Confirmed: Ford and Volkswagen are teaming up

Just confirmed at the Detroit Motor Show, Ford and Volkswagen are teaming up to bring the next generation Ranger and Amarok.

2019 Ford Ranger Pricing
2019 Ford Ranger

The team-up is expected to bring to the masses mid-sized utes from 2022. It appears that Ford will take care of the 4X4 utility side of things, with the next Amarok to be based on the Ford Ranger. On the flip side, Volkswagen will be building a ‘mid-sized van’ based around the Transporter for use across both brands.

A partnership such as this is not unheard of, however it appears that it may go far beyond just a rebadging exercise, with the very real possibility that the new Ranger and Amarok may well utilise the powerhouse 3.0L V6 (190kW/580Nm) from the current V6 range of Amarok, which will appease many opponents of the 2.0L Bi-Turbo currently in the Ford range.

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess and Ford CEO Jim Hackett confirmed at the Motor Show. “Volkswagen and Ford will harness our collective resources, innovation capabilities and complementary market positions to even better serve millions of customers around the world,” says Diess.

“At the same time, the alliance will be a cornerstone for our drive to improve competitiveness.”

Ford boss Jim Hackett also said the alliance will boost profitability of both brands with the ability to rapidly adapt to market demands, and minimise development costs. “Over time, this alliance will help both companies create value and meet the needs of our customers and society. It will not only drive significant efficiencies and help both companies improve their fitness, but also gives us the opportunity to collaborate on shaping the next era of mobility.”

This is far from the first time we’ve seen brand alliances take off, especially looking back to the Ford Courier / Mazda Bravo, Ford Ranger / Mazda BT-50, and Isuzu D-Max / Holden Colorado creations. As stated above, we do believe it will be more than just a simple rebadging effort, as we’ve seen in the past, with the designers of both companies being able to cherry pick the best of both worlds to create what may well be the ultimate ute.

Let us know in the comments below your thoughts on Ford and Volkswagen teaming up: 3.0L V6-powered Raptor anyone?


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  • i’m looking for a new ute for my misses , at present she’s got a 3.2 liter diesel 2015 ranger . i’d like her to move to the vw because of the 6 cylinder but she likes the fords and wants a wildtrack . if some1 was bold enough to bring out an 8 cylinder diesel in a ute , i’d wear out my knees begging her to go that way . in my opinion , i don’t think i’m the only bloke who thinks this way .

  • To the Author Wes, Can you confirm they are definitely going to use the V6? The comments all assume they will probably because it’s so much better than the bi-turbo, having driven both. Will the joint ute be a V6 with the 8-speed ZF auto? My local dealer said the VW will be a ranger with the V6 and VW drivetrain, not sure what is fact?

  • Based on all the dramas everyone has had with either the Amarok or Ranger, I would recommend you buy a Toyota Hi-Lux or a Toyota 79 Series with a V8. They do live up to the reputation “unbreakable”. My Hi-Lux has done 110,000 km trouble free. it has had a heavy load of tools in the tub most of its life and pulled heavy trailers without a drama.

      • Charlie, there was an article on the problem with dust getting past the air filter on the 2.8D (I think on Unsealed 4X4). I recall a suggestion to replace the filter with a high quality aftermarket filter that had a better rubber seal around the unit (I don’t recall what brand was suggested). Might be worth checking it out.

  • I own a Ford/Mazda alliance vehicle, will not ever again buy a vehicle that is part of any alliance involving Ford. My vehicle was $48K brand new, has less than 85,000km’s, has a current pending electronics repair bill of $4800 and a Redbook value of $4500. In the 70’s (not showing my age) Holden owners stated Ford was an acronym for “Found on rubbish dump” – exactly where any Ford/alliance vehicle belongs!!!

  • Why this when ford have 3.5 Cummins deisal in states f150 I love my ranger torture tested off road and Australia 4wd trip but a big motor is heaven after having had Nissan 4.2 the ranger would benefit from cubic capacity upgrade

  • We have both an Amarok and a Ranger and the plan when we bought the MY19 Ranger was to buy the 550 or 580 Amarok as our current 420 has done well and we’ve had absolutely no trouble. So after driving just about every brand of ute on the market we bought the Ranger WildTrack albeit we started with the Amarok Ultimate in mind. Also drove the Raptor and I believe it is hands down the absolute best looking, best featured of all utes we drove but had absolutely no guts. I mean zip, nil, none. Ignore what is on paper the thing is just poor in this area especially compared to all others. So to hear that VW will do the motors and Ford will do the design of the truck is in my mind a world changing initiative in this market. Ford leaves every level of Amarok behind with internal look and internal finish, safety features, driver tech, driver interactive ability and the look in standard trim. The Amarok leaves everything behind in ride comfort, seat comfort, fuel economy, power, engine refinement and reduced engine noise and tub size. So when I thought all was lost, I feel I’ll be at the dealers again to buy the Raptor V6 no question and I feel this combination will be a huge success. Lastly just stick closer to the Ford pricing rather than the VW pricing.

  • Friend got notification that the Ranger he was driving (loan car for his ranger that was in for the sixth problem) was due for service! Says a lot for Ford’s customer service (?) systems

  • So Mazda leaves the fold & Amaro arrives, mmmm…. I still wouldn’t buy either of them, having nothing but trouble with our BT50…..

  • From what I have been told by reliable independent mechanics, when VW & Ford stuff this up the only winners will be the workshops. That’s why I bought a D-Max.

