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Stockton Beach camping and 4X4 Access: What you need to know.

After a long drafting process, the new plan of management for Stockton Beach has been released to the public. We’ve picked through the 100+ page document, and have listed down the important parts for 4WDers: access. Listed below are the management responses that the WCL (Worimi Conservation Lands) have drafted around Stockton Beach 4X4 access and camping.



1. Camping will be permitted only at designated sites in designated camping areas. The designated camping area or areas will be located south-west from Tin City, behind the beach and frontal dune.

Camping on Stockton Beach will be set up near Tin City.
Camping on Stockton Beach will be set up near Tin City.

2. A camping strategy will be prepared to guide the establishment of a camping area or areas. The strategy will provide for:

  • up to a combined total of 30 designated campsites
  • adequate spacing between sites in each camping area so as to provide for separation between campers
  • the number of campers up to maximum of eight per site
  • the size of sites and number of vehicles and equipment that can be accommodated at each site
  • provision of options for group camping for more than eight people
  • designated vehicle and pedestrian access to sites
  • protection of beach vegetation and limiting erosion
  • interpretation of cultural and natural values
  • maximum length of stay
  • maintaining and managing the area and sites
  • implementing a registration and booking system, including camping fees.

3. Fires will be permitted only in designated fireplaces. Only clean timber sourced from outside the WCL may be used. Firewood collection within the WCL, including driftwood, is prohibited.

Unrestricted camping on Stockton Beach is unfortunately a thing of the past.
Unrestricted camping on Stockton Beach is unfortunately a thing of the past.

4. No domestic animals, including dogs, will be permitted at individual campsites or camping areas. Facilities or sites for camping with horses will not be provided.
5. All campers must bring their own camping toilet, and all camping sewage must be disposed of in an authorised facility.
6. Construct toilet facilities at the Lavis Lane entry at or in the immediate vicinity of the carpark, and if feasible consider incorporating a camping toilet dump point.
7. Participate in cooperative efforts with other agencies to develop appropriate camping toilet dump points in the vicinity of WCL entrances.
8. Due to the dynamic dune system and extent of sand drift, camping areas or sites may be temporary closed where use of or access to the sites will cause unacceptable impacts.


Stockton Beach Access Map

1. Public vehicle access will be permitted at the three designated vehicle accesses as shown on Map 3. All vehicles must have a Beach Vehicle Permit. Driving is permitted on the beachfront between the Sygna and the Gan Gan Road Access frontal dune crossing. Driving behind the beachfront is permitted:

  • along defined routes to and from WCL designated vehicle accesses
  • in the Recreation Vehicle Area
  • along defined routes (including across the frontal dune) to and from Tin City and designated camping areas.

Driving outside these areas, or on Aboriginal cultural sites, beach vegetation, the frontal dune (except on designated frontal dune crossings) and on management trails is not permitted. Unregistered vehicles may not be operated or transported into the WCL.

2. Vehicle access across the frontal dune will be defined and, where necessary, formalised to protect the frontal dune.

NOTE: What’s a frontal dune? Check out this supplied image, below:

Stockton Beach dune structure

3. Monitor Aboriginal cultural sites and their exposure in those areas of the WCL where vehicles are permitted, and implement measures to protect sites from impacts of vehicles.

4. Work with Port Stephens Council in an effort to ensure vehicle access between the WCL and the Birubi Point Crown Reserve is managed to ensure the protection of Worimi cultural values and safety.
5. Continue to implement the beach vehicle permit system, and review the fee structure periodically in accordance with the Lease Agreement. Ensure the visitor communications strategy and associated education plan address the vehicle permit system.
6. Vehicle access to the WCL or identified sections of the WCL may be temporarily closed due to weather conditions that would lead to safety concerns or increased impacts from vehicle use. Examples include storm events that render sections of the beachfront impassable.
7. Monitor numbers of vehicles in the WCL, and investigate the carrying capacity of the beachfront and Recreation Vehicle Area for vehicle-based access. If necessary, implement techniques to manage the number of vehicles to be within capacity during peak periods.
8. Work cooperatively with NSW Police and adjoining land owners and managers to address illegal vehicle access and inappropriate driving.


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  • I have been using Stockton beach for over 25 years .
    The funny thing is as I read the posts and everyone Blaming the aboriginal owners or so called owners but in reality it’s the parks and wildlife that run the beach.
    What had stuffed the beach and closed it to 4×4 access to the dunes is the brain dead idiots that have no idea of the dangers of driving like wanker flying over dunes and grassland with no thought of their safety or that of others.
    Camp on the beach and leave there rubbish.
    Even now I see it constantly and to be honest it’s mostly young lebs and outer non Australian people that just have no regard to the rules.
    So maybe don’t blame whoever has now made the rules blame the wankers that stuffed it up for all of us.
    And if you see idiots doing the wrong thing take the number of the vehicle and report it to parks and wildlife.
    Then we might eventually get it cleaned up and more land will be released for camping.

    • Who are the “Australians” nd who are the “non-Australians”? If you mean white = Australians, then you are quite the racist sob.

      Bad people and idiots come from all race and levels of society.

  • punish the abusers not the users kick them off the beach and ban their vehicle instead of rangers telling you where you can let your tyres down and dump all this ownership crap

  • bunch of dick heads if you dont want to pay stay home rip up your front yard and s$#@ in the garden you font own the beach or live in the area so u have no respect for it

  • If an indigenous man requires domestic government assistance funding in his home the age requirement is 50 years,any other human in this lucky country requires same assistance the age is 65 years,where is the fairness here the indigenous are always whining for.

