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2018 Amarok V6 towing capacity: now 3.5 tonnes

2018 Volkswagen Amarok V6 now with 3.5-tonne towing capacity.
2018 Volkswagen Amarok V6 now with 3.5-tonne towing capacity.

Volkswagen’s 2018 Amarok V6 has been given a shot in the arm, with a 3.5-tonne towing capacity announced across the board. This is an upgrade to the 3-tonne towing that is currently listed for V6 and 2-litre Amarok models.

The rear step and tow bar has been re-engineered to handle the extra weight and downforce, leaving the rest of the vehicle intact. You’ve still got the same magnificent 165kW/550Nm engine, with overboost giving you 180kW and 580Nm for brief periods. Massive front disc brakes, backed up by rear discs, give you great breaking performance as well.

That classy and class-leading V6 diesel is still under the bonnet, and is still a great engine.
That classy and class-leading V6 diesel is still under the bonnet, and is still a great engine.

This puts the V6 Amarok right in line with competition like the Ford Ranger, Holden Colorado, Mazda BT-50 and Nissan Navara. All of these vehicles have 3.5-tonne towing, but their Gross Combination Mass (GCM) means they cannot use all of their payload and towing capacity at the same time.

There’s no word yet on whether the 2018 Amarok V6 will have a changed GCM along with the improved towing capacity. We’ve reached out to Volkswagen to find out, and will update this story when we hear back.

Update: The 2018 Amarok V6 will have an unchanged GCM, at 6,000kg.

The Amarok V6 has proved popular with Australian buyers so far, accounting for 76% of Amarok purchases. The introduction of the V6 has bolstered the Amarok’s sales as well, as it has managed to overtake the Mazda BT-50 for sales, and is catching up to Nissan’s Navara. Now that Volkswagen has introduced the cheaper ‘Sportline’ V6 Amarok for $55,490, we reckon the number will continue to improve.

2018 Volkswagen Amarok V6 pricing:

TDI550 Sportline 4MOTION Dual Cab Ute 8-speed Auto$55,490
TDI550 Highline 4MOTION Dual Cab Ute 8-Speed Auto$59,990
TDI550 Ultimate 4MOTION Dual Cab Ute 8-Speed Auto$67,990

What do you reckon? does this make the Amarok V6 the best towing ute out there?


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  • hi, ive just purchaced a new v6 sportline, iam wondering what other people think in reguards to using a wdh with a genuine towbar while towing a 3 ton caravan

  • 15/8/2018
    Towing a 2.4 tonne Jayco Outback with a v6 Amarok. Van set up weighs around 2.9. Ute has alloy bar and steps fitted plus fibreglass canopy Reece hitch and elec brakes. In rear of Ute gen set , fuel , Webber, 2 chairs, table + tools. Towing at 90 kmh we are averaging 14.8 lts per 100 km. It sits in 8th gear for 90% of the time changing to 7th for small hills and as low as 5 th for long steep pulls. Engine temp sits on 90 c , oil temp has gone as high as 135 c for hills , seems to sit around 125 c normally.
    When not towing in stop start traffic sits around 115 c so think 125 c is ok for towing .
    Have only travelled 5000 ks with new car but it is uncanny how it wants to sit happily in 8th even into decent headwinds and still returns good mileage. Don’t be fooled by VW and there no weight hitch and elec brake spiel . They don’t say you cannot use them apparently they will not let demo vehicles use them .Any way so far so good
    Very happy with whole towing experience so far

  • Hi Jeff Wade , I done the Ring around about this the other day & Pedders are doing the Testing Now , Said should be Inside 6 Months .

  • Another sucker vehicle 3.5 tonne towing, but only able to carry two people and their suitcases if your not going b to exceed GCM . What a waste and con,
    Wonder if manufacturers will ever v tell the true figures?

  • I am in the process of buying a v6 amarok when the re engineed tow bar is done can I fit it to a 17model amarok and be able to tow 3500

  • Hi I brought a new v6 Ultimate in feb 2017,best ute i’ve ever had.It smooth to drive ,lots of grunt and hold the road like my Audi A4.
    I do wish it had active radar,last week i drove from Seymour to Mildura-1150ks return in the one day,the 14 way seats were worth every cent.After owning a holden 2008 colorado there’s no comparison,i have now given this to the workers and it has been a good ute, giving no troubles,its currently has 378,000ks on the clock and almost alway tow a trailer with 1-2 tons,but really lacks the comforts .
    my next ute will definitely be another V6 Amarok..i love it

  • I’ve got a 2015 Highline 4 cylinder and love it. I took the new V6 for test drives (including Big Red at Birdsville) and the driving experience is a real winner. I’m definitely upgrading to the new V6 – with the new towing capacity and a GCM of 6000kg I’m now thinking about what type of Caravan to sit behind it.

  • Without an increase in the GCM the increase in towing capacity is a waste of time.
    Will only place it in similar position to all the other utes, if you are going to put anything in the vehicle.

  • I Love the V6 option, it is a great idea
    I am lead to believe that VW do not allow for a Electric Brake Controller (EBC) to be fitted or do not offer this option.
    So how do we tow 3 tonne safley??

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