Mil-Spec Rezvani Tank has launched

You might recall late last year we did a story on the Rezvani Tank – Essentially a beefed up Jeep Wrangler, in a Bat-Mobile fitting. It was pretty awesome then, but because the Yanks like to turn everything up to 11, they’ve just launched a Mil-Spec Rezvani Tank, called the Rezvani Tank Military Edition.

Marketed as ‘Luxury meets military’ the new Tank is just that much more insane than the original. It’s got thermal night vision, armour, smoke screen generator, a 500hp V8 engine, mil-spec run-flat tyres, and a rather luxurious interior.

No free set of steak knives… Grenades instead!

Where it starts to get really stupid, is with the upgraded add-ons. Things like Level 7 ballistic armour and glass, capable of stopping high calibre weapons and assault rifle rounds and the supercharged Dodge Hellcat engine upgrade – pumping out 707hp! But wait, there’s more. You get magnetic deadbolts to keep access to only those authorised, as well as electrified door handles to sort out those who would try anyway. It comes with a zombie security survival kit, which includes mil-spec gas masks, hypothermia kit and full first aid kit. Blinder lights front and rear to blind those who would give chase at night, plus ram-proofed bumpers for moving anything out of the way.

You can also option up auto opening/closing side steps, a 6″ lift kit, 37″ tyres, and 2.5″ FOX remote reservoir shocks. Oh, and it’s also got an electronic scanning/detection system, to keep those bugs listening in to state secrets at bay. 

All-in-all a pretty mean bit of kit this new mil-spec Rezvani Tank. For when a Humvee is just way too mainstream for warfighting!



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Let me know when
Gary Gleeson

How much? I want one! Does it have a matching camper trailer?

Something to go where nobody else can.


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