The BMW X5 Buggy – yep, really.

ByWes WhitworthAugust 7, 2018
The BMW X5 Buggy – yep, really.

The BMW X5 is quite possibly one of the most important SUV’s ever built. Before you laugh yourself off your chair stay with me here. Way back in 1999 (Nearly 20 years ago – feeling old yet?) it was BMW’s first SUV. And it instantly became the most fashionable vehicle for picking the kids up from school, or running down to the shops for bread and milk. Essentially it kicked off the ‘soccer-mum car’ scene. It became ‘the cross-over’ of wanting a big four-wheel drive, without wanting to actually take it outside of the CBD, and certainly never to be taken off-road. Primarily because, well, it was terrible at it. I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve always wondered how an X5 buggy would go…

Enter a pair of Russian mad scientists, reciprocating saw, sledge hammer, set of (relatively) hoooooge Cooper tyres, a welded in roll-cage (more for body rigidity than safety), some of the worst welds and dodgiest panel work this side of Stalingrad, and you get what could be the most fun bucket of bolts the world has ever seen!

First the roof came off, because Russia. Next, a set of 6-inch wheel spacers went on, again, because Russia. from there, the air-bags got popped, they put in massively oversized springs, sliced and diced up the guards, and welded in a roll cage, because safety conscious Russians. From there, there was nothing left to do besides take it out to the local 4X4 course, and let loose.

The thing you need to remember, depreciation on the first-gen BMW X5 is the stuff of ill-advised dreams. So please, do try this at home, but just make sure you keep your seat-back and tray-table in the upright and locked position, and keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times! We give you, the BMW X5 Buggy. Happy Tuesday folks!