2020 Nissan Patrol photos leaked

The internet has struck again with pictures of the refreshed 2020 Nissan Patrol flooding the ‘net via a Middle East holding yard, and shows off the interior for the first time.

It’s no secret that the Nissan Patrol has been built for its biggest market, the Middle East. So it’s no surprise to see the face-lifted 2020 Nissan Patrol photos leaked to the internet via Dubai. The images have been published by a number of automotive outlets, originating from social media. While there have been a handful of leaks over the last few months, these are the first images showing off the interior.

Since its release in 2010, the Y62 Patrol has been screaming out for an upgrade, both in design and technology, and with heavy price discounting over the years in an attempt to maintain sales. Of course, the petrol-only Y62 hasn’t been a massive hit with the diesel-loving Aussie market; however, it has remained relatively popular with the ‘gas-loving’ US and Middles Eastern markets.

It seems, from these leaked photos, the newest rendition of the Nissan Patrol is well on its way to completion. Leaked photos showing off the Patrol at a Dubai Nissan dealership, appearing all but ready to be sold.

The front-end seems a touch more aggressive than the current vehicle, with the rear finally doing (mostly) away with the Nissan Micra/Tiida style tail-lights (really Nissan, what were you guys thinking?). The images here show the ‘Platinum’ series, which is the equivalent of the top-spec Australian TI-L model, so it will come with all the bells and whistles.

On the inside, we can see a large digital display that appears to be set out for air-con/vehicle settings control, while there is a smaller screen above, between the air-vents that is likely to be the infotainment screen, housing sat-nav and stereo information. Red leather adorns the seats and centre console, while there’s a rather nice looking leather-wrapped dashtop to go with it.

One thing we’ve not heard anything on, nor seen with the 2020 Nissan Patrol leaked photos, is the driveline. We can only assume it will retain the 5.6-litre V8 petrol engine, and we’re not holding our breath on a diesel model. That said, Nissan has just removed the Cummins diesel from the Titan XD in the US, so maybe they’re looking to release one last diesel? Only time will tell.

Question: Even if they keep the petrol-powered V8, are looks alone enough to get you into a patrol?


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  • If they keep the suspension simple, provide space for long range fuel tanks mid mount and maintain hill climbing prowess. Then theres some hope of 80% great divide 20% outback non towing vehicle for me. Occasional tow plant equipment. Any hint of monkey buisness on nissans behalf then its a ground up 1990s nissan scratch build with a some of Australia’s finest aftermarket 4×4 engineering firms transmission suspension engine etc. I think we are all fedup “the worst decade on record” in the automotive industry.

  • Most of these comments that say no I wouldn’t buy one because it’s not a diesel, even if Nissan went backwards and put in a Diesel most of the knockers wouldn’t buy one anyway unless you’re looking at a 200 series LandCruiser sized vehicle. If you were looking at size vehicle, what is an extra 2lt per 100, on a better performing, better handling more powerful vehicle.
    I’m assuming that everyone that says no I would never buy one as it’s not a diesel drives a Hilux dual cab or Ranger.

  • After 14 years of diesel no more for me. Any fuel savings (and that is arguable) are eaten up by serious service costs once they get old.

    • Hi Andrew, is it possible you have made the wrong choice of diesel vehicles , i have had two diesel 4x4s since 1993, the one i own now is a 2000 year model, & is a joy to own, run & tow our 6-12 m caravan with.

  • I have just bought a new v8 landcruiser, so expensive to run and service costs are high to keep them reliable, I hope Nissan gets it Wright for better competition

  • I’ve owned diesel vehicles for 15 yrs next will be petrol in my option I think diesels have become to hard to maintain and to costly.

    • Translated version (spelling and grammar corrections)

      I’ve owned diesel vehicles for 15 years, next will be petrol. In my opinion, I think diesels have become too hard to maintain and too costly.

  • I have a y62 2019 best car I have ever had its a very save car
    I had the happen to roll our caravan and I think the saved our lives

  • The only thing stopping me from buying the current model Y62 is the foot operated parking brake. If the 2020 model has this sorted, then I’m looking with the wallet poised.

  • The front looks like a slightly remodeled Great Wall, and the back like a people mover van – unless that’s purely because of the way the pics were taken.

  • I spotted here in australind wa a black patrol with a big lift , big tyres and full barwork , i couldn’t keep my eyes off it

  • I have a diesel 4×4 now, I’d love a patrol v8 petrol. More power than diesel, great for towing and doesn’t drive like a tractor Landcruiser.
    There is a reason why euros are moving away from diesel. Stop being a brain washed toyota driver and test one.

  • I’m not in the market for this or any new vehicle right now, but I won’t be buying anything BUT a diesel. They’re top of the tree for me

  • Love it. Finally no 90s woodgrain and ugly lights. And let’s hope they keep that beautiful V8.. same economy as the Cruiser diesel without all the reliability issues, rattlely diesel noise and twice the horsepower.. can’t wait to buy one.

    • Those tail lights are the same as my 2015 Daihatsu Xenia here in Bali. The whole car looks like one of the tourist vans that they run here. Ugly, ugly, madd for Asian glitter eyes

    • Mark check your figures again especially in the torque area which is the main reason diesels are so popular with people that tow large boats.

  • It’s not the petrol holding me back, it’s the stupid hydraulic suspension that you can’t replace and tiny front axle weight limit.

    Otherwise I’d be in one tomorrow.

    • What’s the problem?.. 2″ lift is available and they take up to 37″ tyres. There are plenty of bullbar and which combos available too. Non issue.

  • NO! Nissan have left the traditional 4×4 market, apart from their ute, to everyone else and so there will be very little trust in any continuing support from them.

    • Who is “everyone else”, Toyota, Jeep and Suzuki?
      All 3 have been rehashing versions of the same vehicle from 30yrs ago, some even longer (I’m looking at you 70 series). At least the Suzuki and Jeep have had interior upgrades…

      None of the ute based wagons are even slightly better off road or on than the Patrol and the only thing that pushes the 200 ahead is the stubbornness of the market to remove the diesel teat from their collective mouths.

      • 70 series doesn’t try to be a pretty car. It’s built to last, check the resales prices and towing fuel economy against the petrol v8.

        They are all good. Just buy the one that suits your needs best. Your needs will be different from others.

        • Revman, well put. be happy with what one has, after all we don’t leave half the plastic that make up the new 4x4s body on the road side. Just ask my 98 Toyota land cruiser ALL metal.

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