A wheel spacer too far…

ByWes WhitworthApril 10, 2019
A wheel spacer too far…

It’s absolutely no surprise to anyone, when we say the Yanks often take things a little too far … just about everything in the US of A is bigger, better, angrier, and generally over-done. But what we’re specifically interested in for a bit of Wednesday afternoon frivolity, is the world’s widest (wildest?) Chev Dually. When your average 20mm wheel spacer just won’t cut it, you have to think big…

Just for the record, the title of the world’s widest Dually, is now set to a whopping 24-feet (7.3 metres for those of us born after 1970). This rather pointless, yet hilarious abomination made its debut in American corn fields on the WhistlinDiesel YouTube channel last week. The blokes who created this monstrosity have added a two-foot spacer, tractor tyre, another four-foot spacer, and another tractor tyre on the outside.

Apparently you should never underestimate a bloke with some steam pipe, hub flanges, a welder and a hell of a sense of humour!

But enough from us, sit back and enjoy, as the Yanks take the humble wheel spacer to the next level.


Annnnd …  apparently whirly-birds make the best rain covers for your exhaust out the bonnet … who knew?