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2017 Land Rover Discovery pricing revealed

2017 Land Rover Discovery
2017 Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover have revealed a pricing structure for the 2017 Land Rover Discovery, an all-new design that will replace the outgoing Discovery 4 in July 2017 in Australia.

2017 Land Rover Discovery pricing goes from $65,960 up to $132,160
2017 Land Rover Discovery pricing goes from $65,960 up to $132,160

The specification list runs from a budget-oriented ‘S’ model, which starts at an impressively low $65,960. This model will sport a more spartan cloth interior, and the advanced airbag suspension system will be replaced with coils. Also, this base price comes without a transfer case ($920 option). If you want the base spec with airbags, you can option them in for $2,060. This price gets you the least powerful 2.0 litre ‘Ingenium’ TD4 four-cylinder diesel engine, which makes 132kW and 430Nm, and uses 6.2 litres per hundred kilometres. A seven-seat option in this spec level goes for $71,560.

2017 Land Rover Discovery leather interior
2017 Land Rover Discovery leather interior

To have a closer look at the interior, check out our sneak-peek from last week.

Going up the engine spec levels, $71,560 will secure you the same vehicle with the ‘Ingenium’ 2.0 litre SD4 motor, which uses two turbos to push out 177kW and 500Nm. Finally, the 190kW/600Nm TD6 (3.0 litre V6 diesel) costs $78,560. It’s all very good value, but it’s certainly worth noting that this spec seems to be geared towards a life of blacktop only, with Terrain Response 2 and All Terrain Progress Control (think of an off-road traction control) not being available. You have to option in a transfer-case, as well.

2017 Land Rover Discovery interior details
2017 Land Rover Discovery interior details

The SE level Discovery starts at $77,050, giving you air suspension and a transfer case as standard. Grained leather comes standard here, and you also get a few extra goodies like Automatic Climate Control, Front Parking Aid, navigation and an improved sound system (amongst others). Going to the SD4 costs $83,450, and the TD6 goes for $90,450.

HSE ups the ante again, with a $87,150 starting price. This steps up to 20″ wheels over the 19″ alloys, memory front seats, wood grain three-zone climate control, keyless entry and the awesome front cupholders with huge storage bin underneath, plus a lot of extra bits and styling cues. The more powerful SD4 costs, $93,550 and the TD6 breaks six figures at $100,550.

2017 Land Rover Discovery
2017 Land Rover Discovery

The HSE Luxury starts at $100,950, gaining the very plush Windsor leather interior, plus adjustable bolstering on the seats (on top of the adjustable lumbar on SE and HSE models). You also score Climate front seats, extended leather trimmings through the interior, a cooling centre console and 825-watt Meridian sound system. There’s plenty more included as the spec levels rise, but my fingers will start going raw if I get through them all. Safe to say, when you get to this level, you won’t be left wanting for trinkets and special touches. And of course, you can spend a small fortune on extra options as well. Get more power under the bonnet, and spend $107,350 (SD4) or $114,350 (TD6).

2017 Land Rover Discovery
2017 Land Rover Discovery, now a whopping 480kg lighter.

However, if top-spec doesn’t cut it for you, you’ll be looking for the ‘First Edition’ model. Limited to 2,400 units and coming in at a brisk $132,160, this has the TD6 motor. This model has every option box ticked, along with limited-edition interior and exterior styling and decals. Electric-powered everything, 21″ wheels, even the windscreen washer jets are heated, amongst many, many things.

The Discovery can seat 7, which is a $3,400 option on the standard 5 seater.

A locking rear differential, which we assume will be the same as the current limited-slip diff (that gives just about 99% of the performance of a true mechanical locker), is available as a reasonable $1,080 option, but isn’t available for TD4 engines or a TD6 S spec. Strangely, it’s not available on the range-topping First Edition, either. Likewise, Land Rover’s awesome Terrain Response 2 off-road mode isn’t available on TD4-spec models. So, if you want to off-road your 2017 Land Rover Discovery with the right boxes ticked, your minimum buy-in is an SD4 SE model, costing $86,590 (with rear locker and Terrain Response 2).