  • maybe there should be a fee for camping and leaving bottles behind and urinating on walls and fences in Redfern and Mt Druitt

  • It is not right to be charging for beach access and camping this is just taking it to far. It seems no matter what people say it never gets through to those who have an agenda to push. You will do what you want no matter what I say you will go ahead and push to get your way. So this will be just another place we can not go without 4WD. Thanks again for locking up the land that we love.

  • I totally understand the setting up of controls to curb people from damaging and abusing the beach and dunes, that i understand however to restrict the people that love and respect stockton beach i believe will only harm its protection as these people are the guardians of its future as the traditional land owners were of its past.
    Penalize heavily the few that abuse its glory and embrace the mass that love it ( don`t hurt them as well ).

  • The racist remarks on here show just how ignorant some people are. My kids are half Aboriginal and it’s extremely offensive. We have no right to justify destroying a area that is rich in meaning to the Aboriginal people. Assuming all Aboriginal people are just drunks on Centrelink is like putting all European people into one category. Grow up

  • We are not equal in this country. I live in an area on the south coast with an aboriginal community. The aboriginal kids get free lunch at the canteen and my daughter gets told she will have to go without when she left lunch at home. The so called natives don’t even have to pay for fishing licence. Where’s the fairness in that

  • 1st of all, racism should play no part in any argument, if a bloke is a good bloke so be it, if he is a jerk, he is a jerk, pure and simple. I have dealt with a couple of each from national parks and the land council over time. I have been going to Stockton Beach since I was about 9 years old. As a kid it was a magical place. It was a place where one’s imagination knew no bounds. In later years it was a place where you could go camping, throw in some all night fishing without interference from anyone. Throughout summer, pretty much every weekend that I could spare was spent on the beach. We would drive along the beach, pick out a spot that was 500 m plus from any other camper, seclusion, serenity, it was pure bliss. We were totally self-sufficient with our own toilet, sleeping arrangements even a shower and shelter from whatever the weather could throw at us and all in all we felt like we were millionaires. In fact there was not an occasion when we camped there that someone did not mention just how lucky we were. Everything we took in was brought back out including the toilet products (if you know what I mean). Well no more! When the permit system 1st came in I thought it was a brilliant idea. I still do not begrudge paying the $30 for one moment, however, I do feel that the way some of this money has been spent is misguided.
    Access to the beach now is extremely simple especially via Lavis Lane. This ease of access within itself has created a great deal of the current problems. Formerly access via this Lane required a degree of driving ability that weeded out the majority of idiots that now frequent the beach. For those who wanted a simple run onto the beach, they used the Birubi Point end and generally camped at that end where it tended to be more a community or family type atmosphere. For those who wanted seclusion you had the rest of the beach to play with. Unfortunately, those days are long gone and I do not believe we will ever see them again. I have never heard a reasonable explanation why camping has been banned. It is obvious that in years gone by, simply by the quantity of broken glass that tends to be located in the front dune area where most people tended to camp that not everyone was as sensitive to the environment as they should be. But I would argue, this is historical. I would also suggest that anyone camping along any beach along our coastline, should make provision to dispose of all waste products that they generate during their stay and remove them from the beach. This has always been an issue when looking for a campsite, that is finding one where toilet paper was not floating around. (Enough said) That being said, by making this a pre-requisite for staying on the beach would surely solve the problem. Instead, as with everything these days, there is always someone to tell you what you must do. Did you know, that even lighting a fire on the beach will attract a fine. If you are fishing in the middle of the night, get swamped by a wave and light a fire to dry off using the abundance of firewood that has been washed up, you will be fined. This is considered camping! And when you were approached for this it will be in an extremely belligerent manner.
    So why not allow camping as it used to be, what is the real reason. It should be simple to formulate a policy whereby those who do the right thing, appreciate exactly what they have and have every much an attachment to this area as anyone else should be able to use it. It can’t be beach erosion because that has nothing to do with the 4X4 population but everything to do with the proliferation of break walls and man-made beach groins along the eastern coastline. Is it the historical misuse? I have actually spent a number of weekends raking up the glass in camping spots where we commonly stayed. Or is it a build up to yet another money grab or an overwhelming sense of power by bureaucrats who may already have their own little beachfront mansions and just can’t abide the common folk enjoying something of the same. What I do know is that it’s wrong!

  • wtf.. i rode bikes and drove cars on stockton as a kid and and i am now ready to do it all again with my kids . i have bought a 4wd to take my kids there with all of our bikes and have just now looked into going there and found this beuracratical bullshit. think all the wowsers are taking over . do you really think cars and bikes are going to ruin something thats been there for thousands of years . camels have not destroyed the sahara desert and neither have vehicles, the same for stockton it will outlast all of the human race so who cares who owns it just settle down and let everyone use it as much as they want whenever they want.i had some of the best times of my life there although very dangerous myself and my 4 kids have been looking forward to going there for some time and now i find this s**t ..people need to realize mother nature is more powerful than all of us and she will look after herself …take a chill pill and settle down………

  • Look , we love this country , but the more of us that get out there , management strategies become important and necessary. I hate this but the reality is that not everyone is responsible.

  • Chilli work out how long the dingo has been here that is how long then that the aboriginal has been here try 3000 to 4000 years and
    not the crap You get told. WE should all work to-gether as Australians.

  • Same as Kurnell dunes mining will take all , eventually waterfront property with million dollar homes, everybody gives in to the mighty dollar sooner or later, get out there whilst you still can!

