Tuff Seat Covers – Protect Your Investment

ByDex FultonJune 8, 2016
Tuff Seat Covers – Protect Your Investment


The seats on our 4X4s have a tough life. During any given trip they get covered in dust, splashed with mud, are submersed in brown water, get sand and grit ground into them and even a trip to the shops with the tin lids on board can see them plastered with foods of all shapes, colours, consistencies and smells. Even just climbing in and out of your vehicle can cause wear and tear. Ever seen a seat on older vehicle with the seams split and foam spilling out? That’s just from normal everyday usage.

Yep, they sure do take a beating, and if you’ve ever looked into the options for upgrading your seating you’ll already know it’s not a cheap exercise, even if it is worth it. Regardless of whether you’re spending hours behind the wheel in the stock pews or you’ve invested up to a grand or two on some premium butt-huggers, it makes sense to protect them from the stains and damage that come with off-road and everyday driving. By far the best way to do this is by investing in a set of seat covers.

While there’s no shortage of cheap seat covers available from your local auto parts store, those things are more designed for hatchbacks that will only ever be tested when navigating the local drive-thru, not the Strzelecki Track. Plus, let’s be honest here, they’re usually made from cheap synthetic material that is pumped out by the truckload from some factory in the Guangdong Province. If you can say anything about us four-wheel drivers, it’s that we generally like to support Aussie made products whenever we can.


Enter the Tuff Seat. These are canvas seat covers made especially for the Australian 4X4 market and are built to withstand the worst you or the bush can throw at them.

These are the latest canvas seat covers made for the Australian 4×4 market, manufactured from an all new Australian-made soft 12oz Flame Retardant canvas (an Aussie first). The Tuff Seat has been engineered to be country tough without the sandpapery feel of conventional canvas covers. They also reckon that they’re waterproof, UV and mildew resistant, flame retardant, tear resistant and are even compatible with side airbags. Each pair of vehicle-specific seat covers also some with covers for the headrests too.

Prices start from $269 a pair, but the overall price will depend on your particular model of 4X4, so jump onto: www.thetuffseat.com for more information.