Nissan has pulled the pin on diesel!

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After our rather passionate post late last month on diesel not being dead, Nissan has pulled the pin on diesel models across Europe.

The Japanese auto manufacturer confirmed the news yesterday amid tax increases and restrictions on diesel vehicles, for numerous European countries. The cessation of diesel powered vehicles closely matches announcements made by Toyota over the previous months. Investment is being made toward research and development of hybrid/electric vehicles instead.

The Nissan/Renault V6 Turbo Diesel

There has been no specific announcement made for the Australian market, however the belief is that with the EU market turning away from diesel power, that will significantly reduce the amount spent in research and development for Nissan (and, indeed Toyota), on diesel.

“Along with other manufacturers and industry bodies we can see the progressive decline of diesel but we do not anticipate its sudden end in the short-term,” a Nissan spokeswoman told Automotive News Europe.

“At this point in time and for many customers, modern diesel engines will remain in demand and continue to be available within Nissan’s powertrain offering.” spoke with Nissan Australia corporate communications general manager Karla Leach and she has said the withdrawal from diesel in Europe would not effect us as quickly as it has in the EU.

“The announcement is going to have no immediate impact in Australia. The majority of cars we source are from Thailand and the United States. The cars we source out of the UK are Qashqai, which we don’t offer in diesel, and the Leaf,” Leach said.

“The actions out of the UK are potentially a good indication of what’s going to happen in the future as the industry evolves into other alternative energy and fuel sources.

“Across all of our brands, we definitely have a clear focus on electrification but that as an industry step has probably occurred a lot quicker in Europe than Australia.”

It seems that it is now only a matter of time until Nissan has pulled the pin on diesel in the Australian market, despite other manufacturers like Volkswagen continuing to offer and research diesel powered vehicles.


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  • The Qashqai and that silly Tiida????? The poor salesman can’t pronounce the names. No wonder they can’t sell them. One wonders what they will call the next models.

  • mmmm…. Seriously!!!….. Nissan Stuffed up with the 2.8 and the 3.0lt diesels…. Too much of a highly strung motor that had to have the revs kept up instead of using bottom end torque…. The 4.2lt were good, they should have come out with a V8 diesel, especially here in Aus….. Also they have gone to independent front end suspension, the idea is to keep all wheels on the ground for a true 4X4, not shells in the air…. Now all 4X4’s are just glorified shopping carts and school bus’s nothing more… Could this be a group thing going on between the oil companies and the car manufacturers to have more petrol vehicles on the roads and charge more ??? Just putting it out there….

  • Nissan have produced poor quality engines in the past and rightly should stop inflicting vehicle buyers with poor quality and unreliable engines, lack of backup and worthless warranties.. we can breathe easy now! Michael

  • Yep if only they had put a decent motor in the patrol !🤪🤪🤪😢
    It was the statt of their demise
    Considering that nissan had at the time a gew great fiesel engines in there trucks that could ! Should have been put in !
    I bet tje patrol would still be a hood seller today !
    When are car manufacturers going to start asking the mechanic folk of the world what do you think !
    Oh well we can only dteam !

  • What these quasi environmentalists who set the emissions targets seem to forget is that the energy, pollution, heavy metals such as lithium and lead, toxic chemicals, plastics and acids required to make the batteries for electric cars and other vehicles and devices far outweigh the pollution created by the diesel power plant over the life of the vehicle. It is just simply false economy and bowing to popularist culture without any scientific basis or analysis on the industries supporting the electric vehicle fad.

  • Don’t blame NISSAN it is our Government ADR rules + The Euro carbon emission spec’s. All manufacturer’s are facing the same problem. Tks Pam Nissan 4 Eva

  • Gooday. a family we have 7 nissans only 2 are good and reliable. ..4.2 d…….the rest are a big bang wating to happen
    In shot nassin haven’t had a good oil burners for years
    Just living on reputation of old

  • Gave nissan the flick after 6 patrols .V8 turbo diesels excell in Aus covering long distances pulling heavy loads

  • All valid arguments. Take stock and think of the future say 20 years. You’ll be touring on sun powered batts with double the torque (guessing) for unlimited kms. There has to be a transition period and it’s starting now.
    Your kids children won’t know the smell of diesel – don’t worry I’m a fan.