  • after reading this…. I am heart broken…. I have driven, fished, surfed, swam and camped at Birubi all my life, I have bought my family up on this beach, and I am now 54…. penned into a campground!!!!! really ???? are the authorities serious? can I not pull up in a safe place, where ever I please and roll the swag out for a night? I do absolutely no harm doing this to anything or anyone!!! surely just a few kilometres of open beach for this is not to much to ask!! … as well as the planned camp ground, that’s ok.. there is plenty of room for this to happen… booking!!!! are they for real!!! paying fees is not a problem, never has been….and will pay extra to camp per night on top of my annual beach permit!!! no problem….. not taking my dog??? she has been loving the place for 12 years as my previous dog did…..
    JESUS….. with out swearing!!!!!! this is terrible news…….. absolutely revolting…. and a great part of my life…. and that of every person that uses this place weather for fishing, camping, surfing, swimming, relaxing or just unwinding from life and work pressures….. what are we coming to? as I said I do not have the words for this stupidity!!!!! but maybe, because of people who abuse with stupidity and disregard for others is the cause of this? I don’t know…………maybe we should be punishing the minority that spoil this pleasure we have here? please powers to be….. THINK……. this is not right….. sorry!!!! just a good person wanting Australia to be a great place to live and enjoy…. PLEASE DONT DO THIS….

  • Restrictions for the protection of the dunes from over use by 4wdrivers !! Bull dust … Am I the only person who has actually been there & seen that big machine digging up the dunes , they call it sand mining. How is this not having an impact on the area but the 4wd you use on the dunes are !! Has the sand mining been stopped & the mine company revegetated the area !! Another thing is if you think you fees will go to building toilets & dump point 1st dream on cause just like Barrington Tops they will go towards putting up more gates & fences for more restrictions

  • Man o man, we pay driver license fee’s, an unbelievable amount of fuel tax, hundreds of millions of dollars every year which goes into consolidated revenue, stamp duty, GST on everything, camping fee’s, extra fee’s on your rego because we have a 4WD and the list goes on. If we are all Australian, why do we have to pay so heavily to drive around this great country of ours?
    You can’t legislate against idiots, but it seems it’s a good way of taxing us even more.

  • I am one of the Traditional Aboriginal People of the WCL Board, I know people have different points of view and I respect that BUT why do some comments take a negative racial viewpoint, such as, Its not their Land: this is true we or no-one owns the land we are the custodians of the land and if we didn’t make plans to protect it and all interests then we would be negligent in our over 70,000 years of existence in this vast land! Then would the comments be ‘We gave them this and they’ve done nothing with it? I can honestly say that from the original meetings and agreements the TO’s have kept their word to try and share with everyone (and I should know), this (at times) has been to the detriment of the wishes and wants of the Aboriginal Members but our word was kept! Did everyone share these ideologies, NO so that is why these plans were adopted. I can sit back now and know that responsible Beach and Water users can and will enjoy their activities A small but pertinent point is, I pay taxes and have done so my complete working life probably more than some of the detractors and some of my family have lived (and still do) on Stockton Bight for many Thousands of years so I felt a responsibility to try and keep it the best we could for all! Lennie Anderson OAM

  • Hi everyone, thanks for taking your time to put up your comments on – It’s good to see some spirited discussion about matters related to us 4WDers. Those who have put up racist and inflammatory comments, not so much; we don’t like that kind of thing around here. By all means, voice your opinion, but do it in a way that is thought-through and respectful of others. We hope that this website might become a forum for Australian 4WDers to discuss and debate these things in the future.

    We have been trialling a new comments system over the past couple of weeks on our website, and this post shows that it isn’t nearly as good at moderating posts as we would like. We apologise for some of the unsavoury stuff that got through, and we are onto it.

    If you want to ensure your opinion is heard by the right people regarding access at Stockton Beach, write into the people working on the management. – head to this website to get in touch with the people:

    We firmly believe here that it’s every 4WDer’s responsibility to personally put their best foot forward when visiting these kinds of places. Leave it as good (if not better) as when you found it, and treat the country with some respect.

    Sam Purcell
    editor – Pat Callinan’s 4X4 Adventures

  • Sacred sites my arse. Most of the shells in the so called sacred sites were dumped there when I was a kid. We used to watch people of Asian decent rape hundreds of puppies and dump there shells there. I have seen this with my own eyes. Fact there was never a problem till it was taken over in another bullshit claim. Racist hell yes it should be open to everyone. I have a friend on the inside and I quote ” if we can’t make money of the white fella then no one will use it ” But that’s not racist. Anyone who says race has nothing to do with it should take there head out there arse because problems only started when it was handed over. FACT . Tossers

  • So it’s alright for them to mine half of the dunnes away but still restrict half the joint and make us pay for something we shouldn’t

  • I understand the need to protect sacred sites from damage, but have never understood how middens are considered sacred, they’re scattered all across the beach, effectively the remains of a meal, these middens are there one day, gone the next, buried or blown into the sand mines. Keeping people off vegetated dunes and making sure they don’t leave a buried fireplace and rubbish where people would walk makes sense as well. Nothing else makes sense in what they’ve done, the income loss from the restrictions post 2012 must be staggering for the area, this is not going to help, the camping was the only reason we ever went, and we were up there at least once a month, it’s just too far for a day trip. I honestly can’t see myself ever going again at this rate.

  • I wonder how many of the people commenting here actually go to Stockton beach , to enjoy the wonderful part of our coastlin that is in offer? I enjoy a fish and let the kids have a run around, and nothing pisses me off more than cockheads that do 100kmh on the beach while our children play, and leave their rubbish and broken glass every where. Please, let me know if you are one of those grubs, regardless of your colour!!

  • This is a complete crock, I have been going to Stockton since I was a teenager. The ability to camp on or near the waterfront provided my friends and I some great camping and fishing memories. Memories that now require you to pay a small fortune to be told where, when, why and how you can camp. I understand that Aboriginal people have a claim on the land, but hey, I was born here too. This part of the coast line has been supporting campers for years, many at a time with out any real issues. Yes there are a few grubs who believe they can use this place to dump there rubbish, but that’s a minority. The Koori’s that lived here did not own the land and as far as I know this beach is not private property and as such should not be controlled for the sake of money. We are paying more and more and getting less and less. I don’t mind paying a small fee each year, as long as the money is used to build and maintain amenities. This is a mobile dune system and as such will move. As soon as people learned they could get money from it, it all changed for the worst. I would like my children to experience what I did with out the control freaks telling them they are destroying the coast line.

