For some, this is the stuff of dreams. For others, it’s still pretty cool to look at. It’s the Land Rover Classic Works project, a massive workshop that is working to restore and preserve examples of the Green Oval’s history from over the years, along with the road-going Jaguar brethren.

History and heritage is important to a brand like Land Rover. That’s good enough reason for them to invest some serious coin into this 14,000m2 facility, which is capable of storing up to 500 separate examples.

Judging by that rear crossmember up the top, Land Rover Classic Works isn't afraid to take on a basket case ...
Judging by that rear crossmember up the top, Land Rover Classic Works isn’t afraid to take on a basket case …

There are currently 80 trained up specialists working at the site, folk who have been trained specifically in the fine arts of restoration and servicing older makes and models. As time goes on, Land Rover reckons this number is going to bump out to 120 individuals working wholly and solely on classic Rovers and Jags.

The Classic Works facility will be open for tours, and some restored models will be available for sale, ranging from good daily drivers all the way to concourse restorations. There will also be servicing and experiences behind the wheel available. So, maybe this awesome project will be able to pay it’s own way in the future.

It’s not just the oldies they are collecting. Newer models are getting mothballed and preserved by the Classic Works project straight off the bat, as well.

Another really, really cool thing for Land Rover enthusiasts is the fact that they are reintroducing a new line of ‘Classic Genuine Parts’, over 30,000 authentically and faithfully reproduced parts for old Land Rovers and Jaguars that were previously out of production by OEM. Maybe I’m biased, but that is so awesome.