Turbo Cabin + Extension Awning+ Wall Panels-1Setting up camp can be fun, but in the end you know you’ll be the happiest when you’re kicking back in a comfy chair around the campfire with a cold beer in your hand. BlackWolf has created the Turbo Tent Series to make camp setup that much easier, allowing you to get to that cold beer that much faster at the end of the day. While the tents are quick and easy to setup, it’s the new range of Turbo Tent accessories which will elevate you’re camping experience to new levels of comfort.

BlackWolf has just released a number of accessories that allow you to easily expand your Turbo Tent, allowing more room for people and gear and/or more covered outdoor space. The new accessories include side and front panels, an awning and an awning screen room.

Turbo Side Panel: RRP- Starting from $129.99

Turbo Front Panel: RRP- Starting from $139.99

Turbo Awning Screen Room: RRP- Starting from $319.99

Turbo Extenda Awning: RRP- Starting from $329.99

The new panelling options include side and front panel attachments, which allow you to add extra rooms to house more people or store more gear. These new panels feature windows which can be configured to provide great ventilation and a view, great ventilation and extra shade or zipped tight to keep out the elements. A great way to truly utilize this new space is to also get the Awning Screen Room, which will keep those pesky bugs away while you’re relaxing in the outdoors.

If you truly want to maximize your outdoor living space on your next camping adventure be sure to get the new Extenda Awning, which extends the Turbo Tent awning length by 1.8m. This provides you with a ton more covered space around camp to keep everyone out of the elements, and also works great to create a breeze way between two tents.

_DSC3685The BlackWolf Turbo Tent range is available in four sizes: the 210, 240, 300 and the 450, which sleep 4 people, 6 people and 10 people respectively. Expand each tent model’s use and comfort with the addition of one, or many, of these great new accessories.

For more information on BlackWolf’s range of tents and outdoor gear, visit: www.blackwolf.com.au.