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Watch a Range Rover Sport SVR accelerate like a demon, off-road

Range Rover Sport SVR accelerate
Range Rover Sport SVR accelerate

Who wants to listen to a 405kW V8 snarling and barking like a rabid hellhound, accelerating across all sorts of surfaces? I do. again. Land Rover have released a short video of their flagship Range Rover Sport, the SVR, doing the 0-100 km/h dash across a variety of off-road surfaces.

It’s a bit of smart marketing by Land Rover, showing what kind of power and capability the Range Rover Sport SVR has. With Jaguar’s AJ133 supercharged 5.0 litre V8 pouring out 405kW and 681Nm, the Range Rover Sport SVR would have to be one of the fastest 4WDs out there that still has proper off-road capability at the same time.



How does it sound so good? The Range Rover Sport SVR has an ‘active’ exhaust system, which has electronically controlled valves in the exhaust system that can pipe the exhaust gasses through different chambers, taking the note from slumbering to thundering.

How much does this pretty looking, angry sounding blue demon cost to buy? Drive away price is just shy of $250,000.



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  • @Sam
    Ok all said ask yourself this ‘would i take this rig with my family into the bush by myself without other 4wds next to me for backup….thats the ultimate question you have to ask yourself….its all about reliability
    The problem is that writing these articles tells people ‘oh this Audi Suv Or Great Wall ute has a great write up…very capable indeed and comfy to boot’….ok if a dozen of them are together but some poor bugger is going to be in big trouble reading these reviews
    Maybe there should be a section on reliability (or known issues) or service or spare parts availability off the beaten track etc at the end of the review just to keep everything in perspective….might save a life one day. what do you think Sam?

    • I’d love the opportunity to take it out into the bush Ron! I’m not sure how it would perform reliability-wise, but I’d enjoy finding out.

      The problem I have in my position is people going out all guns blazing, saying a vehicle is grossly unreliable or incapable, based upon reputation or hearsay and not first-hand experience.

      Reliability is definitely important. but is really only something that can be assessed further down the track after a vehicle has been around for a little while. All vehicles have their problems, and nothing is perfect. We can gather first-hand reports online or from people who write in, but it’s also important to filter out the ‘she said, he said’ and ‘ cousin’s brother’s son’s uncle…’ stories, if you know what I mean. Everything we write, we do it based upon real evidence or first-hand experience. As long as we can gather that, then it’s no problem.

      Looking into spares pricing and availability is a great idea, you have me thinking now!

  • Had a Nissan.
    Had a Land Rover D4
    Have a Toyota 200.
    Guess what – they’ve all been imperfect. On various treks across Australia all three were in a workshop at some point. But all three were equally capable, and the D4 was possibly the best – finding a service centre not scared to work on them is the only real problem.
    Everyones’ negative experiences seems to relate back to the ‘stories they heard’, or maybe the actual reliability of the D2 which yes had major problems for a period. By that mentality we should all have avoided GU patrol due to the constant problem of every engine ever made blowing up, even though it was really only a (big) handful of ZD30s.
    If a reader can’t be unbiased about 4x4s, maybe this isn’t the mag for them – stick with 4wd Action (or is that comment being too narrow minded?)

  • Well said Simon, everyone chooses their weapon and then goes out and uses it. I’ve seen a few rigs and I’m happy with my current choice. I recently spent 5 months driving across this great land, I was well prepared so my machine was in the background, no issues.
    If gets you where you want to be, see what you want and do what you want then all is well.
    There are many capable off road units out there at every price point. Just make you choice, be prepared, aim, go, repeat….
    Experiences are your badges, not a light bar and a lift kit.

  • At the end of the day we are all (well most of us) out there for the same reasons – to enjoy this beautiful & awesome country of ours. Why do some always have to turn it into a “mine is better than yours” contest? Who gives a toss! Drive whatever you like & enjoy the bush.

  • Hey Rob, Sorry to read that you must be a jap crap owner who does not realise that Land Rover Range Rover set the standards for ALL four wheel drives. So far no other 4wd comes close to a rangie. I know as I have owned a cruiser, patrol, pajero and a musso. My rangie is great off road, I DO NOT need a lift kit like all others due to the air suspension etc. I also tow a caravan and because of the rangies suspension I DO NOT need ride levelers etc as it is all auto load leveling plus auto adjust the abs, tcu and auto. YES I do take my one off road and YES in most cases out performs other 4wds. So until you truly know what the hell you are talking about, please keep your narrow minded lack of knowledge brain to yourself please. Another thing is that since owning a rangie I would NEVER go back to any jap or korean made 4wd, there is just no comparison.

  • Well actually we are from the bush.The Discovery owner has had a 3 now a 4. 200k plus and no issues with either.It’s not the only one around either.

  • Yes in the old days… just buy a sat phone & pray because you will need it……..reliability is long term, check out the people who live in the bush and see what they are driving

  • Land rover has cut more 4×4 trails in Australia than any other vehicle. Toyota took 20 years to catch up and get any where near range rover,

  • @Ron
    Just did a desert trip.Gunbarrel Hwy,Connie Sue,Davis carnegie Rd,Hunt Oil Road and Heather Highway.Two Landcruisers and a Discovery 4. The Disco smashed us for fuel economy and power. I drove it for a few hours over the the corrugations. Felt like an armchair. We all towed campers and the Disco stayed on 19’s.No tyre trouble and the only trouble we had was with the other cruiser.

  • It’s funny, I bought my first SUV many years ago, an early X Trail and we were offered a free 4×4 course. The gentleman running the course did tag along tours across the Simpson et cetera.
    He drove a land cruiser and told us young wannabies that in every tour that he took across Australia if there was a Range Rover or Land Rover in the group that it would always be the one to break down
    Mick, take a trip to the outback around Coober Pedy through to the Flinders ranges across the deserts and see for yourself how many Range Rover/Land Rover’s are out there…. I’m afraid it’s all land cruiser and Prado land out there………. No Tow trucks or dealers out there……. just old-fashioned reliability….. Do yourself a favour If you do decide to go out there make sure you travel with someone who has a reliable four wheel drive so they can get you out

  • I have had a Sahara (loved it) I now have a Rangie and it will go anywhere and do anything my Landcruiser could- both great vehicles. Mick

  • Rob!!
    Are you retired, retarded and bored?
    Some people will complain about others breathing the same oxygen as them…….If I read your post sure you fit into that……
    Please do all of us a favor……..Put a deed to your threat…..
    Pack your bags………Never to be missed……

  • Just completed 12000km thru Northern Territory Via Mt Dare and thru Kimberley via GRR down the west coast thru Broome Port Hedland Kunnunurra Tanami track visiting places like Mitchell Falls< Windjana Gorge, Karijini National Park,Tom Price and so on. I was surprised how many of the new look Discovery 4's and Rangerover sport we saw and on speaking to the owners and watching their performance I was impressed. So much so that I am now looking at them alongside a Cruiser 200 to replace my 100 series cruiser. I don't know what is not 4×4 about them

  • Didnt know Mr 4×4 promoted non 4wd? This Wank rover is a pos. How many will you see in the outback or high country?

    Does mr 4×4 intend to keep promoting non 4×4? It’s time to call time on magazine writers who won’t see through the Land Rover bullshit.

    One more and subscription goes

    • Hi Rob, sorry you’re so incensed about this article. We try to cover all 4WD in our stories, whether it be old, new, cheap or expensive. We steer clear of any ‘soft-roaders’ or anything without actual off-road capability, but this car is in fact pretty good off-road. No you don’t see many out in the bush, but in my opinion, that doesn’t mean it can’t be appreciated.

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