  • Noone seams to talk about those that were here before the current ‘owners’, what about them. Oh that’s right, conveniently forgotten about or not talked about except in hushed circles and so long as you are in the right mob.
    In any case, regardless of the colour of our skin, the history of our family –> we are all custodians of the lands and seas.

    Onto the topic at point. I haven’t read the whole paper, only what is printed here so take what I write with a grain of sand. I also have never been to Stockton and don’t know if I ever will get there, but you never never know, if you never never go.

    I think the idea of a reasonable fee if OK to manage the facilities and make sure it is sustainable going into the future.
    What is a reasonable fee. In my mind it is just enough to pay for people that manage the facilities/lands (ie, cleaners to clean the crappers, someone to empty to poo collection tanks, someone to drive up and down the beach with a rubbish bag and collect the rubbish that some fucktard didn’t, etc) and to ensure the facilities are kept functional plus make a small profit to allow more facilities to be added as time goes on (lets call it the ongoing improvement fund).

    The rest of the changes I don’t agree with see how big the place is but you have to start somewhere, get it right and build up from there. That is what I would hope is going to be done or else it is just going to turn to cock and another part of Aus closed up due to political/bureaucratic mismanagement.

  • I find these comments quiet sad and disappointing.
    We are in 2015 and ignorance and arrogance is still paramount.
    Instead of blaming the indigenous community for the closer of Stockton beach, stop and look at yourselves for one minute…people who incorrectly use the beach has limited access, people who hoon up and down the dunes causing death or serious accident limits access, people who get up leave there crap on the beach for others to clean limit access it’s Mother Nature who is causing limited access to this beach.
    Stop standing behind indigenous culture and have a damn hard look at yourselves. The Worimi people are protecting our beaches for us to access for years to come.’I have grown up on this beach and appreciate the fun times shared once upon a time ago, but we all as Australians have caused this
    Stop being so blatantly dumb and thinking you know the real reason when you are so uneducated and stupid to think we as a culture has caused this.

  • I have been driving on the beach since 1974/5 and fished and camped with the family , When the beach was GIVEN to the aboriginals free of charge the whole thing changed ,This was PUBLIC land and some minority gained control and dictated to the rest of Australia what they wanted ,,,,,MONEY,,,, As far as I’m concerned they can shove it up their ARSE !!!!!!!!!!

  • It’s not the aboriginals fault, or the greens fault, or the 4wding communities fault..
    It’s the fault of our thieving government.
    They have found another way to make money and play it off as some bullshit excuse for doing so.
    They justify this to protect sacred grounds and conserve the dunes.. yet they are still considering plans for a sand mine here to mine the sand for foreign investors – which will completely destroy the Stockton sand dunes habitat.
    They are only stopping you from driving around freely and camping – to protect their investment and gain some money in the process .

  • such a big place for thirty campsites the worimi people fought the government for years to get back there sacred land one point being the sandmine was destroying it the government finally gave it back well they didn’t stop the sandmining they put the prices up .between the npws and the aboriginals there seems to be lots off new costs occurring everywhere even at cape York they are trying to charge 100 bucks to use a public road if that aint money grabbing I don’t know what for there land I think every aussie has a right to travel there own country

  • Jason, all you have to do is visit one of the settlements / local communities in the Territory, Queensland, etc, you’ll be right at home.

  • Oh well all the lefty, greeny hand flappers have got their way again.
    I have had a stockton beach permit ever since the permit system began. I only ever drove on the beach to find a gutter to fish and camp the night and always cleaned up before i left.
    I have just removed my beach permit from my windscreen and i will never step foot on that beach again, they will never be getting another red cent off me.

  • What a shame!!! All the agro and racist comments won’t help in any way. We are all Aussies and I feel I’m just as entitled to experience the land as the next person. I am part aborigine, don’t classify myself as one but as an Aussie. Over the history of humanity around the world, groups, colonies, tribes etc have colonized or overtaken another creating the diverse cultures we have today.
    Stockton is a place I visited regularly over the years but sadly will not visit again after a recent trip with the kids. The minority grubs who used it over the last 50 plus years have ruined it for us all. Massive piles of buried garbage becoming exposed everywhere. My 12 year old son whilst dodging piles of exposed broken glass found several rusty lures with hooks attached and a t least 6 large hooks sticking out of the sand. We were lucky no-one cut or stabbed themselves in the garbage.
    I just hope the funds raised are used to remove ALL the garbage from behind the frontal dunes.

  • So for all of the ignorant and racist posters out there I’m going to assume it is OK for me to come to your place and camp in your yard. All I want to do is do some circle work on your lawn, drive over your plants set up a big fire pit and crap all over the place (I leave TP everywhere too). Hopefully you won’t mind if I leave all of my rubbish there too, I reckon someone will organise a cleanup day to clean up my mess, BTW – really like breaking glass and seeing if it and aluminium burns in fires too.

    I reckon it’s my right to do this so please let me know where you live ASAP.

  • Good onya Chilli, you did what I knew someone would do, take the easy way out and play the racist card; you are clueless! For some silly reason I thought it was OUR land.

  • All for the campsites. But 30 is not going to be enough on a popular beach… Pets should be allowed just have to have them leashed just like it is now wen u take them to the beach anyway.
    Dump sites do need to be up for the toilets.

  • I think it is spot on , 3 access points, designated camping areas, all we have to do is keep the idiots off the beach and things like camping areas might be increased in the future.

