The Suzuki G-Wagon, sort of…

Want a G-Wagon, but not the astronomical price tag that goes along with it? We may have just the thing for you. Introducing the Suzuki G-Mini.

From the folks in Japan at Liberty Walk, who spend pretty much all day dreaming up crazy mods for proper race cars (think Nissan GT-R’s and McLaren 650s’) we bring you the G-Mini. Based around the 2019 Suzuki Jimny, it takes a lot of the looks from the current G-Wagon Liberty Walk special.

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From the huuuuge bonnet scoop and front bar, to the front and rear roof spoilers, this thing is actually pretty mental. Massive flares house the big wide rubber, and the package is finished off with a custom grille and badge.

According to Liberty Walks Facebook account, the G-Mini will be released later this year, and pre-production orders are being taken (we checked, it was posted in August; not April 1st). There is, funnily enough, striking resemblance to the actual G-Wagon from Liberty Walk. With a slightly closer look, we’re pretty sure that they’ve photoshopped the bar, grille, bonnet, roof spoilers, and flares onto a Jimny from their current G-Wagon model. But that’s not to say that this isn’t an actual model they plan on releasing…

The actual G-Wagon from Liberty Walk…

We’re still undecided whether we actually think this thing looks any good; I guess if you live on the ‘North Shore’ and you’re trying to keep up with the Joneses, but the bank account just wont let you, this may well be the next best thing for picking the kids up from soccer practice right… right?

vs. the not so actual G-Wagon… The G-Mini


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  • Hmmm… You will ruin the rims as soon as you go four-wheel driving. Assuming that the low-range ratios are NOT typical Suzuki: totally inadequate for 4-wheel driving, of course, and not only for reaching some velocity in the highway.
    The last Sierra I tried was only capable of doing a bit of steep-slope ascending in 1st low… It was good in sand, though (in 1st low, of course).

  • I live on Bribie and drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee for towing the van, but I would love one of these for short trips and beach fishing. Wonder if I could convince she who must be obeyed that it would be good for shopping.

  • It’s a pity Nissan didn’t go down that track with the Y62 Patrol. A reincarnated GQ for tough off-road work instead of that prissy pussy with A V8 Diesel engine. Ahh we can dream, sadly it’s over For Nissan.

  • What an awesome looking truck. If it’s past history is anything to go by, this should be acformidable opponent to the big brothers. Suzuki never lets you down. Own one of these machines and it will serve you for life. That’s no empty promise. Just look outside and see them all driving around this great big land. Hats off to Suzuki for reinventing the dream.

  • Looks better than most of the same hilux, patrols & navaras with a 2″ lift, giant snorkel, roof rack with bbq & a plethora of recovery gear on top ready to tip over that drive around cairns

  • Hmmm. Ok. Do they have supercharged quad turbo w12 donk…nah ? Price of petrol too high….ok , I ‘ ll have the V8 caterpillar turbo engine in mine .
    Engine too small ?

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