Nissan Patrol Legend Edition announced

As the curtains close on the mighty GU Patrol, Nissan are marking the occasion with the Nissan Patrol Legend Edition.


It’s not going to be around for long, so if you’re jonesing for some live-axle, diesel-powered Datsun goodness, you’d better get in quick.

The Nissan Patrol Legend Edition, with lots of extra goodies thrown in.
The Nissan Patrol Legend Edition, with lots of extra goodies thrown in.

The Nissan Patrol Legend Edition comes with quite a decent shopping list of extra, as well. Already sporting a 95+30 litre fuel capacity and rear locker, you also score a bullbar and electric winch, roof rack, towbar, snorkel and satellite navigation.

In terms of cost, you’re paying $57,990 for a manual-gearbox Patrol, or $60,990 for the auto. Pro tip: avoid the auto like the plague. It should be an international crime to sell a vehicle with a slushy four-speed gearbag in this day and age, especially when it only has modest power to attempt rapid progress.

It’s a 4WD that has enjoyed immense popularity and success over the years, since it took over from the equally successul GQ (Y60) in 1997. Big, torquey engines, long coil springs and tough live axles were are great base for wheeling, touring, towing and just about everthing in between. Emissions laws signed the death knell for the big petrol and diesel powerplants, and the poor old Patrol has been since overtaken by everthing else on the market.

Much of the problem with the Patrol is the antique driveline. The three-litre diesel donk is a solid motor, but it doesn’t exactly drip with power. If you’ve got the four-speed automatic gearbox, heaven help you .. Asthmatic is the fitting word.

If Nissan chose to fit something decent under the bonnet of the Patrol, rather than let it slowly die, it would make for an enticing product. Toyota have engineered a big-capacity V8 diesel in their LandCruiser, why can’t Nissan? Imagine it: The Cummins 5.0 litre diesel V8 out of the Nissan Titan, complete with a six-speed automatic Aisin gearbox. What a machine it would be… The 5.6 litre petrol in the Y62 is a fine engine, but a big guzzling petrol V8 for the Australian market, is simply trying to bang a square peg into a round hole.



Nissan Patrol Y61 Wagon ST Legend EditionDrive-away Prices**
With 5-speed manual transmission$57,990
With 4-speed automatic transmission$60,990
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