    • unfortunatly my father was the owner of a new d-max that had its engine out with only 700klm on the clock due to a major oil leak so there not what they used to be either

    • I have a 2014 MU-X. I towed a 2.5 tonne van around Aus with it. The car has been fantastic. Finding a good dealer is hit and miss though.

  • A Rangarok that is all the world needs , the Amarok chassis is the best in the business so why go backwards , the Accountants always win

    • Inferior brand ?
      Go into any mechanical workshop ….. you will see more of your stated “superior brand” with issues than Ford.

    • VW & Ford two of the most arrogant, insular to customer companies in the motor industry. This merge would suit both company attitudes and the finished product will fill the complaints section of the ACCC

  • As longs as they design in the ability to easily customise with after market products such as 2nd battery and added fuel capacity i am fine with it. Ridiculous having to take up bin space with a second battery.

  • Whilst this seems a great matchup, a Ford Ranger with a Amorock v6 engine I can’t help but think it’s more about knocking the hilux of the top of the tree. Toyota will never make a v6 Diesel engine while the current model sells in such large numbers.
    I have recently returned from Canada where I had the opportunity to inspect the Excellent Toyota Tundra. Whilst it only comes with a V8 petrol engine if you log on to the website and do the conversion of the specks it stacks up remarkably well especially when petrol consistently sells for 25cents per litre cheaper than diesel.
    So all I can say is bring it on and it may force Toyota to lift there game.

  • This will end in tears, especially for the customer.
    The only reason this merger is happening is that once VW pay there fines for dieselgate they won’t have any money for development of any of there own cars/utes/vans. I can see more VW mergers later on for their whole range of cars(But that’s only if they servive, and after they have sold off Audi and Skoda).

  • Giving Ford access to a great 3 litre V6 is the strength of this plan as the Amarok is already a very accomplished 4X4. Not sure what VW are hoping to get, as this marriage is not a coupling of equals. Maybe a 2 litre diesel that doesn’t need to be illegally messed around with to comply with USA emission legislation. Ha Ha

  • This will be the most amazing idea I have heard in a long time. What’s under the bonnet will totally blow me away with the power to tow. go anywhere. And still be great for familes

  • Makes sense that the two most morally and socially corrupt motor companies would join forces to further destroy the market segment’s trust in proper work utility vehicles.

  • I can only hope that if the VW V6 engine becomes the norm it will be available with a manual transmission and a dual range transfer case. Also rear seats air bags will be an improvement for VW and the VW ride & handlingpn the road a plus for Ford.

  • Not happy at all about that at all. I love my 2.0 L Amarok, I just like the way Volkswagen’s drive, technically very sound in almost every aspect, fuel efficient, although the servicing is a bit on the expensive side. I didn’t buy an Amarok to end up with a Ranger!

    • That`s right! … didn`t buy one Peter.
      Your 2 litre is safe & wont change regardless of the merge.
      wow….. lay off the joints bro.

  • I have always wanted a V6 diesel again after having to trade in my Territory due to lack of towing capacity. I also hope they look at the gear box as well with extra gears & keeping the 4 WD Hi & Low range + a decent fuel tank 140ltr so we can have a decent towing vehicle off the shelf.

  • Still is NOTa Ute and is a light truck…..

    I actually want/require a Ute and as such am now limited to good second hand or restored classics which I don’t mind but do miss the new Propper utes.

    This collaboration will however deliver a good compromise vehicle for those looking to have a 3 in one vehicle I am thankfully not restricted to.

    • HUH?
      A light truck?
      Are you serious?
      It’s a toy ute at best.
      My F250 is a ute, I only need a car licence to drive it and it has a GCM of 9072KG.
      I hesitate to call it a truck. lol.

  • This worries me a lot. I own an Amarok, and drive a Ranger every day at work. The Ranger has disappointed, mainly in reliability and durability. My work Ranger has probably never had a big load, is about the same age but has half the kilometres as the Rok. Recently it broke the rear springs. The air conditioning has been replaced 3 times, the dash lights on almost every Ranger at work don’t work, they eat head light connectors and the LCD display in almost every one either doesn’t work at all or mostly cannot be read. Numerous bits appear to just fall off. Very disappointing. The Rok on the other hand has been loaded to the gills for quite a few trips, has been pounded over some of the most corrugated roads you could find, tows a camper off road etc. It has been to the Cape, the Frenchmans Track, crossed the Simpson twice, Fraser island etc. It has had one brake lamp filament break, still doesn’t rattle and is a pleasure to drive. Don’t get me wrong, the Ranger has some good features. Our experience with Ford quality and reliability has been very disappointing.

  • Sounds like a wonderful team-up – it’ll either be a marriage made in heaven or join the worst of each;

    Parts and serving pricing VW (exhorbitant), ride quality and unit functionality Ford (pathetic)!

  • Knowing the reliability and power of the 3L V6 VW engine I’m not surprised it will appear in the Ranger. I’m waiting for towing reports on the 2L Raptor on 40 deg days towing 2.5T up big long inclines like around Eden

    • i AGREE. I hope they keep the bullet proof chassis of the Amarok the ride quality of the Amarok, the handling of the Amarok, the comfort of the Amarok, the Amarok V6 and the ZF gearbox. The only thing the Amarok needs is low range on the V6 auto.

      • Met some people in Cossack last year who, on the Munja Track in the Kimberley, rounded a corner to find a near new Amarok abandoned with a broken ball joint on the front right suspension. Obviously in convoy with others to have left the scene, hopefully to return equipped for repairs. Anyone else heard of similar issues?

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