Product News: Ironman 4X4 Volkswagen Amarok Snorkel

BySam PurcellFebruary 27, 2015
Product News: Ironman 4X4 Volkswagen Amarok Snorkel





The latest release from Ironman 4X4, a snorkel to suit the Volkswagon Amarok with plenty of cool features (no pun intend). The snorkel has been designed with ease of fitment, optimum airflow and overall looks first and foremost. But there are plenty of smart features that will have VW owners jumping for joy.

The twin-turbo diesel fitted to the Amarok makes plenty of power, so Ironman 4X4 have built the snorkel with a 4inch body and ram head. This avoids the common issue of the engine gasping for air. The snorkel has also been manufactured from high quality Polyethylene which is tough and UV resistant. There is even a built in rain-deflector to stop rain water getting gin during heavy downpours.

Volkswagen Amarok Snorkel

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