2018 Amarok Core V6 & Ultimate 580 now released

We’ve known for a while now that a beefed up V6 Amarok was coming to Australia. With the flagship model, the Ultimate 580 now released, Volkswagen have also released a new Core V6 model to the Australian market.

The Ultimate 580 sports the new 190kW, 580Nm turbo diesel V6, which will hit 200kW with overboost function, and propel the Amarok from 0-100km/h in just 7.3 seconds. Not bad for a dirty old diesel work ute, right? It is worth noting that the Ultimate 580 is more on-road biased, with a set of 20-inch wheels with low profile tyres. That said, there hasn’t been a brake upgrade on this model, so fitting a set of 17-inch rims with more touring spec rubber wont be an issue for those who plan on taking it further afield. The interior is sleek, black genuine and artificial leather, plus all the features of the current Amarok V6 Ultimate. Volkswagen are also stating a 0.1L/100km reduction in fuel consumption with the new high-powered V6 set to deliver 8.9L/100km. The Ultimate 580 has a retail price of $71,990 which puts it in-line with other top-end dual cab utes on the market, however with just that much more power available.  

The new Core V6, however retains the tried and tested 165kW/550Nm 3.0TDV6 (with 180kW overboost), cloth interior and rubber flooring for ease of washing mud, dirt and sand from the vehicle. It also comes on a set of 17-inch alloys, with more touring spec 245/65R17 tyres. Rear parking sensors, day-time running lights and reverse camera are all standard now across the range, as are front fog-lights. More specs are expected to be released on the Core V6 shortly by Volkswagen, as well as pricing details, however we’re expecting to see a price point around the $50,000 mark.

Both the Ultimate 580 and Core V6 models are set to come with the eight-speed ZF automatic; there are however plans to release a manual version, however we’re expecting timing to be early to mid next year. Both models also feature the full-time 4WD 4MOTION system, as opposed to part-time systems found in other 4X4 dual cab utes on the market (except the Super-Select of the Mitsubishi Triton).

With the new Ultimate 580 now released, will it be added to your list of possible upgrades to your current dual-cab list? Let us know below.


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  • David Price……I’m looking at buying a v6 Amarok and will need a GVM upgrade to deal with slide on camper and boat. I’m struggling to find someone to do it and was interested in who you got to do yours

  • Oh and I should have added – 15,500km of off-road comfortable driving (compared to every other 4WD we have owned and/or driven since 1976 – which has included Toyotas, Nissans, Land Rovers, Range Rovers, Suzukis, Jeeps and even an Austin Champ and a Chevy Blitz). The driving has included all sorts of terrain including the high country in Victoria, heavy sand in SA’s Coorong and Lake Eyre and some of the most demanding outback roads in all states of Australia.

    Driving an Amarok is like driving a big Golf (only faster) – not having to drive a truck for a daily drive is a joy and getting out of an Amarok after 100’s of K’s does not leave one feeling like a cripple.

    Ground clearance is not as great as something with a 6″ lift but I would have bought a Jeep Renegade if I still wanted to go rock hopping………and we didn’t rollover on any corners on the Gibb River Road unlike a number of othe vehicles (the Pink Roadhouse at Oodnadatta doesn’t tell Victorians to leave their 6″ lifts and roof racks at home for nothing).

    Our Amarok has a 30mm lift with a VicRoads registered GVM upgrade of 375kg and more than sufficient capabilities for serious outback touring – the Canning Stock Route is next years trip………..

    No vehicle is perfect but of the crew cab utes the Amarok is the best driver’s vehicle and is certainly cable of handling Australian conditions – and could get even better if Volkswagen Australia were prepared to listen to Australian owners………….

  • We have just finished a 15,500km trip with an MY17 V6 towing a T-Van which included Birdsville via the Dig Tree, the Savannah Way via Doomadgee, the Gibb River Road and Mitchell Falls, Purnululu, Kakadu, Palm Valley, Mereenie Loop and the Oodnadatta Track on the way home. No punctures or mechanical failures but you need to ask VW Australia about the fact that you cannot use off road mode when towing ……………

  • Regardless to extra air bags, sales figures just released tell the story VW is and has always been to expensive. Resale value is also less than other 4X4’s Until VW get their pricing correct most average Aussie people cannot afford one.

  • Does the Volkswagen handbook still limit towing to 80kph and if an accident occurred towing faster than this would the insurance company have grounds to deny the claim?

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