Watch this tent get hammered by gale-force winds.

Not only Formula One cars and Anna Meares’ helmet get quality time in air tunnels; sometimes other companies like Darche Outrent them out for a bit of product testing and promotion.


Now, this video is a pretty heavy marketing exercise, with lots of inspirational anecdotes and dramatic music. What we like about it is watching what happens to a tent when it’s confronted with gale-force winds, and doesn’t even have the chance to fly away. It’s a Darche Air-Volution tent, which uses air poles instead of tent poles.

On the Beaufort Wind Scale, a Strong Breeze is 38–49 km/h, a High Wind is 50–61 km/h, and a Gale is 62–74 km/h. At this point, twigs start breaking from trees, cars veer on the roads, and progress on foot is seriously affected. In other words, not great camping weather. It’s pretty fascinating to see what happens to these tents under such heavy forces.


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