and retro styling, with just so many missed opportunities found wanting.
    Claim about it being the most capable mid sized truck..”tell them they are dreamin” ..may be Ok for a Jeep
    Small payload and small rear cargo bed area. Cant even get this thing to tow 3500kg. Will be interesting to see its GCM.
    Live axles and “tuned to optimize on-road handling and ride comfort without sacrificing off-road capability, payload or towing capability.” are terms that don’t generally go hand in hand.
    Only thing I would give it a Tick for is the use of Dana 44 axles.
    Overall I think this piece of Jeep works won’t be anywhere even close to be in the same class as the forth coming Ford 150
    Personally if you want a real truck with excellent 4×4 off road credo’s then a Iveco Daily 4×4 that is also a light truck off-road weapon. The new Daily 4×4 is available in Aus in single and dual cab configuration in a car licence-friendly with 4,495kg GVM or no cost optional 5,500kg GVM – both offer a braked towing capacity of up to 3.5t, while payload varies from 2,510kg to 2,800kg depending on the variant selected. These are the Spec’s Jeep should have been seriously looking at and not this excuse of a mid size truck in my opinion.

  • My father had a WILLY’s long wheel base true four wheel drive with The ” SUPER HURRICANE 6 CYCLINDER petrol – ENGINE . ” We would put 2 + 44 gallons drums of water , spray unit , 5 gallons drums of diesel , petrol , chainsaws , chains – dogs – the lot . This was to spray lantana , cock spurs , all weeds !!! That mighty WILLY’s would go anywhere & put a lot of these modern dual cabs to shame . I feel JEEP have made an amazing move , if this machine can go half the places the JEEP WRANGLER can go it will be the true working 4X4 . This machine will “walk ” over rocks ,logs anything ,I am sure .
    I am sure people who need a true working four wheel drive will love it . Who cares what the “softies ” think with their supple dual cabs that they might get dirty once a month .
    GO JEEP !!! Robbie D.N. GAMBLEY .

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