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What are the best (and worst) selling 4WDs of 2017?

2017 Holden Colorado Z71
2017 Holden Colorado Z71

April 2017 new vehicle sales figures have been released, showing an increasing dominance in ute sales, and a list of pretty clear winners and losers. It’s interesting to note here that although overall sales of new vehicles in Australia have slowed 2.8% for the year and 5.1% for the month, SUV and 4X4 sales are bucking the trend with growth. 4X4 ute sales have jumped 5.2% so far this year, and SUV sales are up 1.7%.

Ford’s FX4 Ranger, which is a limited edition black-pack run. The Ranger is 2017’s best-selling 4X4 so far.

Ford has finally had the chance to assert some dominance over the long-reigning  Toyota HiLux, with 10,730 Ranger sales for the year so far. The HiLux has racked up 10,066, with no other model getting close to breaking 5 figures. Mitsubishi’s value-laden Triton comes 3rd in utes (and overall 4X4 sales), with 6,189.

The improvements that Holden made to their Colorado ute is starting to pay dividends as well, with a 19% jump in sales compared to this time last year. Now, they are shifting 5,724 models.

Toyota’s LandCruiser Prado continues to sell in big, solid numbers, with 5,067 units being sold so far in 2017. Competition for it is far away, with Jeep’s updated Grand Cherokee sitting at 1,559 for the year, and Ford’s Everest racking up 1,198.

Mitsubishi's Pajero Sport has taken off to a great start in 2017 vehicle sales.
The Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is leading the ute-based-wagon sales race for 2017.

Mitsubishi will also be impressed with their Pajero Sport, which has marked down it’s dominance in the ute-based-wagon segment. It has racked up 2,751 sales, which beats out the much-improved Trailblazer (982) and just-updated Isuzu MU-X 1,956, whose sales should bounce back after a solid update.

Toyota FJ Cruiser
Toyota’s FJ Cruiser isn’t getting much love, with only a handful of sales last month.

Who’s not going so well? Toyota’s FJ Cruiser is getting phased out, with only 9 sales in April for a total of 91 in 2017. Toyota’s HiLux-based Fortuner is feeling the burn of new and improved competition, with only 607 selling so far this year. That’s a 56% drop for the year. The Jeep Wrangler is also getting hurt, with a 27% drop so far in 2017, to 328 units. And the little Suzuki Jimny has dropped down 83%, because of it’s problem with Australian Standards.


MakeModelApril Sales2017 SalesSegment shareVariance
MitsubishiPajero Sport5932,7517.30%90.40%
ToyotaLandcruiser Ute5972,4035.00%10.20%
JeepGrand Cherokee4301,5594.10%-42.30%
Range RoverSport1271,16216.90%11.70%
SuzukiGrand Vitara412320.50%-61.00%
Land RoverDiscovery62153.10%-78.30%
Land RoverRange Rover2716723.30%0.00%
ToyotaFJ Cruiser9910.20%-77.80%
Great WallSteed20700.10%
HoldenColorado 7010.00%-99.90%


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  • The FJ isn’t being discontinued due to poor sales, in fact Australian sales exceeded Toyota’s expectations. The sales numbers are woeful because it went out of production in August 2016. It’s a little surprising that there 9 new vehicles left in Australia to sell last month, let alone 91 for the year. How about doing even a minimal amount of research.

  • I find it pretty obvious Toyota and others have been dumping 2nd rate on the Australian market for years
    and now its catching up with them, so many new players new technology and the cost i think plays a big part now the economy has had a downturn. My personal opinion is there is to much unneeded junk inside a 4×4 these days and as a result the new ones are heavier than the earlier models to much electronics and computers to stuff up this is a place where the acronym K.I.S.S. [keep it simple stupid] should play a big part.

  • Wayne, the Fortuner has been sold overseas for almost a decade and it outsells all comparable models.
    By comparable I am talking about ute based wagons. We all know the market leading 4×4 is the Toyota Hilux. Well if you simply put a wagon body instead of a ute tray then you have the Fortuner, and that is why it outsells everything in its segment overseas.
    As for Australian market, well Toyota totally muffed it. The pricing ($10K more than the Mitsi), the colour schemes (baby poo or dog poo) interiors, the lack of a 5 seat model forcing owners to remove their own third row seats and patch up the mounting trim, the cost of OEM accessories such as bull bars, winches and towbars, and finally truely woefull marketing spend because the realised many buyers would have been Hilux buyers and they would have been canabalising their own market share.

  • I cannot understand Toyota releasing the Fortuna in Australia. Sales figures for the year look pretty disappointing. It is not a particularly well finished and fitted out vehicle compared to the American Toyota 4 Runner which is a much better looking 4WD wagon. I had a good look at it in Hawaii. It would out sell the Fortuna on looks alone, not to mention interior comfort, inclusions and style. Whats wrong with Toyota’s offerings to Australia?

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