Kimberley to Kakadu: Issue 31 Travel

ByWes WhitworthFebruary 10, 2018
Kimberley to Kakadu: Issue 31 Travel

In issue 31, Pat and Scott turn what was to be the “transport stage” driving from The Kimberley to Kakadu into a rather spectacular trip. This incredible overland run shows what you can find with just a sense of adventure, a capable 4X4 and a little extra time up your sleeve.

The 2017 wet season was nothing short of huge – with more than a few rather dry wet seasons over the past few years, this one has really it up. With enough water to wash baby crocs out to sea, and finally break enough to create a breeding ground for the barramundi.

Believe it or not, thats the Ivanhoe River crossing under there somewhere…

The run from Kunnunurra to Kakadu is usually seen by most as the transport stage – with a solid bitumen road winding between the two amongst the ranges, Boab trees and across rivers – most just want to get it over with. Thankfully, poke your nose down just about any left or right turn off the highway, you hit red dirt instantly. Only moments later, you’ll find yourself at many a hidden oasis, of water holes filled with birdlife, magnificent ranges, historic huts, and some really sweet tracks.

With the strength of the wet and amount of rain it dumped across Northern Australia, there were more than a few crossings that stopped Pat’s progress. The wet is indeed to blame for stalling the Northern Kimberley trip, out to Oombulgurri on the Carson River Track.

Pat and the crew instead find their way to Lake Argyle and venture out on the water ways cruises. From there it was on to Keep River National Park, to take in the wildlife around Policeman’s Waterhole. They caught up with a few local donkeys, and some of the massive thermal pools and streams in the middle of Katherine, to end up in Kakadu. 

In terms of 4X4 journeys, most may consider this a non event, and just the drive from the Kimberley to Kakadu, but poke your noses off the bitumen, and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find!

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