Mercedes X-Class teaser video shows lots of things, not much ute.

Mercedes X-Class Teaser Video

Storms. Oceans. Animals. All of these things appear more in a Mercedes X-Class teaser video than the Mercedes X-Class itself.

It’s been published to build a bit of hype over the newcomer to the competitive 4X4 ute segment, which is the first time this manufacturer has targeted the ute buyer. It’s a cool video, but precious little is told about the ute itself.

Check out the X-Class spied testing in Germany.

So, what do we know? It’s based upon the NP300 Navara, which you can see in the videos. It’s going to look like most of the other Mercedes products, but won’t be too far removed from the concept we saw late last year.

If it’s going to work in Australia, it’s going to have to take on Ford’s sales-winning Ranger Wildtrak, and also compete with the impressive V6 Amarok. What do you think? Will the new Benz ute be a winner in Australia?

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