  • The thing that gets me most is 8 per site. So you’re limited to two (maybe) families camping together? I’m very curious to see what this “provision of options for group camping for more than eight people” will actually look like.

    The advertised a third entry to be reinstated at the southern end from Fern Bay is still there but gone is being able to park near to the flags at Birubi and no driving south of the Sygna? What the? Yes there’s environmental concerns right down the southern end, turtles or birds or some such as we’re led to believe (or are they claiming EO now, I’m confused), but that was always right down near Stockton township itself. There’s a lot of people that obviously don’t know about that one. And how will that go with the proposed south-western entry? Seems a little disjointed to me.

    As for the rest, seems in line with what’s available in other areas, and I do agree with the BYO toilet. And to Tilly, yes, that’s exactly what happens in other areas. From Bribie in QLD to Samurai just up the road. At least they’re allowing fires, even if it is limited.

    It must be said that if not for the moronic behaviours of the few this may not still be an issue. That said, such behaviour is directly behind Blacksmiths requiring a permit now too.

    It will be very interesting to see how this progresses. I urge all interested parties to make constructive and reasoned comment to the board.

  • Another Aussie right taken away, I fear when our grandkids are young adults that just to leave the house they will need a permit. Oh and pay a fee. We are charged to much just to live, Living should be free and the extras charged for. And the notion that they own the beach because they were here first is just stupid, they also just turned up didnt they. Sooner we all realise no one should own our world the better it will become

  • The vulgar comments and disgusting racist views posted here make me ashamed to be associated with the 4wd community.

    In view of what is posted here is accessible to anyone without any moderation, the Pat Callignan media group through Mr4x4 should seriously consider removing any facility for providing comment to any of the published articles.

  • this is a joke we want are beach back the is is the only beach we had to take our buggys and motorcycles on in NSW where we could access the dunes when are the Australian people going to get there country back.

  • Well well well a sound plan with a reasonable set of compromises, and what happens the first idiot keyboard warrior whinging about it fires off a racist tirade. No wonder people assume that all 4WD owners are redneck bogans.
    @Paul and @Tilly Tillyman when will you realise that it is unacceptable to say this type of thing? Its is shameful.
    To state that we gave them the land shows your total ignorance. In fact we stole THEIR land
    Even f you did have a valid point it gets lost in your racist words and achieves nothing but spreading hate.

  • I am amazed and shocked at what I am reading here. The racisim!! Thank goodness the wonderful Worimi people are doing something about looking after our beautiful beach. I used to love going for a fish on Stockton back in the 70’s and 80’s but even back then the hoons were starting to ruin it, leaving all their rubbish behind and inexperienced drivers making a mess of the dunes. Then the Sydney mob started coming in their droves. Have they ruined their own places? I couldn’t tell you how many of them have been towed off the beach. Wish they would stay in Sydney.

  • Hmm no problem with the fee so long as it does goes back to the management of the beach and not to line more pockets of the council! I hope that business also gets charged per vehicle eg quad bikes. Yes its an attraction and tourism but still need to be charged like an ordinary person would with one vehicle otherwise it isn’t fair.

  • look up the word indigenous in the dictionary says born in or natural to the country I think most of us are so I class my self as indigenous after being born in oz 57 years ago Iam also married to a aborigine for 27 years hoons and dead beats stuffed it up for every body as they do everywhere as for stockton beach bureaucracy greenies money grabbing councils have once again stuffed it for every body again I have been driving on stocky beach for over 30 years always cleaned up after myself never hooned gone again are the good days thanks very much society

  • This a MOBILE dune system (as depicted in supplied picture)! The sand is constantly moving and the dune system changing. So why isnt driving on the mobile dunes allowed anymore? Your tracks are gone in 24 hours. No harm done. PS. The bogan racist attitudes arent helping…

  • The **** have destroyed it for everyone, they claim they are protectors of the land but they would sell it to the miners in a heartbeat to make a quick buck. No more growing up 4WDing along the sand dunes for my kids, no ones allowed to go anywhere but designated “boring” tracks three million tourists have been on

  • Im not sure why people are surprised by the lowlife uneducated scum that comment such racial garbage. Unfortunately this lifestyle appeals to those kinds also. Its the same garbage who give the government no choice but to step in and enforce restrictions before they destroy it. Im happy to see restrictions because Im sick of seeing these lowlives treat these areas with such disrespect.

  • First something for Grant King:

    The concept Aborigines were nomadic is fallacy. Of course they went where food was. We all do. (Woolworths, Coles, Aldi.) But there is evidence they farmed crops. It’s just often ignored, because it doesn’t suit whatever agenda the ‘experts’ have at that time.

    In regards to the invention of the wheel… Bit of a silly comment. They made boomerangs that not only defy gravity to sustain flight – but also return to their point of origin whe thrown correctly. (The ancient equivalent of a high-tech drone.)

    However I do agree the majority of ‘sacred site’ claims are laughable. Most people know it. Few admit it. Oh, except the aboriginal folks I’ve known. (More of them concur than do others.)

    There’s a plane wing buried in sand at Anna Bay. Kids dig it out, do-gooders cover it over again. Every so often another newspaper article appears, claiming it as a ‘new discovery’. A simple internet search reveal previous articles about it. So these journalistic-hacks know it’s not. Hundreds of people must have ‘discovered’ it anew over the decades. It’s obviously not sacred. So what it is it then? It’s refuse – garbage.

    That is what a lot of these supposed sites are too. ‘Middens’ and such… They’re merely yesterday’s garbage dumps. Ancient ones perhaps – but nevertheless – the equivalent of backyard BBQ at best, and refuse dumps at worst.

    They gathered down at the beach (like we would like to). They ate lunch, their children played, they shared the company of mates (like we would like to). And (gasp!) they left their garbage lying around!

