Mercedes X-Class V6 pricing revealed

After a long awaited release and announcement, we now have the Mercedes X-Class V6 Pricing revealed. With two new models the new X-Class X350d will produce 190kW of power at 3400rpm and 550Nm of torque between 1400-3200rpm.

Being offered up in two trim levels, the entry-level Progressive and top-end Power, you will be paying a premium against every other mid-sized dual cab ute on the market. The Progressive is slated to start at $73,720 plus on-roads, with the Power to start at $79,415.

For an ‘entry level’ ute (we use this term loosely – it is a Mercedes Benz after all – they’re not known for their ‘arm-strong’ windows or vinyl floors), the Progressive is priced at a rather steep $17,730 more than the ‘entry-level’ V6 VW Amarok.

Looking at the other side of the trim levels, the Power, at $79,415, is $4,425 more than the new Ford Ranger Raptor; although the X-Class V6 has a lot more grunt.

Pitting the new V6 X350d against the already on-sale X250d you’re looking at an increase in 50kW of power and 100Nm of torque, as well as a price increase of $8,770 from the Power model of the X250d to the base model Progressive X350d.

It is also worth noting for the ‘but it’s just a re-badged Nissan’ crowd, that with the new Mercedes built V6, this model is about as far from a Narvara we’re going to see, with the X-Class having a completely redesigned body, and only sharing the frame platform between vehicles. The Australian-delivered X350d will also ride 20mm higher than it’s European counterparts, retaining the coil rear-end, one-tonne payload, and 3500kg towing capacity. Oh, and there is also the 7-speed auto fitted up to the Mercedes 4MATIC all-wheel drive system slated for the V6 model.

So now we’ve had the Mercedes X-Class V6 pricing revealed, is it enough to pull punters away from the only mid-sized ute in its power class, the VW Amarok? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Mercedes-Benz X-Class X350d pricing (plus on-road costs):

X350d Progressive                  $73,270

X350d Power                          $79,415


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  • Sitting in Kakadu after having left Melbourne on 3 July – arrived via Birdsville (Cameron Corner & Cordillo Downs Road) Savannah Way from Normanton, across the Gibb via Mitchell Falls, into Purnululu and last few nights at Gunlom towing a T-Van….. with an MY17 V6 Amarok.

    Nothing broken on car or van & the most comfortable vehicle to travel in out of all of the 4WDs I’ve had or driven since 1976.

  • Merc can’t tow
    Ford transmissions faulty
    Hi luxe suck dust in
    Vw dealers not good to deal with
    Nissan old.
    Mitsubishi cheap no problems but very ugly
    Ram 1500 lets see what 6 months bring

  • its like the g wagon yer over cramped in it its over here and its an over priced piece of euro trash
    tell me what are the germans paying for this dressed up nissan

  • Another over priced pretender.
    We all know the figures on paper don’t match the real world, when one of these manufacturers make a decent and reasonably priced 4by without all the crap we the people will be lining up but im sure the disappointment will continue…

  • Did I miss something here? these things are utes, which will spend at best 95% of their time on sealed roads with wanna be’s strapping more and more stupid light bars to them. Why not buy an AMG if you want a merc and hire the 4wd when and if you ever really need one. My old Daihatsu charade went most places above water any of you city slickers take your nuisance 4wd.

  • Who cares ok it may not be up to all of your standards but i would not say no to one. I have always wanted to own a dual cab ute but could never afford one, so it doesnt tick all the boxes but it does look great. I am not a tradie just a regular labourer who would trade my car and trailer which is collecting dust in my garage as its used for storage to have one, i will keep dreaming great reviews Pat
    PS Is Mercedes having any competitions for one?

  • They are all a waste of hard earned money. Give me my 2012 Hilux that will do everything these overpriced ego pumps will do. Don’t need a second mortgage to get one either and i am not afraid to take it out to do what it was built for. The new Toorak tractor.

  • Sorry “for those its just a re-badged navara people” —– No your wrong, its still a rebadged Navara hahah! 550nm V6 Turbo hmmm thats actually a European built Nissan engine. Remember the 550 Pathfinder 🙂 Case and point

  • I have the new navara that these are based on. The navara is acceptable off-road and for most situations has ample power with the twin-turbo 2.3 matched to the 7 speed auto. Sure the idea of “More Power” is enticing but really not needed. If you buy a 4WD ute you probably expect to take it off-road or throw a load in it. I seriously doubt anyone who buys one of these Merc pose-mobiles will ever use it for what it was designed for. Which means the actual buyers of these will be cashed up nobs who want to look like a typical Aussie blokes. When they do buy them they will be very disappointed because parking a dual cab ute in the city is a pain in the ass.

    • 80% of all dual cab utes will never see offroad work.
      Or you could spend in excess of $100k on a Landcruiser and also never take that offroad.
      Whats your point, cant afford either?

  • An unreliable, issue plagued and barely dealer supported VW or an over priced, re-engineered and Merc badged (which have enough quality build issues of their own) Nissan DNA dual cab that has already proven to be a failure?
    Hmm tough choice . . .
    Jesus, the bare bones approach to the so called optioned “GXL spec” 70 series LandCruiser dual cab is starting to look like pure gold, even with its rear diff “stumble/stuff-up”.

  • Amarok chassis wins this hands down, Merc has some catching up to do in this department. To be honest it’s a fairly ugly ute and the same price as a Ram 1500.

    • Mate if you’re meaning no 4WD with the Amarok………I can tell you from experience that its AWD with its Off-Road feature recalibrates the engine revs and electronic aids which feels like low range is applied to its 8 speed gearbox. I drove my V6 8 speed across the Simpson desert West to East on 19″ all terrains and no probs whatsoever. I was very impressed.

  • I have looked at the benz and to be honest its design is clunky and underwhelming. The interior is very adhock. I chose the amarok as it is a clear leader in many areas. Stronger chassis with cab outriggers…….the benz relies on its airbags and the cab has no outriggers like the amarok. Amarok has bigger brakes. Amarok has wider track abd noticeably wider cab. I have done 23k now in the amarok and its a very impressive vehicle in all areas but most noticeable dynamically. Catergory leading 8 speed zf is a gem. Engine torque is massive and that combined with its clever kerb weight it just drives better. Solid build quality including a galvsnised body shell its a clear winner. Plent of people will buy the mervara for its badge but there is littke other reason.

  • I’m covered in dust every time I get in my WORK ute , so to spend 70+K on a ute is stupid.
    I’ll stick with my 40k sx dmax
    In sure the merc is awesome to drive but not what a tradie needs

  • If it wants to win this war it needs a better gcm, the 3500kg with 350 towball weight consumes nearly all the payload leaving little for passengers, then again no ute in this category really has the ability to tow the 3500kgs

  • Its still a Nissan under the skin with only half a chassis. How long before we see pictures of bent X class utes because the body isn’t up to the power.

    • If its like our ML which has lost 100k over 8 years and another 6K to rebuild a transmission at 100 000kms they can keep them.

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