ARB: Brand new 40 Series bullbar

ByWes WhitworthJuly 25, 2018
ARB: Brand new 40 Series bullbar

For years the iconic 40 Series LandCruiser has been building an almost cult-like love affair with 4WD’ers across the world; none more obvious than with us Down Under. There are more than a few old 40’s in sheds across Australia slowly being tinkered with, with a never ending duel between rust and owners. To give punters a chance to get ahead of the curve, and take one extra thing that needs to be stripped, blasted and re-powder-coated off the list, is this new 40 Series bullbar from the folks over at ARB.

As most would know, the engineering and product teams at ARB share the same love and passion for 4X4ing as the rest of us, and have themselves, quite the love of iconic fourbies too! They’ve managed to organise a ‘made to order’ run of original ARB bars for the 40 Series (think the old farm-gate style). Within the month of August, they will be taking orders for brand new bars, to be delivered in the fourth quarter of the year; so anywhere between October, and December.

“The ongoing popularity of the 40 Series for both restoration and as a weekend toy offered us the perfect opportunity to delve into ARB’s extensive back catalogue of bars,” says Product Manager, Steve Sampson. “The response to the Icon trip celebrating ARB’s 40th Anniversary again highlighted both the status of the 40 Series and the demand for old school barwork to suit.”

Bear in mind, this is a limited run, and we don’t like the chances of the engineering and product folks at ARB being able to swing another ‘one-off’ run of these babies. So ARB are encouraging anyone who wants one to get into their local ARB store or stockist, and place an order so they can finish their 40 Series with the history of the “old darlin’s” preserved.

Priced at a rather affordable $1,249 RRP make sure you get into ARB in August (or now if you can!) to get your hands on a brand new 40 Series bullbar from ARB.