Madigan Line Simpson Desert video, Part II

The Madigan Line is a lesser-known, very challenging and incredibly rewarding 4X4 adventure, which travels across the northern half of the Simpson Desert. It follows the path of Cecil Madigan’s 1939 expedition across the desert, which comprised of nine men and nineteen camels, in the name of scientific exploration.


Head over to this page to see Part 1 of the Madigan Line Simpson Desert adventure.

In this second instalment, we continue to follow Madigan’s track across the desert. This part of the desert is much tougher; the dunes are taller and softer, and there are treacherous swales and claypans in between. The going is tough and slow, as the team slowly snake their way past Madigan’s camp markers, and onto Birdsville. Not to mention Big Red, the biggest dune of them all.

Join Sam Purcell and Macca on this awesome journey, along with the new Hema Map Patrol LandCruiser and JJ in the Diesel Care HilLux. There are thrills and spills, and plenty of history on the desert and Madigan’s expedition through the desert. If you’re looking to get in the desert yourself, this has the information (and inspiration) you’re looking for.

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