Root Hog Fire Trail river crossing now open

BySam PurcellMay 1, 2017
Root Hog Fire Trail river crossing now open

After the historic bridle track became impassable at Monaghan‘s Bluff, the popular alternative route for accessing the awesome camping at Hill End became the Root Hog Fire Trail.

But, the alternative track has been mired in controversy. The track ran through private property, and locked gates were installed along the track to stop access. Gates were ripped down, and property was damaged by people with shortages in cognitive ability. Relationships between 4WDers and landowners soured, which benefited nobody, and only caused extra problems.

It turned out that the track somehow became misaligned over the years, and was running through a private paddock. The track was fixed up, but somebody dug a huge trench in the Macquarie River crossing, making it impassable. Damned dangerous and very illegal behaviour, which made the crossing closed. The crossing had now been repaired, and after being assessed by authorities, is now officially open to traffic.

Root Hog Fire Trail re-opened

The Root Hog Fire Trail re-opened at Hill End, giving more access to the Bridle Track.

This is great news, because now 4WDers can access the brilliant campings area in a different manner, instead of only being able to go through Hill End.

Don’t be that guy

All of these problems that have come up in this area stem from 4WDers, irresponsible ones. There is a small band of fools out there that have gone out of their way to damage and litter on somebody’s property, for reasons which defy logic. Please, for the sake of 4WDers across the country, don’t be that guy that gives all 4WDers a bad name.

This access road still runs along people’s properties, where they live and make a living. People are allowed to drive here, but it’s important to know that this comes with great responsibility. Stick to the track, leave gates as you find them, and leave nothing behind. Actually, go one better and pick up any rubbish you come across out there.

Thanks to 4WD NSW & ACT for the heads-up.