    These ‘cultural sites’ that are so important that no-one can step foot on them… There’s no real support for that. Just claims from people that amazingly, they find evidence that aligns perfectly, with their personal agenda. What a truly amazing coincidence. They find a pile of shells from a snack a couple of hundred years ago – and artificially attach sacred significance to it. Which they cannot prove because they weren’t there – and everyone that was – is long dead.

    Well, I remember going to ‘Redhead Dump’ back in the 1970s with my parents. Maybe everyone that lived in the area back then should be demanding cultural significance and ownership of that stink bowl too. Claim it back, demand the buildings be knocked down. After all, a dig there will reveal tools, car parts, crockery, toys, clothes, bones of all kinds of animals strangely not found in that area today – yet at same time they MUST have lived there, because all those same species are found the ingredients list of the recipes in old Women’s Weekly magazines that are also found in the same location.

    So if a few shells left over from a 200-year old meal are culturally significant – then what does Redhead Tip qualify as?

    Anyway… My point is, no race or its heritage is nobler, nor more important, than another. Aboriginal, european, chinese… people are the same – all over – throughout history… all human.

    And… It’s – a – BEACH. I live 2 minutes from it. I’ve seen a single storm do infinitely more damage than several thousand 4WDs could (which by the way, I don’t even own, nor care to). Damage is done, waves wash in, and the beach resets – it might change, but it’s always going to be a beach and will always change. But if man changes it slightly, it’s suddenly a major issue.

    So it’s pretty obvious these restrictions have little to nothing to do with conservation. Like everything today, it’s really about GOVERNMENT CONTROL. And we – YOU – sit back and allow government to do it to you: thus turning their delusions into sad reality for all.

    I remember having a brilliant time in the ’80s – about 10 friends – all piled into and onto the same 4WD, crawling up the dunes, falling off face-first into the sand as it bounced along. Couple of Honda trikes following, a picnic lunch… ‘Hooning’ (as it’s correctly spelled) has become a crime – but it’s part of growing up. And a great safe place to be a goose is where? In water – and soft sand.

    That’s what you’re all allowing these control-freaks to steal from you and your kids. Unless you agree to keep in one small area, agree to controls on how to behave, even agree how you should empty your own bowels. Sounds like pets – caged mice – to me.

    Newcastle Council was sacked. A new lot comes in that quickly prove they’re no better. Lake Macquarie increases rates to the sky. That Port Stephens councillor (forget his name) – who helps lock people out of the dunes, under the excuse of supposed cultural-significance and environmental-impact – yet just over the rise, a company he’s involved with is removing truckloads of sand to sell overseas – meanwhile, the same people claiming 4WDs could cause irrevocable dune damage… LOL… Are pocketing $$$$, but charging you all a token amount to access it.

    And many of you have no problem with that.

    The fees add very little when compared to the money they’re raking in by mercilessly raping the next dune over. (Not to mention the sand mining they also want across the road at Bob’s Farm.) And when aboriginal evidence was found under the new KFC building, that was quickly brushed aside.

    So this has nothing to do with cultural significance, sacred sites, environmental impact, or any other furphy they invent. It’s purely about confirming their control.

    Stop being whiney brats, saying: “Council needs to…”, and, “Why doesn’t the government do something about…” and instead, tell the council – government – what YOU are going to do, and if they don’t like it – they’ll be sacked too.

    Stop giving the foxes the key to the chicken house, then crying when they steal, from your kids, what you enjoyed. Do something about it. Otherwise, why come here and whine when what you really meant to do all along, was to give in and pay up.

    (Which, by the way, they already knew.)

  • pfff, I’ve stopped going there long time ago, this beach was good when it was open to drive everywhere, eploring dunes and stuff and now it’s only the beach strip and a bit of shipwreck area, but the bus tours still can drive to the top sliding dunes and there’s still sand mining happens, who ever owns the beach are absolutely grabs, not going there any time soon, plus camping fees for what? stuff them.

  • Oh Dear, what a bunch of short sighted racists we have on here. I’ve just completed a 3,000 K round trip thru W.A.’s Pilbara area and am totally disgusted at what I discovered at the many glorious camp sites through out. To say totally disgusted is really an understatement on how I feel.
    Many of the locations we visited, are pristeen awesome natural sites, and do not come under the National Park or Reserve umbarella.
    These sites had plenty of fresh water available for swimming and bathing, ample shade for coolness and camping under, unfortunately, they also had ample rubbish left behind by uncaring campers, as well as toilet sullage emptied directly onto the ground within TEN FEET of the camping sites. Toilet paper was spread everywhere, and the fire places were littered with glass bottles and cans. Why is it, some 4WDr’s seem to be under the impression glass and metal cans burn ??????
    Considering these sites are well off the beaten track, and require considerable effort to reach, it amazes me why people then simply trash them without a moments thought, never giving any consideration for the folks who will come after them, or that they may wish to revisit the places some day again themselves.
    Regards this article and Stockton Beach, clearly going by the report, it is evident that there are similar issues there as well. And I bet, the folks who are screaming the loudest on the new rules, are the very same folks who trash the places they visit.
    I don’t have any issues with being charged a REASONABLE FEE for my camping, BUT, I do expect something in return for that fee, not just a pristine view of the ocean either. The people running this facility have a responsability to manage it sustainably and equitably for all users. That means they MUST provide facilities for the disposal of human excrement, (whether they like it or not ) otherwise they will discover the whole place will eventually be covered in this stuff. So a top priority, IMHO, is to provide a dump point for people to dispose of their waste. Rubbish ? Every camper on arrival be given large black plastic bags for their rubbish, on departure, said bags handed in at entry for park managers to dispose of, and records of vehicle recorded as handing back same number of bags that they were given.
    That I believe, should cover the major issues covered in this article. Oh, many women are prone to relieve themselves behind the nearest available bush/tree/dune, leaving behind toilet paper that forever blows all over the place.
    Camp sites will be registered, thus records kept of who camped where and when, if such a sites is trashed and covered with toilet paper, said individuals who camped there, be banned for a certain period, of ever being allowed to camp there again.
    There you have it folks, If you are unable to respect and look after our environment as you should, legislation will be imposed upon you to ensure you do the right thing, and at the end of the day, you have no one to blame but yourselves.

