Warn releases bluetooth winch controller

With this new Warn Bluetooth winch controller you can recover your rig using your phone!

The new Warn Bluetooth winch controller allows you to pair your winch and your phone for wireless winch recoveries.


That’s right! Warn has developed a new HUB Receiver and App that allows users to control their winch using the Bluetooth connection on a smartphone or other smart device when paired with Warn’s free iOS or Android App.

Warn points out that so long as a user has the HUB Reciever and the HUB App on their smartphone, they’ll always have a winch remote.

The IP68 rated HUB Receiver connects into the winch using the existing winch remote socket, or included wiring (depending on winch model). The App communicates with the Receiver via Bluetooth. Warn says the set-up has a range of up to 100 feet (30m), and as well as winch operation it can monitor and display the vehicle’s battery voltage.

Warn Bluetooth

Warn says the new system is compatible with all Warn 4×4 winch models (except the Zeon Platinum), including the recently upgraded M8274, and it will also offer versions that will work with other winch brands.

The fully potted and sealed waterproof HUB Receiver can be mounted on any tubular or flat surface using included cable ties, and it features a multi-color LED to indicate connectivity status. Once mounted, it is simply plugged into the winch’s remote socket using a supplied 1.8m cable and then paired to a smart device. The App is available for both iOS and Android and can be found in the App Store or on Google Play.


A lock-out sequence prevents accidental operation and large, easy-to-see buttons are claimed to offer delay-free winch control. According to Warn, “When a user taps the screen, the winch works instantaneously and stops pulling just as fast.”

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