The end of the smiley face: 2018 BT-50 Teaser

For Australia, Mazda’s 2018 BT-50 is about to get a make-over. Due for release in May it will be the second face-lift to the Mazda ute since its inception in 2011.

The update, designed and engineered locally by EGR group is said to give a more aggressive look, and inject more features to the current model. Only one image has been released at this stage, which gives very little away, however Mazda Australia’s Managing Director Vinesh Bhindi has left us a few hints as to its changes.

“The utility segment is a huge priority in Australia and for Mazda; we’re always looking to improve and enhance our product offering, to remain competitive and appealing to our customers,” said Mr Bhindi. “This upgrade gives the BT-50 a stronger and tougher bearing, which we know Australians look for in a ute.”

The visual changes will include significant front-end design changes, away from the “smiley faced” front end and curvy lines. Mazda has announced there will now be an angular squared off front bumper, bolder contrasting fog light surrounds, along with a trapezoidal lower air intake with skid plate.

The grille has also adopted strong horizontal lines to straighten out the front end, which will give the car a wider visual bearing, as well as lower the centre of gravity from a visual perspective.

No more smiley face!


The update is a positive change for Mazda, with the BT-50 falling well behind other brands in the market. For 2017 only 8,900 BT-50s were sold, compared to 35,000 and 37,000 sales on the Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger respectively. Pricing has also been left unannounced at this stage, however we’re expecting to see more details before it’s launch next month.

The ute sector in the Australian market is growing beyond measure, and it seems an update to the 2018 BT-50 has been long overdue.


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  • Really Wes, ‘straiten’?! Where did that come from? Try ‘straighten’. I guess that’s what you get when you rely on a spell check to do the work for you…. And I won’t even start on the mis-use of apostrophes!

  • My 2012 4×4 dual cab BT50 GT is trouble free at 130K Kms. I tow a 22 ft caravan and a fair load in the tub at maximum legal speeds. Performance is brilliant. Economy is excellent. Pricing level was many thousands lower than the Ranger for the same gear and accessories. Keep that great 3.2L, 5 cyl. Although Isuzu has a great reputation, I would resist the temptation to change to a smaller engine. Upgraded cosmetics wouldn’t do anything for me. Even a price cut probably wouldn’t do it. Tell Mazda, “When you’re on a good thing, stick to it”.

  • What a ridiculous price for an egg beater engineer. Lowering the towing capacity to 2.5 ton clearly indicates that this little screener wont last long and just does not have the lazy power to do real work.

  • I bought a new BT50 GT in June 2012 had all the factory’s extras added including Crome bull bar driving lights etc
    The only complaint I have is the radio reception on AM stations
    I tow a 19 ft boat and a 22 ft caravan, can’t complain with performance
    Will buy another without question
    It was $9,000 less than the wild track
    With all the same gear
    Look forward to next model

  • Keep it as reliable & as fit for purpose as my 2012 4×4 dual cab BT50 is & I’ll be happy to look at another one. Keep that great 3.2 5 cyl also.

  • If they also modify the fugly taillights, they will possibly have a winner . . . if it maintains its pricing level to significant lower than the Ranger.


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