2018 Big Red Bash wrap up

The Big Red Bash has finished up for 2018, and the folks at the bash have put together a little video: The 2018 Big Red Bash wrap up.

The most remote musical festival in the world reached new heights in 2018 as John Farnham featured the finale in front of a crowd of over 9,000 people. Collectively, festival goers travelled over 40 million kilometres to get to the Big Red Bash to attend the three-day rock festival, and brought thousands in tourism dollars into the outback.

Whispering Jack thrilled the excited crowd on the final day alongside ‘Bash’ veterans Daryl ‘Horses’ Braithwaite, Jon Stevens, Kate Ceberano and The Black Sorrows. The Hoodoo Gurus capped off a huge second day which featured an electrifying performance from The Angels, a crowd rousing Russell Morris, The Wolfe Brothers with Amber Lawrence and Travis Collins. Busby Marou opened the festival on Monday with Adam Brand playing host and entertainer across the whole festival alongside the energetic Crackup Sisters keeping all ages entertained for the school holiday scheduled festival.

History was made on the Thursday with a Guinness World Records title smashed to pieces for the largest amount of people performing the Nutbush line dance. The record was demolished with 1,719 people dancing it out, beating the original record of 522.

The ‘Bashville Drag Race’ was a highlight for many, as 280 Priscilla themed dress ups raced across Big Red, with fundraising between the Drag Race and the Nutbush line dance topping $50,000 to go directly to the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Even though there were over 9,000 people in attendance, there were over 500 well behaved dogs along for the event, who could be seen waging away to Johnny Farnham. Founder Greg Donovan commended the local authorities and more than 450 volunteers for staging the festival that implemented extra eco-friendly services this year. He was especially complimentary of the warm spirited crowd who supported the artists, fundraisers and all the fun of the Birdsville Big Red Bash.

So, now that’s the 2018 Big Red Bash wrap up done and dusted for one year, who’s starting to plan for next year?


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  • This year was my first BRB. Fantastic event, great all round entertainment for adults and kids. Everyone got along with each other as we all went there to have a good time. Yes, it was tight for space to camp and it certainly was dusty but that has to be considered in light of the location and number of attendees. I guess the rest of the world must think we’re nuts doing this – but hey, we’re fun loving Aussies! The event organisers and volunteers did a great job! Looking forward to going again.

  • One of the most incredible events I’ve been to! Fantastic ! And brilliantly organised, Thankyou to to organisers, the artists and the volunteers. Ignore the naysayers .. to manage 9000 people without an incident deserves a medal !

  • Artist line up great, however, too many people, squeezed in like sardines for camping and ridiculous for how long it took to get out of campground. Not being able to leave until 7am Friday from camp, all it caused was chaos and a lot of irate campers. Traffic congestion ridiculous!!

    • We left on Saturday morning and drove straight out without any delay. Darkness and dust would have made it too dangerous to leave earlier. We were in Birdsville within an hour. We met lots of fantastic people in the the camping areas. If you wanted solitude you could go for a ten minute walk to the dunes and be away from it all.

  • Hi
    I have missed the Big Red again 5 years !
    This year different missed out for a good cause
    1My siblings had a ball I kept home fire burning
    60 next year so whatever however I am going

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