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Ford have just issued a recall for the Ford Ranger PX, affecting vehicles built from 5 November 2011 to 7 November 2012.

Also affecting Ford Territory models built from 19 September 2011 to 5 February 2013, the output shaft speed sensor can fail, resulting in the car downshifting into 1st gear. We’re guessing here that if the sensor fails, the vehicle thinks the car is at a stop, and as a result, it shifts automatically to 1st gear.

Obviously, this could cause you to lose control of the vehicle, and could do some pretty hefty damage to the vehicle’s driveline if the car attempts or manages to grab 1st gear at high speeds.

Owners are getting a letter in the mail, but we’d recommend them to get directly in touch with their local dealer, and book it in to be looked at. In the meantime, the vehicle should be “driven with caution and at moderate speed.”

Ford Ranger Recall

Ford Ranger Recall