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Updated 2020 Ford Ranger Detailed…Here in December

The updated 2020 Ford Ranger has been detailed boasting new equipment and updated suspension and safety equipment across the range.

Ford has released details of the updated 2020 Ford Ranger which will lob into showrooms around December. Pricing hasn’t been announced yet but it’s fair to assume there’ll be some minor pricing adjustments. Moving on.

The tweaks start with the Ranger XL which will now be offered with a heavy-duty suspension option ($550 on al XL variants with the exception of 4×2 Low-Rider). The heavy-duty suspension option for the XL has been developed, Ford said, to improve, not load carrying, but vehicle ride and handling when carry heavier loads. For instance, the new suspension pack, when carrying, say, 550kg improves bump stop clearance by 70 percent or 25mm. The suspension pack, includes:

  • New rear springs – thicker, with revised spring rate;
  • New front and rear dampers with revised damper tune;
  • Bridgestone A/S tyres on 4×2 XL models (already standard on 4×4 XL models); and
  • Unique calibration for ABS and Electronic Stability Control (ESC).

Entry-level Ranger XL and XLS will now get the same 8.0-inch infotainment screen running Sync3 as the rest of the range. Ford is also adding an extra USB outlet mounted up near the rear vision mirror, across the range.

2020 Ranger Headlight

Step up to the XLT, Wildtrak and Raptor will get new Bi-LED head-lights which replace the old model’s HID style headlights. The visual change sees the round light replaced by a square-look light housing. But there’s more to it than aesthetics, the Bi-LED headlights, according to Ford, offer 17 percent better light penetration in standard beam and 20 percent greater lighting penetration in high-beam. Ford claims the LED lights provide a much whiter light which causes less eye fatigue.

Ranger Wildtrak Roller Blind

And for those urban warriors who favour looks…the Ranger Wildtrak cops, in addition to the new lights, new-look 18-inch alloys, as well as cost-optional black alloys. But it’s the ditching of the manual roller shutter which drew numerous complaints and could be easily broken into, for a powered unit. The new, powered roller shutter can be activated from inside the cabin, via a button in the tray or by using the key fob. The shutter will lock in any position and even features an ice-break function that will see it ripple the shutters in icy conditions. More than this, the new shutter is more compact than the old one, improving load clearance by 20mm and an additional 80mm of length from the roller cannister to the tail-gate.

For the Raptor, it gets the new lights and extra USB outlet but also a new, exclusive colour – Ford Performance Blue will only be available on Raptor. Blue Lightning will continue to be offered across the range.

Making the announcement, Kay Hart, President and CEO of Ford Australia and New Zealand, said: “Feedback from Australian and New Zealand customers has driven upgrades across the Ranger line-up, from heavy duty suspension in the XL, to a remote control powered roller- shutter on Wildtrak, and newBi-LED projector headlightson the XLT, Wildtrak and Ranger Raptor.

“Customers also told us they want the convenience of a windshield mounted USB to power accessories, so we will now make this available across the Ranger line-up.”



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  • Rear air-con vents, rear disc brakes and coil spring rear suspension options available on more of the top models. Let’s have all utes up to top standards so they are safe and comfortable for families.

    • Discs and air-con yes. Coils no. If you want load capacity leaf springs are superior to coils. If you want a show pony though, coils provider a more tuneable ride. Buy the Raptor.

  • Whiter headlights , what a load of rubbish, that means more fatigue with every street sign and every on coming car will be blinded by them. Its all just PR garble.

      • I drive alot of country roads at night (literally 200 nights a year or more). Have a look into it and you’ve also replied with no explanation on why – other than implying you know better. There is evidence that whiter light, being further from natural light (which is yellowish) increases glare and eyestrain.

  • In the market now for a ute. Coming from a hilux and such a frustrating experience trying to narrow down the new vehicle. Pros and cons to all of them but no one has an all round package that ticks the boxes. If hilux dropped the v6 in… put the VW seats in it and added Apple car play I would be in.

  • Any indication that Ford are going to introduce rear air conditioning vents in the Ranger?

    I would have thought that this would have been at the top of the wish list for a lot of Ranger owners.


    • Yes i strongly agree . I have a 2014 XLT Ranger with no rear air vents. I would have thought they would have had them by now (5 years on ). Honestly speaking , some of these car makers , not just Ford, in this day and age need to really have a good look at themselves . I know it would be a big cost for Ford to do this , but they are making plenty too.
      No rear air vents REALLY.

      • Spot on Darren. Considering the $40k-$85k price one pays in 2019, not having rear air vents in almost all new variants and makes of 4×4 is really pathetic; even new model $20k sedans have them.

        I’m seriously considering the growing options coming from the states.

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