BMW X7 Ute?

ByJosh NeedsJuly 11, 2019
BMW X7 Ute?

Are BMW about to follow their rival into the lucrative ute market?

With the rewarding nature of the Australian ute market, it’s hard to be surprised when a new manufacturer, even one that you never considered, announces it will start producing utes. So when we saw the BMW X7 ute we weren’t as shocked as we would’ve been a couple of years ago. Who would’ve thought a premium German brand would ever make a lowly ute?

The X7 frankenute loses two of its seats but gains an extra 100mm, making it a five-seater dual cab. Where the boot was it now has a timber-lined tray, 1400mm long with the tailgate up and 2000mm with it down. In terms of tray width, you wouldn’t be fitting a pallet in the back but then again would a BMW driver ever need to? Powered by the X7’s petrol six cylinder, providing 250kW and 450Nm through its all-wheel-drive system and eight-speed automatic, it will certainly excite plenty of dual-cab owners.

Unfortunately in this case BMW won’t be making a foray into the tradie market, confirming that it was instead a build by their trainees. Not only rebuking the idea of joining its German rival Mercedes in the market, but also dismissive of the X-Class, their ute attempt.

Would you want a luxury ute like an X7? Or do you think it’s for the best that this is just an in-house training job?

BMW X7 UTe-1