  • Off track people .this is about camping on our beautiful beach my kids have yet to experience like we did before camping banned can’t wait to set up and chalk up another memory before they grow up and fair call pay a few dollars for my camp site PS Paul I just hope u don’t camp near us with your backward way of thinking

  • So many people have no idea on the real story… npws pricks wanted control of stockton, worrmi people wanted work… so a deal was done and npws get to control it and make profits (yes get it right npws are an operating business, not a non profit organization) from this setup… and the worrmi people are given jobs.
    Now i think its great the worrmi people have something to do with their land, but its all a massive profit set up to screw the public! And if you dont believe me do your research into how Australia’s largest shiftings sand dunes have been sold off around the world for over a hundred years! And the worrmi people “sold out their heritage” to sand mining years ago because the sand they tell you that is being “damaged” by 4×4 drivers is actually being blown up to the miners every day… ive got copies of the documents that newcastle council paid to have studies done and it clearly shows the sands that have been dumped on Stockton for hundreds of years has been effected by damage and mining down down the coast, look into Belmont sand and what they done their… its all a profit scam, i know worrmi people that are disgusted in their tribes people over this, bloody sad really.

  • Grant King no mate you are a racist. whether you have the guts to admit this to yourself is another thing. You also desperately lack in a real education about such matters, which as a rule means you should not talk about things you know nothing about.
    P.S indigis beat your mob here by about 59,000 years mate. What claim does your mob have on this land.. Yep zero!!

  • Can we please get one thing straight; it’s NOT their land. The Australian Aborigine is, and was, a nomadic person, i.e. they never stayed in one place for too long, as soon as the food ran out they moved to another location, unlike those from Europe and other parts of the world who had become urbanised. Explorers such as James Cook and Abel Tasman travelled from cities, (modern for their day) the aborigines hadn’t grasped that concept – it’s a little over 200 years ago remember – much less ‘invented’ the wheel! It seems as though everything we do with the aborigines will only be resolved when one outcome is agreed on, how much money it’s going to cost! It seems that wherever we (4WDs) want to go there are restrictions because, supposedly, it’s a bloody ‘sacred site’. The last time I checked this is Australia and this is MY country and I don’t have an issue being told I can’t go somewhere because it’s, say, Australian Defence Force property, but when I’m told I’m not allowed to climb Ayer’s Rock because it’s a ‘sacred site’………… Stupidly, naively , I thought I had rights, clearly the indigenous population has more than me. This is reverse discrimination and after posting this, I fully expect to be labelled a racist. I’m not, I’m a realist.

  • Yes it is a shame it has come to this, I have been using this beach since the early 80’s. No doubt over the years the increase in popularity of 4×4’s over the years has put a lot of pressure on Stockton Beach.

    Generally speaking from my observations, the people doing the damage are people from far away like Sydney who come up here and use it as one of there only chances to drive on sand and just go every where they can because they have a “leave pass” from their City life.

    Generally speaking it is the locals who come here regularly for fishing or family time at the beach – that respect the beach, dunes and other 4x4ers.

    It would be extremely disappointing to have this beach closed being a local, for the foreigners not so much, they would just find somewhere else to drive to.

  • The biggest issue here is that access to the High dunes is still off limits. When these were ‘temporarily’ closed in 2012 there was never any suggestion of an indefinite ban on access. These are a geological marvel that EVERY Australian should be able to experience. Why can I not take my disabled child to see these dunes?
    Most of the aboriginal artifacts and sights are located in the lower frontal dune areas and the High dunes move quickly, on a windy day 4×4 tracks disappear almost instantly, so erosion is barely an issue.
    Are these areas kept off limits to give tour operators exclusive access in some sort of dodgy cash grab deal? After 3.5 years of no access, we’ve seen all sorts of excuses, but none that couldn’t easily be dealt with. As a community we should be very upset about this continued injustice.

  • I have been going to Stockton Beach since 1968, and have been taking my family nearly ever weekend (apart from winter) but went my self and with mates and also fishing club members, we never had any trouble in them times, but back in 1998, I found to many people were coming there, and I mean hundreds of 4×4 of a weekend. and found out that they all were coming from Sydney. so the only time I would fish Stockton Beach was through the week. and back in the early days there were hones in beach buggy’s and there was a few killed not knowing how to read the drifting dunes.but why do Woroimi people won’t to do know. they do not know how to manage there own lives let alone a public beach, I do think it needs to be managed and re-strick the amount of 4×4 that use it at any one time And keep the young hones of the Beach. (18 to 35 year old’s) they seem to be the nuts that drive the beach and think they can do what like. People take there family’s and there are young kids there. I could talk for longer but this will do for now, ( council should manage it)

  • Hmm. Very emotive. I can’t help agreeing to an extent with both sides of the argument, although not the unnecessary and degrading racism. The biggest underlying issue is the loss of freedom – freedom to go where you want and camp where you want, whether that’s Stockton, Arnhem Land or Fraser Is. We are all used to being able to drive the dunes and enjoy virtually every inch of Stockton and are now being told we can’t do that anymore. Nobody likes that. On the other hand, the place has become so popular that vehicle caused damage is now a genuine issue where once is wasn’t – same as on Fraser. All we can do is reach a compromise that addresses both needs as much as is possible. The management plan is an attempt to do that. Whether it is a balanced approach or not is the only real debate here. I think perhaps it is not – that it has gone too far in the restriction of use of the area, but then we are a species of extremes. We always move from one end of the scale to the other and back, rarely finding balance in anything. But it could have been worse, more extreme. They could have closed the place to all vehicle access and made it ‘walk in’ camping only, like some of my old favourites spots …

