Nissan ends Titan V8 diesel

In a somewhat shock move, at least for Australian punters holding hope to buy a Titan directly from Nissan, Nissan has ended the reign of the Titan XD’s Cummins V8 diesel engine.

2017 Nissan TITAN Crew Cab
Got a decent budget for a serious tow rig? You better add another option onto the list …

The announcement has come from Nissan and Cummins in the US, stating that the 2020 Nissan Titan XD will no longer have the diesel V8 variant. Despite the fact that the Yanks love their big petrol-powered V8’s, there are more than a few Aussies that were interested in the Titan XD, especially with rumours building that Nissan Australia is about to announce the release of the Titan in Australia. This runs off the back of the Aussie market lapping up big American utes, specifically the RAM 1500 and 2500 models.

Interestingly enough, the petrol-powered Titan in the US utilises the same 5.6-litre V8 found in the Australian Y62 Patrol. It is absolutely a solid engine, that is gaining some rather good economy figures (at least for a petrol V8 engine); however, we just don’t know if the Aussie market is ready for a big V8 ute. Sure, many pundits have been calling for a performance-based dual-cab ute (thanks for nothing Ford Raptor), but maybe not a massive full-sized dual-cab like the Titan XD.

Or maybe we just get one with a Hyperdrive instead of a V8 Cummins diesel?

Despite the obvious differences between the Y62 and the 200 Series LandCruiser, the LandCruiser is still selling much better than the Patrol, which reinforces our love of a big angry diesel. The questions to throw back to you, is if you were in the market for a ‘full-sized’ (read: ‘Murica!) ute, would you still go for the Titan XD even if it no longer had the big V8 diesel donk under the bonnet? Let us know in the comments below.

As soon as we hear anything solid on the Titan XD being released in Australia by Nissan, we’ll make sure we let you know!



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  • Folks need to be aware of the differences in costs of petrol in the U.S. and in Ozz. In the U.S. it’s much cheaper than here, thus having a petrol engine is not as prohibitive there, as it would be here.

  • Yep agree with the Nissan line of logic!
    A simple V-6 3.2Lt Diesel in the new tundra or future Utes would definitely suit the Aust market in the GCM/GVM buyer game.
    my 2-Bobs worth(less than it used to be)

  • Hi
    Generally the V8 Petrol is cheaper to maintain ( Less service cost)
    I am a caravan person and have spoken to many V8 Petrol owners and all are very happy with the change from the Diesel.
    I still drive a 4 cyl Diesel ( all I can afford )

  • A V8 or a large 6cyl (eg.4.2litre) in a large Titan sized ute and Patrol would be really well accepted in Australia.

    Cheers Ray

    • Australian market share is irrelevant in the grand scheme of the other markets out here. Toyota might dominate in Australia but they are nothing in the much more massive markets of the world.

  • Interesting to read all the comments on here. What people don’t seem to understand is that all manufacturers will have to fall in line because of the introduction of very heavy emission regulations world wide. Diesels will be the first to be affected regardless of what brand of vehicle you want. Then the next will be petrol so get use to it we will all have an electric vehicle in some form or other in our driveway in coming years.

  • As mentioned already by Ian, if it had the 6cyl straight 6 Cummins it would be the perfect ute for Oz. The current crop of Jap utes are running to close to their GVM hence the problems with overloading leading to accidents.

  • The price difference between a Y62 and the equivalent 200 series is around $20,000 and the Patrol is a much nicer truck. Sure it uses more fuel but the $20k buys a lot of extra Petrol. But to answer the question, for me it is a question of Torque and value for money; whilst I love V8’s I would buy a 6 cyl diesel. That said, I believe Diesels are on their last…cough…gasp and we won’t have a choice, eventually (logic aside) it will be electric regardless.
    Sure our market is miniscule by world comparison, but if Ford can produce a RH drive Mustang, why can’t they produce a RH drive F150/250?

  • I heard this story from the dealer last month as I had been holding off buying for almost a year waiting for Titan … Only ever had Navara till last week when I purchased the new Landcruiser as a temporary move … I needed the extra power of the Titan, I guess now my only option is RAM

  • Working on mine sites we have to have diesel, bugger you Nissan. Still waiting for the Toyota Tundra in diesel to hit our shores. Dodge and Chevy will have the market to themselves soon.

  • Well Nissan your have just lost my potential purchase. I have been towing vans for near 40years with both petrol and diesel and diesel is certainly the best all rounder not just economy. Now I’ll have to wait for one of the other US companies to bring out RHD vehicles from the factory (in diesel of cause)!

  • You get your blokes that swear by diesels and you get your blokes that love their petrol, here’s a thought Nissan bring out both like it used to be. Aussie Barra power for me !

