Ford Ranger Recall

Ford PX Ranger
Ford PX Ranger

Ford have just issued a recall for the Ford Ranger PX, affecting vehicles built from 5 November 2011 to 7 November 2012.

Also affecting Ford Territory models built from 19 September 2011 to 5 February 2013, the output shaft speed sensor can fail, resulting in the car downshifting into 1st gear. We’re guessing here that if the sensor fails, the vehicle thinks the car is at a stop, and as a result, it shifts automatically to 1st gear.

Obviously, this could cause you to lose control of the vehicle, and could do some pretty hefty damage to the vehicle’s driveline if the car attempts or manages to grab 1st gear at high speeds.

Owners are getting a letter in the mail, but we’d recommend them to get directly in touch with their local dealer, and book it in to be looked at. In the meantime, the vehicle should be “driven with caution and at moderate speed.”

Ford Ranger Recall
Ford Ranger Recall


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  • We’ve had our PX ranger transmission replaced at 92k luckily under extended warranty. Torque converter failed putting metal through the transmission. Transmission specialist said the steel washers disintergrated. Had to wait for 3 weeks for the new one as demand was higher than supply. The new transmission has a torque converter (with bearings not washers) and a high flow pump – same as PX2. We were the second owners and only used it occasionally for towing a Jayco Swan. Freinds PX transmission went even though he had the transmission serviced at 40k and again at 80k where metal was found in the oil.

  • I heard that with every purchase of a new Ranger that Ford is putting their name in a draw to win as First Prize….a Brand New Hilux…Ha Ha Ha
    Yes it looks tough with look alike F100 grille and thats what has suckered so many dopes into buying one….. Fancy trying to emulate another piece of American Ford junk ……….. has everyone forgotten why Ford is in such dire straits…. Because they keep making junk…. But somehow the dopes are buying them….

  • Fraud Ranger…..recall is no surprise really. Eventually, if the Fraud owners are lucky, Fraud will refund them and burn these POS!

  • Any 4WD will get you into the bush….but a Hilux, Prado or Cruiser will confidently get out………..have a look on our desert tracks to see how many rangers and amaroks are out there!!!!! none….where reliability counts. ….not in the city where the rangers can get towed to the nearest dealer…btw try driving a landcruiser ute…..your ranger is a toy…. 4.5L…. V8 Grunt

  • You will never be able to change the mind of a die hard Hilux fan, If they actually went and test drove a Ranger they would realise that a Hilux is still stuck in the dark ages and how superior a Ranger is. I have driven both and if you have not please don’t bag the Ranger until you do.

  • Had the problem with a Bt 50 at about 50,000kms. Took a while for the dealer to find how to fix it but since then I have had no problems. Now done 110,000 kms. Got 100,000 out of the original set of tyres and there was still good tread on the rears. Still using the original brake pads but the fronts will probably need changing at the next service. Plenty of highway towing and city traffic.

    This is the first time I have kept a vehicle longer than 3 years. Its way better than the 3 Patrols I had, and far more reliable.

    The Mazda is a bit stiffer in suspension than the Ford, while the Toyota is measurably softer. The Toyota is better off road with good wheel travel, but on road the Mazda handles and tows much better. I would buy another BT50 in a heartbeat.

  • Yeah don’t go for the Ranger/Hilux war but my new Ranger was beautiful to drive until the auto destroyed itself at 40,000km Ford stiffed us on warranty due to a technicality [bullshit], had to pay to get it repaired ourselves ,had to pay out finance and get into something else we lost over 20k in the bargain.I’ll never go a Ford again.

  • The company i work for have 10 ford rangers and are about to discharge them for a real 4×4 in the mines sad to say Hilux’s

  • I think this problem relating to the Ranger recall also should apply to the BT50. Had a 2013 BT50 and it tried to change down from 6th to 1st gear when we were doing 110 kmh on single lane highway. Had a Bdouble coming up my rear when this happened. Everything locked up tyres smoking, vehicle revving crazy. Just tried to keep it straight so transport could go round me. Bloody scary! This happened at 17,000 km. Mazda fixed it under warranty but the gear box then clunked when changing down on an incline. Lost confidence in the vehicle so traded it 6 months ago on a 79 series Landcruiser.

  • hey fellas all of the modern trucks are good just some have either price or features that appeal that’s why we are all different but check these thoughts I offer : my middle son has an 80 series l/c I passed on to him some years back just turned over 460 thousand k/s and does not need top up between oil changes his previous one did 500 before he sold it I now have 100 series 4.7 v/8 only done 150 thous look on carsales at the l/cs and prados for sale plenty with 3/4 hundred thou on the clock can I pose a very simple question all the enthusiasts out there will all these beaut new generation trucks do the huge miles that these Toyotas do with smaller high performance engines think about it! I am not knocking the others just asking all you chaps to give it a thought consider these just some ramblings from an old 4w4 fart in his 83rd year happy new year to all and please drive safely

  • Don’t need a swerve test??? Crap they dont? My daughter rolled her Hilux and could have been killed because of its instability . Sorry fellas….FACT!!!

  • Why hasn’t the BT50 been added to this RECALL, after all it is a TWIN of the Ranger

    Will Bt 50 ‘ s be affected ?[/quote]

    Mr MAZDA …. best get onto your front foot with this as well……

  • Seriously, Ranger v Hilux, Hilux v Ranger….Ford v Toyota, mine is better than yours…. what are we still in school boys? Fact is they are both very capable machines and infinitely better than the other Thai built utes on offer. Surely we can all agree on that. Oh yeah, the Ranger is just a tad better than the Hilux. That is all.

  • Nick your an idiot , the swerve test shows that the Hulux is dangerous , but then again if you’re driving one it could help improve the gene pool

  • At least a Ford Ranger can keep all four wheels on the ground in the swerve test if you don’t believe me have a look on you youtube.

  • I have a ford ranger 2.2l which has about 80000km on it and I have had a few to many problems with it now. I have had a new tranny put in back in June and now today I have just found out that I need a new cooler for it. My mate ended up trading the same ranger in recently because of all the issues that he was having. I think next time I’ll be buying a hilux.

  • It would seem that Ford does not care about owners who want to keep their vehicles for more than the warranty period. I own a PJ Ranger with only 131,00 kM’s and the auto needs a complete rebuiLd. The auto trans place recons the 5R55 boxes are only good for 100-150 Km’s. SHAME ON FORD FOR MAKING A JOKE OF A 4X4, SHAME ON ME FOR NOT KEEPING MY 4X4’S WITH TOYOTA. At least my HZJ105 keeps on truckin.

  • How many ford/Mazda couriers do see on the road compared to hilux’s and hilux’s hold there value because they are built properly in the first place!
    The Ranger/BT50 oil pump drains out if you drain the oil for more than 10 minutes when changing the oil or a seal go’s when driving when you start the motor the the pump can not self prime and the motor has no oil and blows up
    4x4of the year? NOT

  • anonymous is that greek for iam afraid to use my name cause i am a ford stooge .follow me in my 95 hilux towing my yacht love nick the greek.

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