23 Jul 2018
Listed payloads of the X-Class look great on paper, but we'll reserve judgement until we give it a good assessment.

Recalled: X-Class TPMS issues 

The new Mercedes-Benz has been recalled, with the X-Class TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) suffering a software bug, where the low pressure warning may not be displayed if the pressures drop below a certain level. The recall has been undertaken by Mercedes-Benz and the ACCC…


Mercedes AMG G63 pricing announced 

Pricing has just been announced on the Mercedes-AMG G63. The distinctive shape and stance of the infamous G-Wagen has changed very little in almost 40 years of production, however for the new G-Wagen, it’s just about everything else that has secured an update.  With the Manufacturers…


Mercedes X-Class spied testing 

A Mercedes X-Class has been spied doing some on-road testing somewhere in Europe, which gives us a little bit of insight into what the Benz ute will look like. The X-Class is based on the Nissan Navara ‘NP300’ platform, and you can see the resemblance…

Mercedes X-Class Ute 'Powerful Adventurer' Concept

Mercedes X-Class Ute Concept 

Mercedes benz have lifted the covers on their concept 4X4 ute, in what they are calling a ‘concrete outlook’ on what will hit the market in late 2017. It’s called the Mercedes X-Class. What we know so far: It will be based on the NP300…