Rezvani TANK – Bruce Wayne’s personal 4X4

ByWes WhitworthNovember 21, 2017
Rezvani TANK – Bruce Wayne’s personal 4X4

Rezvani Motors, a somewhat small but hugely imaginative Californian car company have officially released the TANK (which may or may not be the new Bat-Mobile).

Actually shot in Wayne Enterprises secret basement lab!

Wait, It’s a wrangler?

Yep, based loosely around the Jeep Wrangler platform, that’s about where the similarities stop. The body has been completely redesigned, resembling something that would be more comfortable rolling out of the Bat Cave.

We’re still not completely sure on the rear end…

There’s also an optional 6.4L 500 horsepower Hemi you can shoehorn into the wrangler platform, a thermal / infrared night vision system, and optional ballistic armour protection.

Can you see this rolling across the Savannah? Us neither.

Top of the range fox shocks and Toyo muddies round out the traction department, massive 406mm discs for stopping power, rear suicide doors, and a LED lightbar integrated into the roof.

Suicide doors… Aptly named.

For USD $155,000 it’s a rather nuts piece of kit, though we’re not entirely sure on the legalities of bringing one out to Australia. That said, it’d be the nicest mall crawler in the Versace car park.