  • I owne a nissan xd 5.0 diesel the truck have all the power I need 310 hp and 555 torgue if buyers just stop looking and big numbers and pay attention on how power is produce and gain at a specific rpm they will see it doesn’t take and big truck with big over rated power to move a load effort less. The more powerful the truck the more heavy they are the more fuel they carry so you pulling your own wheight plus the load not to mention wind drag hp and touque is at a specific rpm at that rpm great after below or above it falls off to lower. They only show you peak power maximum after that who knows. So be careful what you ask for big and powerful dont always means better. Buy what you like. I love my titan.

  • Nup! If it’s not a diesel, there’s no deal. Nissan might as well have said they are not going to try to sell the Titan in Australia because that’s what will happen: they won’t sell the Titan here.
    If they have already done the engineering for a diesel in the Titan, surely they could sell a diesel variant in Australia. We are a special market anyway.

  • What’s wrong with the 6.7 litre Cummins In-line 6 that’s in the Ram 2500? Plenty of grunt there, and I-6’s have a good inbuilt balance. That’s why BMW don’t make V6’s and why Mercedes and possibly others are reverting to the I-6.

  • Australia would be a bit player for the Titan. The main market for Titan, the US, doesn’t want a diesel. So it would be a poor business case to make a diesel for 1% of Titan production.

  • I do not understand why the hell we get told we don’t want V8 Diesels the manufacturers should try asking the public I certainly want one, but unfortunately I couldn’t afford one (RAM) & I steered away from the two ltr diesel Ford & went for the Mazda 3.2 ltr 5 cylinder motor Iknow Iknow still 3 cylinders short of the 8 cylinders I wanted but that’s what happens when your 3 cylinders short in cash. In short I would Jump at the chance to have a V8

  • The whole concept of diesel powered large Ute, with a 4t + gvm and a 7t + gcm is to be able to tow a large van , boat etc and have reasonable fuel economy and be LEGAL. Just spent 3 months on the road and the amount of combinations that are overweight is incredible. A V8 petrol will never give any decent fuel when at max gcm. Brian

  • What is wrong with these marketing Einstein’s! Nissan revolutionised the ute market with the D40 V6 diesel years ago – brilliant! They have every chance to do it again by A, reintroducing the V6 into the NP range and B, introducing the Titan V8 diesel. Would have to be much cheaper than converted imports. Who needs a wheezy 2lt or a very thirsty petrol v8.

  • I own a V6 auto extra cab Hylux with 402325 km on it serviced every 10000 km it is a 2003 build been best ute I have ever owned and it is petrol.
    Loudon Mazoudier

  • Australia is a very small part of the global matket. The world is moving away from diesel engines completely due to emission regs. Some manufacturers have already stopped all diesel engine development.

    • The ONLY reason for the push to stop diesel production is because it’s too easy to make your own fuel.

      If you make your own fuel the government misses out on tax.

      Nearly all modern diesels expel air from the exhaust that is CLEANER than the air that is breathed into the engine

      • Yeah, that’s why they are finding it near impossible to pass the emission tests. There will be no new diesels being manufactured within 5 years for anything other than heavy haulage. I don’t agree with it but that’s what is happening and the pc brigade in Oz will jump on the bandwagon.

    • Cummins will sell the titan without the diesel good luck ,they will have to be priced well ,eg below the Ram 1500.
      $70-76 I reckon .

  • The answer is simple – No! It will be interesting to see the 300 series sales now not sporting a V8. Come on Ford, give us back the F250.

  • What a shame it would have good competition for toyota which means the both would have had to commit to manufacturing a quality product. Perhaps Nisan didn’t think theyre up tobthe task.

  • Nissan, it would seem that your powers that be are not all that switched on. Once again they have come up with a decision which makes no sense. You loose sales if you don’t supply what people want to purchase with their hard earned. Go back to the drawing boards and add 2 extra cylinders to you 3 litre diesel engine ( the euro 5 spec one.) Make it a 4.5 straight 6 with 175 to 200 kw s . and over 500 nms of grunt. Also 4 tonnes towing ability. Single cab,super cab and dual cab,all based on the y62 platform.

  • I won’t be bothering with the petrol V8 titan , was going to buy the Cummins V8 when they were released here in Australia but I guess the dodge will have to do

  • With the price of petrol in Aus. And most big units like this being used for towing who can afford to run a big gas guzzling v8 petrol. Nissan have dropped the ball by dropping diesel power if they intend to sell this Ute in Aussie.

    • Unfortunately in years to come you had better get use to petrol as diesel is on the way out. In 18 months there will be no 2 Stoke outboard motors either

  • I have a Nissan Titan V8 diesel XD. What a great towing vehicle for a caravan. 18ltre/100klms 3.5ton van. Love it to death. Luxury and power you can’t imagine. I won’t be giving this vehicle up an6 time soon.

