190kW Amarok is coming

After Volkswagen gave the Amarok V6 a shot in the arm to increase towing capacity to 3.5-tonnes for the 2018 model, Volkswagen have just let us in on a little secret: The flagship model slated for release later this year will be a 190kW Amarok.

Not prepared to give up the title of the most powerful mid-sized ute in Australia, Volkswagen have increased the power output of the Amarok to a massive 190kW and 580Nm of torque. Planned to be released Down Under by September, the new Amarok will even surpass the upcoming Mercedes-Benz X-Class V6 in torque, and level peg in power figures. 

Eventually the new 190kW V6 is expected to power the entire Amarok range, with the 2.0-litre four-pot models only comprising 30 per cent of all Amarok sales. The intention to increase the power and torque numbers was signalled by Volkswagen back in October last year, with the increase in towing capacity, and the 190kW Amarok Aventura Exclusive concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

“As we’ve promised before, we have no intention of giving up the mantle of the most powerful ute in its class and are looking to offer the upgraded 190kW Amarok V6 later in the year,” said Volkswagen Group Australia Director of Commercial Vehicles, Carlos Santos.

That classy and class-leading V6 diesel is still under the bonnet, and is still a great engine.
That classy and class-leading V6 diesel is still under the bonnet, with an extra 25kW!

“Amarok continues to be a huge success story for Volkswagen in Australia, winning fans in Birdsville and boardrooms alike.

“Our current V6 Amarok with 180kW on overboost is no lightweight, as proven by the 1:57 and 2:57 laps around Eastern Creek and Mount Panorama set in our apprentice built race car running a standard driveline.”

We’re hanging to see the new 190kW Amarok in all it’s glory. We’re certain it’s not going to be a slouch by any stretch of the imagination!




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  • When is Amarok going to bring in the extended chassis models xl and xxl that they currently sell in new Zealand …giving a full size tray to a twin cab.
    “Every Aussies dream”
    VW would take over the market in Australia….if its in NZ and Europe why is it not in Australia ?

  • I’m sure this Amarok will be even faster than the current model and the new Mercedes but the big problem is the design of the Aussie Ute is flawed. You one chassis and two entities sitting on it that are not joined which means there is a fulcrum at the point the two meet. Have a look at endless YouTube videos of broken Utes hauling Caravans or whatever, some not even overweight but still bending in the middle. I wouldn’t buy one. The only serious Ute are the American Utes with the long wheelbase which takes the pressure away from the fulcrum.

  • I’ve been driving a V6 3.0L Turbo Deisel dual cab 4X4 since 2012 with 175kw and 550nm. Nissan Navara ST-X 550. I’m ready to upgrade but wont go with another Nissan unless they put the V6 3.0L into the new NP300. Looks like VW just court up, so I may have to switch

  • I have just read an article in one of these on line mags about why engine size and cylinder numbers are not so relevant today because of the much better technology. Would Amarok be wiser to improve on their 2 lit motor rather than on the V6.

  • Extra power means nothing VW. What is more important is adaptive cruise control, rear airbags, and autominous breaking. Features that are found in a basic $25000 car these days… After you get these basic features sorted in your $55000+ car you will something worth bragging about

  • When will they put the V6 motor into the single cab ute, they would get a heap of sales there.
    Also, why not build an extra cab with the V6 donk. There would be more sales there too !!

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