Most people love the RAM truck, or at least the idea of it. It’s probably to do with that huge, all-iron 6.7 litre Cummins inline-six diesel under the gigantic bonnet, making a massive 1,084Nm of torque, and 274kW of power.

If it isn’t that, it would be the ridiculous amount of payload and towing capacity that the RAM truck has. A normal car license gives you roughly 900 kilograms of payload, which grows to over 1,700kg with a truck license. On the towing side, forget about your 3.5 tonne towing and piddling GCM limits; the RAM Truck can drag up to 6,942kg, with a Gross Combination Mass of up to 11,479kg.

2017 Ram Truck, with Ramboxes
2017 Ram Truck, with Ramboxes

It’s all big truck figures, which of course comes with a big truck price tag: The 2017 RAM Truck price starts at $139,500 for the 2017 RAM 2500 Laramie, going up to $146,500 for the RAM 3500 Laramie with a truck license.

They all have that same Cummins diesel, running through a six-speed automatic gearbox. Trailer brakes, exhaust brakes and a special towing mode. Built for hauling. The Laramie is the specced up model, as well: 10-way power leather seats, heated steering wheel and power-adjustable pedals are all there, along with a quality sound system and 7.8-inch touchscreen display.

2017 RAM truck with Rambox icebox built into the tray.
2017 RAM truck, with Rambox icebox built into the tray. Imagine how good this would be for fishing, or recovery gear, or beer, or work tools, or anything.

Now, there is more reason to love it. It’s called the RamBoxes, lockable, built in storage space on each side of the tub. You’ve got the room for 140 cans, per side, and there is absolutely nothing stopping you from filling them up with ice. That’s almost 12 cartons, or 105 litres of your favourite liquid refreshment, ice-cold.

This feature also has a pretty handy looking storage divider, which can run out over your open tailgate, for when the 1.9-metre tray just isn’t long enough, or you want to secure your load. You’ve also got a tie-down rail on each side of the tub, with adjustable cleats.



Model year 2017

RAM Range

Max payload (kg) Max Towing weight (Kg) GVM


Recommended Retail Price plus statutory charges, dealer costs and delivery
2017 RAM 2500 Laramie 913 6942 4490 $139,500.00
2017 RAM 2500 Laramie with RamBoxes 913 6942 4490 $142,900.00
2017 RAM 3500 Laramie – car licence 894 6171 4490 $143,900.00
2017 RAM 3500 Laramie – truck licence 1713 6171 5309 $146,500.00