ARB Zero Fridge Freezer released at SEMA…on-sale here in January 2020

ARB has launched its new dual-zone Zero Fridge Freezer at the SEMA show overnight; it’ll be on-sale Down Under in January 2020.

Amongst dune-jumping concept vehicles and electrified muscle cars, ARB has revealed its newest product the Zero Fridge Freezer at the SEMA show overnight.


The Zero Fridge Freezer is designed to provide ease of access with a side-opening lid. It will come in two sizes 69L and 96L, with the 96L model having two lids to keep the fridge and freezer compartments completely separate. On the 69L model, there is an internal freezer compartment that keeps it separate from the fridge section, which can be removed if more fridge space is required.

Arbzerofridgefreezer0919 69l 014 Edit
ARB Zero Fridge Freezer – 69L
Arbzerofridgefreezer0919 96l 013 Edit
ARB Zero Fridge Freezer – 96L

The Zero Fridge Freezer, no matter the size, features a front and rear DC inlets to provide flexibility as to how it’s installed, as well as a front AC inlet for when you remove it but want to keep it powered. It also comes with a USB outlet so you can charge your devices off your fridge. To control the two compartments, there’s a control panel on the front of the fridge, or you can control it wirelessly via an app, connected by Bluetooth. The Zero Fridge Freezer also has a boost function to cool down rapidly, and anti-condensation technology that ARB claims keeps the contents dry.

According to ARB, the Zero Fridge Freezer will be available in Australia from late January 2020, with the 69L model listing for $1599 and the 96L for $1799.

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