2017 Land Rover Discovery Ingenium SD4 Engine
2017 Land Rover Discovery Ingenium SD4 Engine

So, if you want to off-road your 2017 Land Rover Discovery with the right boxes ticked, your minimum buy-in is an SD4 SE model, costing $86,590 (with rear locker and Terrain Response 2). From there, head north. The 2017 Land Rover Discovery should prove to be a capable off-road 4X4, provided you opt for off-road goodies. Ground clearance in off-road mode is better than the Discovery 4 at 283mm, and the Terrain Response 2 is the best off-road traction control system on the market. We are told that wheel articulation will also be improved in the 2017 Discovery, as well. Wading depth is an impressive 900mm.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the all-new Discovery is the weight saving. A new aluminium architecture saves a staggering 480 kilograms over the old model. This means the car will go faster while using less fuel, and steer, accelerate and brake better. Off-road performance will be better as well, with the much lower overall weight.





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  • We had just bought our first 4×4 with the view of towing our 6.3 meter boat and our soon to purchase a 3 ton caravan. We didn’t take this purchase lightly especially considering the financial investment that was about to take place. So our journey started by test driving virtually everything including Jeep, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Volvo and Mercedes and of course the land Rovers. Off the bat the Jeep was the first we tried out and to be honest it grabbed us from the first drive and we thought how easy it had been to find the 4×4 of our dreams. This was an important fact, it was the first we tried and fortunately our curiosity on other brands kicked in and our search continued. Next was the Discovery 4 and boy did we find this a leap forward, from here on this was the bench mark for everything else we tested and none came up to the mark, some were close in some respects but the overall level of comfort and capability of the D4 won us easily. Now 5 months down and 10K on the clock of our custom ordered D4 we couldn’t be happier. In fact when my wife and I saw the early images of the D5 this prompted us to buy earlier than we really wanted to but this was a decision we are forever grateful of making. For us the older boxy shape has many advantages over the new model, for us it is the large panoramic windows that we just love touring either along the freeway or off on the dirt. On delivery it was a special occasion thanks to the folks at land Rover but really felt like I was severing handing over an arm and a leg when I let go of the payment cheque for the car but from our first drive we have been incredibly impressed. Sorry Land Rover, I hope my D4 lasts forever as I can’t ever see myself in a D5 but hope the sales go well for the sake of the brand.

  • I can see their logic in making the basic car not including off-road. 95% of these are sold as luxury cars to take kids to school or do shopping. They are ideal for that spacious comfy and good ride. Many owners have never discovered low-range gears. It is money and capability wasted. Only a few like myself actually use them for what they are designed and capable of. They are vey capable off-road cars that will manage the terrain others couldn’t do and very reliable too now the early bugs have been fixed. So why not let you choose what you want to use it for and adapt it to suit.

  • Love my LR4! Chipped my 3.0 deisel LR4 to 235kw (180 STD), done 155,000km’s so far, done a lot of towing and it hasn’t missed a beat. Love it in the sand, leaves any Japper for dead, same in the snow. The Air suspension far out performs all other European 4×4’s on the market… and coil overs, tried a few too! Most capable 4WD I’ve owned, and had an excellent run. Can’t wait to get my hands on a First Edition LR5.

  • Does the off road caravanning version Sd4 SE model have the 600nm motor? What is its maximum towing capacity? Can you also tell me what roof carrying capacity it has (I want to put a t3.7m tinny and boat loading rack up top! Also what is the wagons tare weight, GVM and GCM??
    I currently tow a 3.5 ton van and want to know if this vehicle will do the job with a tinny on top, a bullbar and winch plus an extra battery and compressor plus a fridge inside!

  • Craig it is apparent that you have never owned a modern LR Disco. I own a LR My 12 TD6. Done off road++ (dunes, beach, desert and high country) with 4WD Clubs incl. LROCV, tow a 2.6 T off road van effortlessly. Only issue is the raised suspension that wants to lower at 50+ kph – hiccup when doing good sandy road with a high centre crown that needs good ground clearance. Resolved issue with later models or install “tricks”.
    All this unreliable stuff is nonsense to many uninformed initiates including a couple who write for 4×4 mags incl. PC’s 4×4! and who should know better. The Air bags (long term proven product) are well known to out last leaf springs and lot of ordinary shockers. I am sure there are many more stories of broken prehistoric cart leaf springs and failed shockers to 1-2 cases of staked airbags/torn airlines – largely due to careless driver error might I add. There are “insurance” products out there from GOE if you are still nervous doing eg the Cape trip. I’ve done >100k’s – only mod’s running GOE 18″ rims and RR Sports (HD) lower control arms.

