Australian new car sales drop again in October

ByIsaac BoberNovember 7, 2019
Australian new car sales drop again in October

The Toyota HiLux has kept its spot as the country’s best-selling vehicle in the country while new car sales fell for the 19th consecutive month.

Australian new car sales fell again in October (82,456), down 9.1 per cent (8262 vehicles) compared with the same month in 2018. All market segments fell. The Sports Utility Market (38,648 units) fell by three per cent compared to October 2018, while the Passenger Vehicle Market (23,553 units) was down 15.3 per cent, and the Light Commercial Market (17,164) decreased by 11 per cent.

But that decline in commercial vehicle sales didn’t dent the popularity of the HiLux. Again it topped new vehicle sales in October. The Toyota Hilux (3516 units) was the top-selling vehicle in October 2019, followed by the Ford Ranger (3160), the Hyundai i30 (2216) the Toyota RAV4 (2132) and the Toyota Corolla (2117).