4X4 News: Light Bar Legalities in Victoria

Change is afoot in the garden state, with the laws surrounding the use of LED light bars changing to allow them.

Under Australia Design Rule (ADR) 13/00, which was was initiated before the conception of light bars, auxiliary lights had to be fitted in pairs. With light bars becoming so popular these days, the Commonwealth has responded to make such light fitments perfectly legal.

Previously, only Queensland and South Australia were the only state in Australia that made changes to allow singular light bar fitment to vehicles.

There area few caveats to be aware of:

  • The lamps should, as far as is possible, be installed symmetrically in pairs to the front of the vehicle.
  • If lamps are not fitted as pairs (e.g. one, three etc), they must be fitted to the front of the vehicle, symmetrically about the centre.
  • A maximum of four driving lamps (including LED light bars) can be fitted to a vehicle in addition to the vehicleโ€™s main beam headlamps.
  • The lamp/s must be installed in a way that the light produced does not cause the driver of the vehicle discomfort either directly or by reflection.
  • The lamp/s must only come on when the main-beam (high beam) headlamps are used, and must automatically turn off when the main-beam headlamps are turned off.
  • The lamps must not obstruct the driverโ€™s view of the road.

This will work with an amendment to the relevant ADRs, so they effectively keep up with the times and accomodate light bar technology. This will path the way to national acceptance of light bar fitment to vehicles.

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