  • This is not really a solution to our travel problems here in Aust diesel is still king out there ,and I cannot see a substitute for diesel, even petrol is horrendously expensive especially if towing the large distances here
    Maybe petrol will be the alternative again if manufacturers get their act together and do a lot more research and development to bring down the fuel consumption in petrol vehicles . If we were to go electric that would be the end of 4×4 touting as we know it and potentially the end of remote and inland touring, and inland towns that rely on tourism ,this is a horrible scenario but then again look what’s happened to the LPG industry , interesting times ahead

  • As the chairman of Mitsibishi once said about the Australian market f..k all of f..k all is f..k all. A few thousand buyers will go somewhere else and a few million will embrace electric motors

  • Americans are just discovering diesel power for their large SUVs so I wouldn’t worry too much about availability in Australia, one way or another.

  • Nothing like escalating confusion for 4WD buyers, Nissan discontinuing diesel, Toyota to follow in Europe, yet every Prado model ONLY made available to Australian consumers from Toyota in 2018 are diesels. If emissions are so bad internationally why does Australia allow the substitution of petrol models for diesels as in the case of Toyota Prado versions. I’m an advocate of diesels mainly based on overall performance but I would suggest to all manufactures whom are intending to replace their Diesel fleets to get their act together with 4WD petrol versions and start providing tangible performance improvements, especially in fuel consumption, as currently they are appalling. Not to mention the current pricing we pay for petrol here in Australia CF diesel pricing, where are the incentives to move to petrol?
    Manufactures seem to concentrate on “tricking” up their vehicles, more electronics, exterior style modifications and flash interiors but l am yet to see a 4WD petrol model come out with significant fuel saving claims.

  • Even if there is to be an extension of charging points in remote areas at astronomical cost, which will never happen with our long distances between facilities, they have a limited car capacity at any one time. As it is not a quick fill and go, imagine the queue for a charging point for a several hours charge in the more popular holiday travel times especially with club convoys.
    Unfortunately if it ever comes to no more diesel it will translate as no sales as the cost of kitting out an off roader will not be worth it for limited travel range.

  • well looks like nissan is going to go down the drain pipe here in Australia
    they made their first big mistake when they brought out their v8 only in petrol to Australia now they are going out of diesel and into electrical boy hope someone puts charging stations in our very remote areas that we love to travel in around Australia.
    been a nissan man for many years now well looks like finding another breed of off road vehicle to fall in love with

  • ridiculous we need a decent Nissan tow vehicle . it would have been the ultimate for Nissan to repower the y61 patrol with the v6 3.0 litre common rail unit and consider a v8 diesel for the y62 . a lot of dedicated Nissan owners like myself aren’t happy

  • Maybe these twits in the Northern hemisphere should sit down & have a good think as to how they seem to dictate to us Aussies on how we will be able to recharge these hybrid’s whilst towing a 3000 kg + caravan, a thousand plus k’s from home enjoying this vast country. Many people we have met on travels cannot get over the huge distances we travel for our break (holiday). In Europe they jump on a plane then hire a motorhome or stay in accommodation for the duration of their holiday. Don’t just blame Nissan & Toyota, Volkswagen is the real culprit, remember “dieselgate” trying to fudge emissions data.

  • This article relates more to cars, & SUV vehicles. Not 4WD or light commercials as yet. The Qashqai was dropped here due to Nissan Australia’s inability to sell it. The XTrail will run with a diesel until the next upgrade due before the end of 2019 or early 2020. Europe has a number of diesel cars made by Nissan which will be dropped over the next 2 yrs . Light Commercial & 4WD ,vehicles will likely remain with diesel powerplants for a while yet.


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