It’s a TRD HiLux, but not as you know it…

Toyota has had another shot at a TRD HiLux, however, have hit even further from the mark this time around.

Despite wearing the same Toyota and TRD badges as a rather serious Formula 1 race car, the HiLux has fallen so very short of the mark. One would be forgiven for thinking someone had just slapped on some stickers and a bumper from eBay. Oh and thrown a few grand on the price, because well, they can.

2017 Toyota SR5 HiLux with TRD accessories

Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t look too bad with the changed up grille and bumper, some might even call it aggressive. But the aesthetics are where the “not too bad” stops.

The only engine option is the 2.8 turbo diesel, gone is the supercharged v6 (and with it the performance). Now, the 4 litre with the M90 Eaton blower on the side isn’t going to blow anyone’s socks off, but it’s a hell of a lot punchier than a 2.8 diesel. Especially for a vehicle fitted with “Toyota Racing Development” stickers. I’m yet to find the racing part of the TRD acronym.

Also not found anywhere near this thing are suspension components from the likes of Bilstein. Just the bog stock SR5 suspension setup.

So far as Toyota has explained this thing, it’s an SR5 Hilux, with a few stickers, a “Racing leather trimmed gear knob”, and some floor mats.

This racing shifter knob adds 10KW… (this may not be entirely accurate…)


For the list of actual additions Toyota has added to their TRD HiLux; A red TRD Branded skid plate, a “Racing leather bound gear knob” (no, really), TRD grille, bumper and flares, “edgy” 18″ wheels, a black (instead of chrome) painted sports bar, tail light covers, and a free tow pack?

The worst thing is that I love Tojo’s, I have and do own a bunch, and was actually looking forward to seeing what they’d come up with this time round. I can’t help the expansive disappointment I’m feeling right now.

So on behalf of about half the population of Australia:

Now THIS is what we should have gotten…

Toyota, where is our supercharged 5.7L 3UR-FE powered 504 HP HiLux? Why isn’t it on Bilstein shocks? Why isn’t it rolling on -44 offset rims and 6″ flares? Why didn’t you just bring the Tundra TRD Pro Baja 1000 over here and call it the TRD HiLux? Why Toyota, why? I’m just about drowning in frustration here!

The funny part is, we thought you were pretty far from the mark with the first TRD HiLux 10 years ago… boy were we wrong.

But seriously Toyota, what happened folks? You used to be the cool kids.


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  • Yep Toyota have completely lost it and me as a customer.

    The current Hilux is so so ugly that anything they did would be an improvement.

    It is so far behind the competition yet still sells in bucket loads.

    Why do we have to put up with such lame vehicles when the US gets the awesome looking Toyota Tacoma!

  • haha no exec here mate and not touchy at all just realistic!! ive owned both Fords and Toyotas so was just expressing my point of view from experiance. Either way we are lucky to have a good selection of dual cab options these days.

  • Being a Toyota fan ?
    Isuzu Doesn’t roll off the tongue like Toyota
    But certainly rolls off the factory floor with more options

  • Got to love the haters lol.
    1. Peter, Toyota has the best resale out there.. example i bought a 2014 SR5 $54k drive away…3 years later 45000 kilometers and vehicle still fetches well into 40k. Lets see Ford or any other dual cab retain that resale !!
    Jason – Yes true not the best in terms of refinment or ride when put up against a Ranger… but if i want 250000 k’s plus out of a car then ill take the lack of refinment and ride anyday. Hence why the Hilux’s have strong demand on the used market..

    When it comes to longevity and resale Toyota has it nailed, when it comes to ride comfort and bling Ranger wins.

  • I just can’t get the idea out of my head that TRD is just one letter short of a T_RD. And as the old saying goes, you can polish a T_RD but it is still a T_RD.

  • Toyota cannot pull the wool over everyones eyes any longer with just the badge. Too much competition now. Over engineered pethaps, but underpowered with a bumpy ride as usual when compared.

  • Im not sure i understand Logan… why not bring it out? Ranger just released the FX4 which essentially is the same sort of release for the Ranger stables. Car manufacrutets do this all the time…it wasnt long ago toyota released a Black edition Hilux .. releasing limited or special editions gets market intetest and creates a bit of hype …just what manufactures want with the end of financial year on the horizon, personally I think the TRD pack gives the SR5 a much better stance and does away with that weird looking front end that looks better hidden behind a bull bar. These will be popular and hard to get.

  • I am not sure what you guys are reading in terms of dealer or press release detail… this is not a TRD vehicle and toyota have not tried to sell it as one. Its an SR5 with a TRD sports pack!!! much the same as what other manufacturers do ie AMG sports pack or M series sports pack. A sports pack gives the vehicle the apperance of a race specd model without the hefty price tag… its that simple!! in terms of price the SR5 TRD sports pack model is vety good value when compared to a stock SR5. Leather accented trim, upgrade wheels, ute liner, tow package, several TRD accessories for around 3k more.

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