  • I am an old Novocastrian who is familiar with beaches north of Stockton, up to Morna Point where motor cycle racing was popular. Also, Iam now an experienced and RESPONSIBLE 4WDer with due care for our country and ALL inhabitants-black,white and brindle. . It is as plain as the nose on one’s face that there are too many HOONS today with access to vehicles that can go anywhere despoiling our still beautiful country without a care for our children, grandchildren and all those who follow. There has to be reasonable rules which we ALL follow . The unthinking bush bashers (and often racists) who feel because they pay some taxes or were lucky enough to be born here that “they own the country” , can go anywhere and do just what ever they like, to hell with everybody else. I wonder how many of the respondents I have just read are members of proper 4WD Clubs and also have any care for the future of our country. On one specific point made by one respondent, if toilets are to be provided, how doe he think they can be built without a contribution by users such as he? Cheers all.

  • I believe we should stop dividing Australia up into our land and theirs (didnt work in RSA, so what makes you think it would work here) it should be available and equally shared by all who live here. I have no problem paying a nominal fee providing it is reinvested in maintaining the NP and providing usefull facilities and not supporting one group or another.

  • It is absolutely appropriate to whinge about restricted or closed access to beaut places like Stockton Beach, including the limited camping provisions and proposed high costs involved. Access should not be limited by whim of any ethnic, cultural or racial group, particularly where a commercial profit is involved. Environmental and ecological considerations should be the only criteria for restricting access, although there should be consideration of true, genuine sacred site areas. It is not at all appropriate for tiny minded rednecks to use disparaging terms regarding indigenous people, as the use of such terms as some have used not only doesn’t sit well with reasonable and moderate Australians, it is close to illegally humiliating for many of our very responsible and reasonable aboriginal people. What is not understandable at all, is WHY the moderator of this comment section allowed the comments including that disparaging content to be shown. It does nothing for the general commentary, and casts some doubt on how responsible the Pat Callinan Media group is, regarding permitting, and thereby encouraging, racist content.

  • I guess freedom of speech allows ignorant yobbo’s, like Paul and Tilly Tillaman, the right to post racist dribble. While I agree that it “appears” as though the aboriginal minority are governing the use of Stockton Beach, it is basically obvious that it is the Conservation mindset that is actually the driving force.
    Lets give the management a chance and see if the area can be improved.

  • Im a so called **** thats a 4×4 driver and belive that we all should have access to to the beach for camping the $30 fee for controlling the beach was fine but now we have gone to far. because of stupid comments from idiots like paul and others that have stupid assumptions that so called **** don’t work and pay taxes and white people don’t line up for centerlink . This is why australia is the the way it is . Just to let paul know im a fitter and pay more tax a week then what you take home . IDIOT REDNECKS.

  • **** and ****, who do you people think you are to use such degrading terms, my grandchildren are part aboriginal and would take offence to such termiology printed here, you are fellow 4×4 drivers, have some respect for their culture. You should be grateful that they allow us 4×4 drivers onto their land, after all it’s their land not ours. I’m as Australian, as I think you are, so grow up and get your heads out of your backsides.

  • I use Stockton often for fishing and the damage to the frontal dune system is massive at the moment. The “****” and “****” have always been unbelievably professional, friendly, reasonable, well equipped and accommodating and the permit system works and is great value for money…… I’ve heard worse comments in apartheid South Africa and i’ve seen some stupid driving and disregard for the rules by some hoons… especially making holes in the frontal dunes that then allow the massive flooding that happened behind the front barrier and caused the closure of the beach. Portable toilets is the only thing I think is contentious in the proposal. The attempt at building accommodation at the entry in Anna Bay should be torn down if its not going ahead because its an eyesore…

  • Join the discussion This is the same as the Cape. They are about to charge $100 per vehicle to drive on a public road??
    This is the same as bourketown, now all camping areas fenced off, you must pay and stay in local parks. No more out beside the river. This is the same as in WA, only allowed to camp in areas set aside by Local Aboriginals. Same as SA, only allowed to camp in areas set aside by Aboriginals. And at all these places you must pay and no beer. WHY I am Australian as the Aboriginal is. I do not have a drinking problem, why should I be stopped from having a beer in the arvo. Why do I have to pay for a piece of dirt/sand with no water,toilets, facilities at all. In some cases upto $50 PER NITE. WHY WHY WHY

  • We pay for access to national parks, and camp in designated areas, no domestic pets, and are not allowed to collect firewood there, too, so this just makes the beach the same. As long as the funds go towards beach management and improvements like the toilets and dump points mentioned, I have no problem. The only downside I can see, on the first read, are a possible lack of camp sites, and grouping campers too close together because of that

  • Well, we have been paying for access to this beach for quite a while, so this only seems to make the beach a managed area, similar to a national park. I have no problem with it at first read… if people follow the rules, the fees are reasonable, and the money goes towards improvement of facilities (such as the toilets and possible dump points as mentioned), I can’t see a problem, other than possibly insufficient camping spots.

  • Getting screwed by the **** again. I thought we were all Australian and could share this country but we give them the land and pay them Centrelink, then they charge us to go on “their” beach that we all paid for with our taxes.

    • Paul, your ancestors, the original boat people, stole this land in the first place and stuffed it right up. Have some respect for those trying to save what’s left moron

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