My2017 Amarok Recall

ByJosh NeedsJuly 24, 2019
My2017 Amarok Recall

This recall could leave you a little hot under the collar pants

Volkswagen has announced a recall on a select number of Amaroks manufactured with the MY17 plate. Thankfully for all involved this isn’t a life or death recall such as brakes failing but instead seat wiring that seems to have gone awry.

The front seat wiring was believed to have been damaged during manufacturing in a small number of vehicles, and therefore has the potential to cause a fault. This fault can show itself either by causing local heat damage, or potentially making the chair move automatically, which would be quite the fright while driving.

Volkswagen says 297 vehicles are affected and to check your VIN. If your Amarok is affected contact your local Volkswagen dealer to book a time to have it fixed.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to park your Amarok until you have an appointment booked to get it fixed; Volkswagen says that you can still drive it until you get it sorted. Volkswagen have also confirmed that you don’t have to take your Amarok back to place of purchase but instead to any authorised Volkswagen dealer; they also stated that the repair job would take approximately an hour.

If you have any further questions or want to double check if your Amarok is up for recall, contact Volkswagen’s recall hotline on 1800 504 076.