  • Can’t agree more with those who ACTUALLY own a Land Rover to say how good they are. I’m on my third Range Rover Sport and have towed 3.5 ton vans all over Aus, including Cape York, Tanami, Gibb River and more. Reliable as any in my view. We traveled with a group of Toyotas that needed servicing every 10,000k’s and one couldn’t open his back door for weeks due to dust. Also nice to be comfortable instead of bouncing around in a truck, and yes I have a Series 3 as well!

  • I have a 2010 Discovery 4 with 125k on it. It tows a big van mostly and it has been very reliable. It had a few warranty issues all these were fixed at regular servicing.

    Let me see Land Rover or the Recall King Toyota?

    Easy choice

  • Looks like an Isuzu/GM everything else!
    What happened to LR style and functionality. Looks rubbish – obviously less cargo space and sounds like all the 4wd bits are extra extra $
    LR – Bring back the off the shelf D4 capability.

  • We own a Discovery 4 that has been off road many times, done beach work, done the Cape, done the Pascoe River, done Gunshot. The Discovery is a weapon off road in the right hands. Chipped by Roo systems our best was 5.6 ltrs/ 100k coming back from the Gold Coast at highway speed, but average fuel has been around 7. It is the only “off the shelf” 4×4 that can actually do the job. We LOVE IT !

  • Laurie …spot on.
    On my 3rd basic TD5. Rolled the first (1.5 rolls down a bank) with a 25 ft van attached,. Saved out lives as it remained totally in shape…can’t say the same for the van. It pitch polled and spread done the highway closing it for 2 hours.
    Current TD5 with 245,000 on the clock is a beauty especially with a tweaked chip providing much better performance.
    Brilliant to drive on or off road and with a work shop handbook easy to maintain. Parts reasonable price.
    Landrover please get back to the basics of the TD5 Series 2.

  • I find that the new discovery is for use as a poser car or a koala bear not to be shot at or taken of the black top give me my old disco 2 TD 5 definitely better than these new vehicles as it is made for off road use or if you want old school get an old 109 inch or a perentie model

  • Sam, the only difference between “TR1” and “TR2” is that “TR2” has Auto feature and ATPC, both of which you don’t need. The “TR1” algorithms for manual setting controls are the same (as has been seen on the L405 and L462 Range Rovers)

    Craig, you obviously have no idea about recent LR reliability.

  • I’ve got a Disco 4 with 70k. Its been across & around Aussie 3 times, done the Gibb River Rd, Savannah Way & Cape York among other serious treks all the while towing a 3.5 Tonne van.
    It’s been absolutely reliable all the way. It does everything I require & more while being by far the most comfortable 4WD on the market.

  • I bought a 2011 Range Rover second hand. I love it. It is a pleasure to drive and I tow a 24 foot 3 tonne caravan with it. No problems and can confidently recommend the Range Rover product.

  • I have a discovery 4 with over 70000km’s on the clock and have towed a 2.8 ton caravan around Oz often travelling on dirt roads. The only problems I had was a failed Exide battery, replaced under warranty and a staked tyre from a steel spike going into Century mine. Not bad for being unrealible British rubbish.

  • Piece of unreliable British garbage! I couldn’t imagine taking this thing off road or into the outback, without it suffering catostrophic failure due to its terrible reliability issues, as with all Land Rover/Range Rover vehicles.
    Buy a Toyota or a Lexus the thing will outlive you more than likely!

  • Having just moved from a vehicle with climate control to one without, climate control is underrated, especially in a car with lots of glass.

    Whilst the mechanical Land Rover DNA is evident the styling is a bastard. A hopeless parentless blob, stillborn.
    Unimaginative tailgate and North Korean c pillar treatment is astonishingly bogan.
    The 400kg weight saving is impressive that deserves more recognition….

  • Are these guys for real, what an ugly 4X4. With the issues of my current LR that I purchased brand new 3.5 years ago I’m over the moon that I still have extended warranty. Been one of the most unreliable car I have ever purchased. NEVER another one this is my first and last one forever.

  • Im looking at buying one of these when they come out, but I’m not taken by it just yet. The old 4 certainly ticks plenty of boxes in my view. Wait and see if the 4 drops in price , and maybe get a bargain!

  • The land rover documentation on their website states ONLY the S doesn’t come with 2 speed transfer case, the S model will not be available at first launch either.

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