  • Not a hope in hell Nissan, if it hasnt got a v8 diesel just keep them and I’ll settle for a 79 series cruiser anyday.
    Thought you wouldve learnt your lesson when you stopped giving us diesel Patrols..
    You couldve quite easily had the whole market here..
    Now your pushing yourselves further away from it

    • Where does Nissans marketing people get concrete indications that people in Australia want big thirsty V8 petrol motors. It’s not 1959 it’s 2019 with high fuel prices in OZ. Any market research should indicate towing big loads whilst getting big torque and reasonable economy.

  • It makes me wonder why Australia allways has to play follow the leader with the yanks. Horses for corses and Australia is certainly a different corse. No wonder Toyota, Ford, Mazda and Mitsubishi are kicking their buts.
    Wouldn’t dare go out west let alone the desert area in a petrol.

  • Never buy another Diesel !!! The cost of replacing 8 injectors, new turbo and diesel particulate filter possibly all in the first few hundred kays should be enough to discourage anyone. Pay a bit more as you go with petrol, cheaper fuel and more fun to drive. Next time it be petrol or nothing.

        • Most people don’t really care how many cylinders their engine has, it is what it does that matters. Some people are just stuck with old ideas. And the Cummins engines are pretty crude by modern standards too. Trust me, I have owned everything from petrol and diesels in many configurations, from petrol turbo fours through V6 turbo diesels to a V12 car, and still do.

          The old days of “no substitute for cubic inches” and “gotta be a (diesel) V8” are gone. Get used to it.

  • This is whats wrong with Australia. We need to manufacture our own due to our unique needs. We have the skills but our governments are controlled by big business that see us a mine and service centre only

  • I am hanging out buying another dual cab, pleading for Nissan to bring out a
    V6 Deisel Ute.
    I’m running out of time, the other option is the V6 Amarok

  • No. It needs to be a diesel.

    Well what I really need is space, power, torque AND economy.

    At the moment the only way I see that happening is with a diesel.

    If they can give me that with petrol, or electricity or something else I don’t really care I suppose….

  • The overseas producers don’t get the Australian market. We travel long distances, and because of that we tow large vans. The distance factor just kills the petrol option, especially euro designed that’s made for a minimum of 95 octane. Hard to get in the remote areas! Cummins diesels lug and pull like trains, do it reliably and don’t use a lot of fuel doing it. The cummins put the titan in sight over here, and put the Ram on the radar.

  • Ford has found out that small petrol engines in Australia don’t work, so has Nissan with their Y62 failure. I don’t think Nissan will need any arm twisting that to have a full size ute in our market you will need a large capacity diesel to find success.

  • I bought the Titan XD from Proformax. It was the first one to be delivered to Western Australia. The key thing that attracted me to the Titan was the Cummins diesel. I could not be more happier with it. I want a full size dual can but did not want a petrol guzzler.

  • Nope, I’ll be buying a 2019 Import Titan XD instead. Nissan are fast becoming a joke from their once proud position near the apex of the 4×4 market.

  • Got a Y62 Patrol, loving it. Looking forward to the Titan petrol V8 coming to Oz. Australia is the only country that is fixated with diesels, in fact petrol Patrol versus diesel 200 stakes, Patrol out sells 200 by a long margin everywhere else on earth. Drive a petrol V8 Patrol if you’re game and then pick your colour coz you’ll never go back to an oiler.
    Towing a van there’s maybe 2-3 lt/100 difference. Recent tests in the US, Titan petrol versus Titan Cummins saw the 5.6-litre V8 petrol out perform the 5-litre Cummins diesel on every test. Not in the same ball park. It’ll be interesting to see how the new V6 diesel powered 300 series goes in the towing market.

  • I was waiting for the Nissan the px 3.2ranger is not big enough to tow my 3.3.. ton van comfortably with ute and van my combined weight is 5.9 ton my cvm is only 6 ton i will now look at the ram 2500 with the 6.7 Cummins.

  • Crazy move by Nissan.
    I saw one down the south coast as was impressed but strike that off the to buy list and its back to the Ram mid next year with the big diesel when its released.

  • I had been pinning my hopes on a Diesel Titan for years. Just a bit bigger than the Ranger and a bit smaller than the 2500 ram with a decent power range. Guess I’m back to building a bigger garage for a Ram2500 now.

  • Definitely diesel. They are thirsty as it is. Need the torque for towing and some type of economy. Otherwise a hybrid with better fuel economy and more torque with longer km range. Needing one for a tow vehicle on the farm.

  • The whole point of the titan coming in, is the diesel option. Their point of difference. The 3ltr one in The RAM 1500 is too small and useless.
    Mind u Nissan on a shoe string and couldn’t even put diesel in the patrol, so not surprised…

    • The ignorance of so many continues. Filthy, noisy diesel engines just to save a few dollars on fuel. So many have their head firmly planted in the sand, as proven by sales of the Land Cruiser over the superior Nissan Patrol. Check the facts on power for towing and payload. Diesels will soon be a thing of the past.

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