May 2017 sales report: which 4X4 ute is winning?

2017 4X4 ute sales
2017 4X4 ute sales

It’s a tightly-run race these days for the coveted crown of best-selling 4X4, and there are two familiar faces at the top of the pack: Ford Ranger and Toyota HiLux. Where other car news sites are including the 2X4 models, we’re going to only look at the 4WD models.

In 4X4 land, the Ford Ranger is continuing to grow it’s lead, racking up another 3,384 sales for May 2017. That’s 23.2% of the 4X4 ute market, and an impressive 20% growth in numbers compared to this time last year.

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4X4 utes are one of the main driving forces behind a growing new vehicle market, with lucrative market share on offer in Australia.
4X4 utes are one of the main driving forces behind a growing new vehicle market, with lucrative market share on offer in Australia.

In 2nd Place is Toyota’s never-say-die HiLux, which is surely basking in the glory from the cool Tonka Concept Toyota released this year. There are now another 3,136 4X4 Hiluxes on the roads these days, making a 9.1% growth for 2017. Impressively, the Ranger and Hilux account for almost of 45% of 4X4 utes sold.

From there, the numbers get progressively smaller. The much-improved Colorado made 1,699 sales, followed by the sharply-priced Triton (1,472). The improved Isuzu D-MAX is reaping dividends of outselling the mark-missing Navara (1,242 vs 1,194).

We can’t get our heads around why the Amarok isn’t doing better than it does, only selling 713 for the month, which is slightly more than the Mazda BT-50. In the meantime, the LandCruiser 70 Series, which still charges you a $2,700 premium on top of the high pricing for the privelidge of air conditioning, sold 824 units.

May 2017 4X4 Ute Sales

MakeModelDeriv2017 Month2017 TotalShare2016 TotalMonth VarianceYear Variance
Great WallSteed4X419890.10%0
Land RoverDefenderPU/CC000.00%17-100.00%
Great WallV2004X4000.00%1-100.00%


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  • I was about to open this article when I re-read the headline “May 2014 Sales Report: Which 4X4 Ute is Winning?”

    I thought – “No, it can’t be? Why would they be writing a 2014 Sales Report in 2017?”

    It is called EDITING!! Surely you can get your headline right!!

  • I spend a lot of time in seriously isolated country and the only VW i’ve seen was on the back of a tow truck.
    Mining companies wont touch them as they to unreliable and expensive to repair

  • Why exclude 4×2. They are just another model variant. Most utes never go off road and the modern 4×2 is quite capable for basic offroading. The other mags include all ute variants because unlike Callinan Media they are not trying to distort the figures.
    You know that Ford has 4×2 Rangers as well just like Toyota, so why exclude certain models. Just lump all variants of a model together and provide the real figures, then if you want to you can provide additional breakdown by variant.
    Whether you like it or not, Toyota commands the lions share and no amount of figure massaging by your mag will change that.

    Oh, by the way, the Amarok sales are what they are because it is quite frankly an awful vehicle when you compare it to the competition. Regardless of its off-road capabilities, the only reason it gets the sales it does, is because Callinan Enterprises bombards us everywhere with paid product placement. If Pat stopped mentioning the VW it would quietly find its place in the market next to Great Wall.
    Quite frankly, we are all quite sick of Pat pushing WV. He does his reputation a great disservice by his ongoing one-sided product placement.

    • Hi there, we don’t include the 2X4 models because we’re a 4X4 publication, and are only interested in 4WDs. We aren’t trying to distort figures. If anything, we’re trying to clarify them. If you’re not a fan of Pat and his Amarok on TV, feel free to change the channel.

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