Cool Runnings: The Arctic Hilux

We recently took a trip to Iceland and drove the most capable Arctic trucks on the planet. Funnily enough, it wasn’t a bad day at work… Have a gander at The Arctic HiLux.

Chances are you’ve seen them around; made famous a few years back on Top Gear. Arctic Trucks build arguably the toughest trucks for getting around the coldest parts of the earth. A recent trip to Iceland for Tobey Bostock saw him crawling all over them and photographing them. And, well, it wouldn’t be right to go all that way and not drive them!

As most would know, getting a set of 35’s under an IFS dual cab is a mission unto itself. These guys manage to fit 44’s. There is a metric tonne of work that goes into the suspension, body work, and the drive line to make it all work together. And it makes them look nuts!

Have a read of the full write up over at Unsealed 4X4 at Massive thanks to Tobey for putting in the hard yards on this story, and to Arctic Trucks for showing Tobey all over them.



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