REDARC offering real-time remote troubleshooting

ByJosh NeedsApril 3, 2020
REDARC offering real-time remote troubleshooting

Got a problem with your RedVision system? Now you can get technical advice from REDARC in real-time via the TeamViewer App.

REDARC has taken its customer service to the next level. By using the TeamViewer app, REDARC can have its trained auto electricians gain remote access to your devices and assist with troubleshooting your REDARC installation.

Via the use of a TeamViewer app, the REDARC team can see through your smartphone camera to observe any installation of their products and provide advice – it’s like a video call, essentially. By using real-time video footage, the REDARC technical team are able to avoid any potential issues when trying to troubleshoot over the phone alone.

So, if you’re at home and having problems with your REDARC products, you can reach out to REDARC’s technical support for help. The team is based in Adelaide and can be contacted on 08 8322 4848. For more information click here